How To Root ICS on Epic 4G Touch FI03!

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Here’s how to root your Epic 4G Touch on ICS FI03.  This will also get your system up to the latest ICS FI03 update with root if coming from an older stock GB/ICS ROM.

The latest FI03 seems much more stable and have better battery life so if you are still on holder FF18, try updating to the latest one shown here.


Download Samsung USB driversMirror

Download Epic 4G Touch FI03 Rooted Stock Firmware ODIN package

Credits – XDA

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82 Responses to How To Root ICS on Epic 4G Touch FI03!

  1. Rick says:

    Works like a charm! Thanks Max! No more OTA reminders. I do have one question – how can I overclock my phone to 1.6Ghz without messing with this upgrade? I believe if I do this ( I will mess up my current settings.

    Your help is appreciated. Go Max!!

  2. John says:

    will this root method work with any version of IC on epic 4g touch or only fl03 ?
    For instance fh13 instead of fl03.

    and is fl03 the newest update of ic?

    -thank you

  3. Biff says:

    I wonder if this is the new version that they have been developing with the pinch to zoom feature removed and annoying/generic buttons put in it’s place.

  4. Patrick says:

    Ive been unable to unzip the file, ive downloaded it multiple times and even downloaded it from the 2 sites on XDA. Im using Win7 64bit? any ideas

    • Steve Danhof says:

      I think I had a similar problem. You click on the exe file and it just sits there and thinks about it? If you have an unzip utility (like winRAR or the likes) you should be able to right click on the .exe file and extract it that way rather than relying on the self extraction.

  5. Steve Danhof says:

    Update worked perfectly! didn’t even need to do a factory reset on mine (Upgraded from stock FH13 to FI03). Apparently however the “Universal Search” function (I think thats what they call it) the one available at the home screen (and a few other places) no longer includes on-device apps in the search. So if I want to use the ConvertPad app, which I do not use that often and have it buried in some sub-folder somewhere, I can no longer just hit the magnifying glass and start typing c..o..n..v… and then tap the icon.

    Is this just a setting that I am missing or is it not in this copy yet?

  6. Kendall says:

    Max you are a god among men Thank You!

  7. Patrick says:

    Steve mine didnt just sit there it showed an error. i have 7zip and winrar. ive tried extracting with both. when i double click the file it comes up with the extract box but says it has an error. doesnt say what kind of error. im using win 7 64bit. i going to try it on an xp machine and see if that works. thanks

  8. Joseph says:

    Awesome Max. Saved all my apps and data. One issue though. WiFi and 4G always turns on automatically. Not sure why that is happening.

  9. dave says:

    Update worked perfectly but now i dont have anything like clockworkmod to install roms.

  10. Fred says:

    Am i the only one who gets a “Can not open file ‘…\SPH-D710_FI03_CL1083465_Rooted_Nodata_v2.exe’ as archive. tried to open it with 7z and got the same error.

    • DadinDebt says:

      Try this: Right click on the file and choose ‘Run as Administrator’ and it should work. The tutorial is pretty straight forward. Hope it works!

  11. Kyu says:

    Hi Max,

    I already installed FI03 on Epic 4G touch and am trying to flash other ROMs on my phone (it works fine)
    Could you explain how to install other ROMs such as Universe 2.0 (on your blog) or CM10 4.1.1 (

    I tried to flash the safe kernels first and then flash the ROM but it didn’t work. The Android immediately dies when i flash the kernels (Red triangle with exclamation mark)
    I even tried flash the ROMs but they do not work.

    The safe kernels that I used:

    FI03 works fine but I’d like to try other ROMs as well. Preferably JELLY BEAN ROMS.

    Thanks for your time and look forward to hear back from you.


  12. DadinDebt says:

    I applied this method to update my fully rooted stock EL29 ROM. So From stock EL29 ROM straight update To ICS FI03.

    Everything went very well until the end where my S2 rebooted itself and it was stuck on the 4G screen, exactly how it happen on the video. At first I panic and feared the worst that I may have bricked my phone however I just took out the battery and use the Volume Up & Power button method once in recovery I wipe/delete the phone and rebooted, then it work like a charm. Keep in mind backup, backup, & backup!

    I like this FI03 update instead of the FF18 which was very laggy. FI03 is more stable and great on battery life.

    Again thanks Admin for the great tutorial and outstanding job! Drinks up!

    • TheStumblingBlock says:

      The reason, actually, is that while this has a “no data” bit (meaning it keeps your data while installing only firmware), it ends up incompatible with something in your old data and won’t go past the 4G screen. So when you data wiped, you cleared it up. This is a major problem with this upgrade.

