How to Unroot Epic 4G Touch!

For those of you who need to unroot your Epic 4G Touch back to “completely” stock with no root whatsoever, here’s a step-by-step guide.

UPDATE: This is deprecated, please see update unroot method here!!!

Step 1. First, put your Epic 4G Touch into download mode by holding down both Power button and Volume Up button together.  Then connect a USB cable from your phone to your computer.

Step 2. Open up ODIN.  You should have this program already when you rooted your phone but if you don’t download ODIN here:

Download ODIN v.1.85

Step 3. You should see a yellow COM: show up in ODIN, the number doesn’t matter so long as it shows up like in above screenshot.  If it’s not showing, you need to install Samsung Kies. (Download Kies here)

Step 4. Download acs-eg30-stock-kernel-pulled.tar at ACS site under Downloads.

Choose “PDA” then choose this file you downloaded, acs-eg30-stock-kernel-pulled.tar.

Step 5. Hit Start and your phone should reboot with stock boot logo.

For Linux and Mac users, you can use Heimdall instead of ODIN, use the same tool but flash this stock recovery acs-eg30-stock-kernel-pulled.tar instead of rooted kernel.

Step 6. Now, you should have a fully stock rooted Epic 4G Touch.  At this point, you should still have your apps/personal data.   If you just want stock rooted Epic 4G Touch, you can stop here.   Otherwise go to Step 7.

Step 7. If you want to completely unroot your Epic 4G Touch, you will need to erase root and Superuser app files.  To do this, you can use ADB or Terminal Emulator app. If you are using Terminal Emulator app, skip to Step 10.

Download here if you don’t have it already (works for Windows, Linux, and Mac):


Unzip(uncompress) into your hard drive, I prefer C:\adb (for Windows).

Step 8. Browse to the directory of your ADB files by typing:

For Windows:
cd \adb

For Mac & Linux:
cd /adb

Step 9. Get into ADB shell, type:

For Windows:
adb shell

For Mac:
./adb-mac shell

For Linux:
./adb-linux shell

Step 10. Type the following commands to erase rooting and Superuser files:
mount -o rw,remount -t yaffs2 /dev/block/mtdblock3 /system
rm /system/xbin/su
rm /system/app/Superuser.apk

Step 11. Your Epic 4G Touch will reboot and you can double-check now that Superuser app is gone plus rooted apps are not working any more.


Step 12. Lastly, if you want to erase all your personal data and apps for returning to Sprint warranty, you can get into stock recovery by holding down both Volume up and Power button together for about 10 seconds.

Step 13. Choose wipe data/factory reset using Volume keys then hit Power button.

Step 14. Choose “Yes — delete all user data” using Volume buttons and hit the Home button.

Step 15. Reboot your Epic 4G Touch and you should have the same exact phone you got the day you bought it.

Step 16. And also, make sure to connect your Epic 4G Touch as a disk drive and erase your personal files.

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37 Responses to How to Unroot Epic 4G Touch!

  1. RaBicaN says:

    In step 1 you say hold the volume up and power button to enter download mode. The correct key sequence is volume DOWN, and the power button. The way outlined will enter clockwork mod.

    Thanks for the great kernel bro. Do you keep a change log for each version (including beta)?
    – RaBicaN

  2. szehner says:

    I rooted my phone with your Kernel Version 2. Now when I tried to flash the stock version via Odin the triangle goes away but I get Boot looped on the android symbol Any Ideas? Thanks again for all your hard work

  3. mmarks9156 says:

    I am curious I keep seeing posts about Zedomax kernel v4 is this available or is this just mis information?

  4. shawn says:

    @mmarks9156 It was available but he took it down.

  5. Rod says:

    After rooting my phone with Kernel v2, I decided to flash the stock kernel. When I did this I was unable to use any of my root only apps!!!!! I was also getting an error for super user (su binary error) and was unable to update. I tried v2 and v4 beta and my wireless tether doesn’t work.

  6. AndroidYo says:

    Thank you for the step by step guide.

  7. Jamie says:

    I’ve done everything but when REBOOT, the Superuser icon is still there… I can’t uninstall Superuser app.
    Please HELP!!!

  8. Joe says:

    The steps are in the wrong order. If you go to stock first then it’s impossible to run the “su” command to remove the SuperUser apk.

  9. Joe says:

    Actually never-mind, these instructions will NOT remove super user in any way.

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  11. bgw says:

    worked for me.. The icon was still there but after pressing the clear data/uninstall updates buttons and restarting, the app icon was removed. Not sure which caused the icon to be removed if any.

  12. bill says:

    After going to EG30, I am no longer rooted, thus I cannot go SU and remove the superuser app.

  13. James says:

    The link for the download no longer works….

  14. marc says:

    Thank you for posting this. I loved having a rooted phone but the kernal needs to be worked on to keep the radios from being killed every few hours. Can’t wait to see what you come up with!

