How to Change Boot Animation Splash Screen on Rooted Epic 4G Touch!

For those of you who want to get custom boot animations, you can change them easily using Zedomax Epic Touch Kernel (v3 or later) and copying over the file over to system directory /system/media.

You need to  have Zedomax Epic Touch Kernel installed or any other kernel that supports it.

If you know how to use ADB, you can simply enable your Android filesystem as read/write and copy the file over OR i

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Zedomax Epic Touch Kernel v3 – Updated with Custom Boot Animations, CWM USB Mount, SU 3.0!

So, I was going to wait until I had the stock boot screen changed but since it’s taking me forever and today I spent all day long fixing my broken car (cost me $1000 WTF), I am just going to post Zedomax Epic Touch Kernel v3, which includes everything I’ve added so far.

First, I wanted custom boot animations for my new ROM (in the near future) so I’ve added support for custom boot animations.  You can simply put any (800×480 resolution) in the /system/media directory and reboot.

Second, I’ve updated the kernel with the latest Sup

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Zedomax Epic Touch Kernel v.2 Updated with ClockworkMod Recovery!

So, today I hacked together CWM recovery onto Zedomax Epic Touch Kernel, version 2!

This kernel gives you root, 1.6ghz overclock, battery saving optimizations, and clockworkmod recovery.

Download kernel here:

Download Zedomax Epic Touch Kernel (download the file with v.2 or later)

Credits to TeamHackSung for CWM code!

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How to Overclock Rooted Epic 4G Touch to 1.6Ghz! [Zedomax Epic 4G Touch Kernel]

So, I’ve compiled a new overclockable kernel off xda users’s NeoPhyTe.x360 SG2 kernel, this should give you better battery life and also performance when you needed.

NOTE: This is only for Gingerbread and very old kernel, I’ve stopped developing this kernel so please try another kernel!!!  In other words, DO NOT USE!

For those of you who weren’t getting good battery life and also wasn’t getting performance, this kernel should help.

At stock 1.2Ghz (with no setCPU), you can get your performance back, getting like near 3400 o

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How to Root Epic 4G Touch!

Here’s video tutorial of how to root your Epic 4G Touch:

UPDATE: This tutorial is deprecated, please see here for new root method!

So, I finally got everything working today, we have full root for the Epic 4G Touch!

Huge thanks to users ShabbyPenquin and Tanimn at XDA, I wouldn’t have gotten this working without them.

*Note – This rooted kernel is still experimental, we are not responsible for anything that happens to your phone

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Epic 4G Touch Root Coming Soon

(My Epic 4G Touch rooted but with no data connection.)

So, I’ve been working 24/7 to get the Epic 4G Touch rooted and I’ve actually got it rooted, just need to get a good version of compiled kernel off Samsung’s open source.

Basically what I did is flash an original Galaxy S2 kernel on the Epic 4G Touch with ClockworkMod Recovery.  Then I flashed SuperUser and SU in ClockworkMod Recovery.

This gives you full root except you lose data connectivity, voice, 3G, and 4G radios because the original Galaxy S2 kernel was built for GSM/HSDPA, not Sprin

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