      The other issue I’m finding (and I’m so sick of all things with this damned phone having major issues) is that on this build, I have no functional GPS. Just a minutes-long blank screen crash whenever I try to use Maps, Skyvi, or anything that requires GPS. Can someone somewhere please, for the love of all things holy, create something for this damned phone that has all things working? I’ve come too close to throwing my phone into a wall in anger because of all its screw-ups… twenty minute or more rages when it crashes, crashes, crashes, just trying to do something simple with it.

      I’m so ready for something new. This thing has angered me to no end.

  13. AleX says:

    Max, your site is excelent. I got an epic 4 running in the mexican carrier Iusacell and your page is the best to keeping tunned. Thanks a lot.

  14. victor says:

    i updated and all is good exept when installing a app from the play store phone freeze and reboots

  15. JesusH says:

    What is the next step into installing a custom ROM after doing this? Installing clockwork recovery???

    Thank you

  16. Steve says:

    The FI03 is working well, but I found that if you use the Safe Kernel/Recovery to do a backup there are a few problems with that earlier kernel and FI03. Yes, I know you said not to use it as a daily driver. The problem is that once you use Safe Kernel to do a backup, you can’t get back to the kernel in the FI03 ROM.
    Solution – I replaced the Safe Kernel with the tFI03_Agats_Recovery kernel and no issues found so far.
    Do you know if tFI03_Agats is a “safe kernel?”

    Just an FYI if you didn’t already know.

    • TheStumblingBlock says:

      Thank you. A better kernel might be just what I need to fix the wacky problems. Like all the apps I placed onto my SD card disappearing entirely. And my phone crashing and rebooting if I try to use them (because the shortcuts are still there). Frustrating. Will redo my entire phone tonight. AGAIN. And see if that works.

  17. Chris says:

    I cant seem to unroot i tried going into file explorer and superuser keeps blocking it.Now my phone is constantly freezing.

  18. Chris says:

    and is it possible to go back to ff13?

  19. Alan says:

    FI03 is still buggy. My Wi-Fi and GPS will turn on by themselves constantly and my phone will randomly crash and reboot. Very frustrating at times. Seriously debating just going back to EL29 for good and just being done with it all. At least EL29 works like its supposed to.

    • TheStumblingBlock says:

      Search for F125. Far superior.

      • Alan says:

        I’ve thought about it but then I hear that there is a new OTA FI27 coming from Sprint. I’m just going to update it to that and be done with it until I spring for a galaxy note 2. It’s fun trying different ROM’s and everything but I have yet to find one that doesn’t aggravate the piss out of me because something doesn’t work……except for maybe Calkulin’s GB ROM that one was very good.

  20. Brad says:

    Okay, so i ran this and it worked great.

    Here are the problems I am having
    1) It initally hung on the 4G screen for a lon time, after a few reboots it botted fine and no more issues along that line
    2) Now I can no longer access boot loader or recovery screen – holding power and Vol down does nothing. I downloaded QuickBoot and it will let me get to the recovery screen but not the boot load.
    3) How do I add CWM? I tried the method in this link but it did not work. (\
    4) How do I get to the boot loader now. I can’t flash anything because I can get to the Odin load screen.


  21. jeff says:

    Since i did the up date i can use flash player on any site is there a fix for it

  22. Serving China says:

    Mr. Lee, Sir,
    I can’t boot my restored Epic 4G Touch into the download mode (ODIN). This occurred after previously restoring the stock Epic 4G Touch Rom then allowing the Sprint ICS upgrade. Following the ICS upgrade (from Sprint), I can’t get ODIN mode. Volume Up + Power or Volume Down + Power, or Volume Down + Power + Home , or any other combo I can imagine, does not work.

    Do you have a recommendation?

  23. brian says:

    Got the f103 loaded everything is fine. I need an agats safe recovery so i can try the black rom. Can I use the tf 103 recovery.tar to get cwm and a safe kernel?

    Odd not getting cwm with this flash.
    Thanx max your videos are awesome.

  24. justin says:

    Thanks for the great videos and tips. I NEED your help please…

    I updated from stock sprint provided ics to FI03. Initially worked great with 4g averaging between 7-12mb. Now the phone constantly crashes and constantly reboots. Upon reboots, battery goes from 80% to 1-5% making the phone completely unusable. When plugged into power everything is ok.
    Any ideas or suggestions before I return to GB?


  25. Brad says:

    The buttons work for Vol +/- but I still can’t access the boot load for Odin anymore. Tried a few things but nothing works. Any ideas?

