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How To Root ICS on Epic 4G Touch FI03!

Here’s how to root your Epic 4G Touch on ICS FI03. ┬áThis will also get your system up to the latest ICS FI03 update with root if coming from an older stock GB/ICS ROM.

The latest FI03 seems much more stable and have better battery life so if you are still on holder FF18, try updating to the latest one shown here.

Download: Download Samsung USB drivers

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How To Root ICS on Epic 4G Touch FF18! [Easiest Method]

For those of you who want to root ICS on your Epic 4G Touch FF18, here’s the easiest method for doing so. This will also get you updated straight from any custom ROM to the official FF18 with root.

UPDATE: Please see updated FI03 ICS root method!!!

If you are still on Gingerbread and you want to upgrade to ICS, you can use this root method to get ICS and root at same time and no need to

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