  15. Gregory says:

    ***Better instructions for MAC users***

    1) Download “Heimdall”
    2) Download new kernel, acs-eg30-stock-kernel-pulled.tar (remember where you placed the download. I put mine on my Desktop)
    3) Put your Epic 4G Touch into download mode by holding down both Power button and Volume Up button together. Then connect a USB cable from your phone to your MAC.
    4) Double click your new stock kernel to untar it.
    5) Open Terminal by typing “terminal” in your MAC’S search function.
    6) Once terminal is open type: cd /users/yourusername/Desktop (Desktop is case sensitive, if the new kernel is not on your Desktop, then enter your file destination at the end)
    7) Type: heimdall flash –kernel zImage (case sensitive, make sure your delete Zedomax’s kernel from your computer as it will flash that instead of your new stock kernel) Hit enter.
    8) Phone will reboot. Check for stock kernel by going into settings > about phone > look under kernel and see if Zedo’s is not there.

    ****I don’t take responsibility for any messed up phones. This is only how I was able to flash a stock kernel. I love Zedo’s work, but his MAC user instructions do not work. I now have stock kernel and am not experiencing LOS****

  16. Warranty says:

    Hi guys. I am about to send my phone in for service(camera settings, as well as wifi and 4g won’t work). I successfully removed root and installed original kernel. However, under build number it says starburst rom. do you guys think I should wait till I can change it first or just send it in.

    Does anyone know how to change it to normal?

  17. Dave says:

    hey im stuck on step 8, idk where my directory is, did u mean in the start menu because if u did i couldnt find it. plz help…

  18. Austin says:

    The link to download the file from acs is not working.

  19. greekgoddess says:

    I am soooo frustrated. Had your v1.tar at first, but I COULD NOT get CWM to open. So, i did your pulled.tar and then redid with the v6.tar, only took out the sd card first and I finally got CWM to work, but now i don’t have wifi! in a constant “scanning/disconnecting” loop! what do i do now?

  20. greekgoddess says:

    BTW…once I unrooted how to get rid of Superuser app so I can take back the phone is necessary…?

  21. Prince says:

    Hey Max, that ACS website is down or something, I can’t find anything on there to unroot my phone

  22. bill foresman says:

    I cant get to the original recovery from samsung! I now have the Android system recovery after following the root instructions from this site so I cant unroot following these instructions…

  23. Cappy says:

    I just rooted my phone and lost wifi, so I’m trying to do this unroot bit, but it makes no sense…where do I use this ADB thing, how do I use it and where do I type these commands he’s talking about….this is my first time doing anything like this so can someone please help, I have lost wifi and voice is sketchy.


    • Cappy says:

      nevermind, I sussed it

      • marc says:

        Were you able to get the WIFI to work again after unrooting? My wifi scans for a few moments and then turn it’s self off not finding any networks in the process. 🙁 Worked before I rooted. Sprint gave out that LOS fix update OTA .and I’ve rooted once before unrooting and then coming back again today to being root to now to no wifi.

        • Doug says:

          My wifi also doesn’t work! So frustrating! Everything else seems to work fine… I’d love it again. Thanks!

        • Bob-C says:

          The same exact thing happened to me. Rooted it and now wifi scans for a few moments and turns itself off. I then restored to the stock firmare via the instuctions. The WIFI does the samething as before. I did not unroot it yet as I just cannot imagine unrooting would fix it. Did anyone fix this? ARGGHHHH!!!!!!! Why did I root my phone???

  24. Jarth says:

    Yeah, same problem here. Flashed back to the original kernel after wifi didn’t detect network as marc described and still won’t work…

  25. Christian says:

    Also gets your Wifi back for you

  26. Randy says:

    I’m stuck at Android system recovery and my enter button doesn’t work, i’ve pulled the battery and it just goes straight android system recovery. Please help! Is my phone bricked? Thanks in advance. Randy

  27. tad says:

    i need you to please email me as soon as you can i have some questions, i need to return my phone i just have quick questions plz plz plz email me

  28. PhotoMasterGreg says:

    I am trying to see about rooting my Epic 4G Touch, and want to have everything for unrooting before I start. I clicked the link above and after much searching, I found a post that listed several download links to “” but all of the links were no good. I guess it will be a while before I can root.


  29. Sam Mills says:

    Dead link. Tested so many times. Only brings me to some page about the zune. Looks like I’ll be waiting to get my wifi again :C I need data.

    If anyone gets the stock kernel, can they inform someone? Terrible day to have nowhere to look.

  30. heck says:

    hey i rooted my epic 4g touch and it worked then i flashed and it worked then i flashed it again and now it doesnt go past the boot screen. it shows the samsung galaxy s2 and freezes then cuts off…ive seen the tutorials and videos i used odin and tried flashing a stock rom and it gets all the way to the end and fails….i tried with a different stock and it doesnt work…but when i flash it with zedomax kernel to im able to get to CWM…my question is does anyone have a working stock ii can use maybe its the source im gettin it from or does anyone have a backup file from a epic 4g touch phone that i can hopefully put on my card and restore…i had this problem before and it worked but i accidentally erased my backups from internal storage …I NEED HELP

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