    • SC says:

      The same thing happened to me in my problem described above.

      I get the Vol +/- to work by powering on (or reboot) then press and hold the Vol +/- AFTER the boot begins.

      • Brad says:

        Just to add:

        No method allows me into download mode with Odin! I can only get to the recovery mode via Quick Boot, but not the boot load screen.

        It says Andriod System Recovery when I go into recovery mode (again using Quick Boot). This does not allow ROM installation or Back-up and I can’t get it to install the CWM zip files from there.

        Also, whenever I reboot it says “Finalizing Android Update” followed by “Android Update Successful” This happens each time.

        I see no symptoms of any issue with the Vol buttons, the hardware just does not respond to them at boot-up, but they work fine once it has started. And of course, they work fine to navigate through the recovery menus.

        Incase it is helpful, here is what is says on the recovery screen:
        E:update file is backed up: Reportedted

        # MANUAL MODE#

        — Appling Multi-CSC…
        Applied the CSC-code : unknown
        Successfully applied multi-CSC.


        I thought about wiping the cashe, but don’t want to brick it.

        • Brad says:

          I solved the mystery…..

          You hold down POWER+VOL-DOWN+HOME. Hold all three and after a moment let go of the Power button. This got me to the DOWNLOAD screen and I was then able to use Odin to install the CWM recovery.

          FYI: If you do PWR+VOL-UP+HOME it takes you to the recovery screen.

          Hope that helps.

  26. jeff says:

    can u please help my phone keepa freezing up and apps aren’t working properly now should i run the root again or can u send me a link to unroot back to stock

  27. Monzerelli says:

    I have my phone’s drivers installed properly, but I can’t get Odin to display “COM24”. Could there be an issue with the Odin Package I got from this site? I’m not sure what else to do.

  28. DeeJ says:

    I am trying to put this on my wifes phone but, after using the FI03 method to root, it will not allow me to flash the safe recovery kernel. When I do, it just shows the dead android with a red triangle over his belly. Am I missing something?

  29. Fredex says:

    AWSOME!!! i had a white sprint s2 epic.. didnt factory reset had all my pics music programs all that.. did this.. it froze on restart at the 4g symble or maybe i was impatient.. took battery put it back in and it after 4g it upgraded.. and installed all my apps again saved my backgrouinds my passwords EVERYTHING.. no bullshit here bro.. i just wanted to say thanks for this.

  30. Teresa says:

    I just had my sprint galaxy S2 flashed to cricket….now I want to Root it….this is what my phone info is:
    Model # sph-d710
    Android version 2.3.6
    Build version gingerbread el29
    Kernal version 2.6357.7-SPHD710.EL29 CL852097

  31. iPosted says:

    I posted before, but I can’t find a solution.

    I have the EPIC 4g Touch with Baseband FH13 (S:D170.10.S.FH13). I cannot ODIN through the download mode so I think it may be an FH13 bug. The phone is unrooted (I can’t root it). Is there another way to root the phone an unbrick the download mode?

  32. Joshua Anderson says:

    I have a question im about to root my epic 4g but i am being prompted to update to FI27 right now. Should i update to FI27 im currently on FH13. Or should i stay on FH13 to root it? And if i stay on FH13 and root it, it will install FI03 correct? will it give me a notification to update to FI27 again after the root and if so should i update? I also plan on flashing a different ROM to it. Im kinda new to all this. Done alot of research but didn’t see anything pertaining to my question. Thank you.

  33. Ricardo says:

    -dude you freaking rock!

  34. jeff says:

    since i rooted to this my phone ru ns hot abd massive battery drain what can i but im sure u wont answer since i have already posted many comments with help from u

  35. superstar says:

    I have a sprint samsung galaxy s2 sph d710 and a mac. I have been trying to root my phone for weeks now but have not been able to find a method that doesn’t result in a “failed” result. I have seen every type of error message along the way but the most recent has been when I get as far as flashing heimdall and zedomax kernel with the command line in terminal and the error “failed” comes up. I confirmed the phone detection and make sure I have it in download mode, zImage, etc. and everything seems to be okay but still the error message pops up.

    I have tried so many things but for some reason rooting my phone has been hours and hours of failed attempts with my mac. If anyone could help out I would really appreciate it. Thanks!

  36. Ali says:

    I was on F127 android 4.0.4, Odin failed and now my phone won’t reboot. It’ll take me straight to ” Firmware upgrade encountered an issue. Please select recovery mode in Kies & try again.”

  37. Ed says:

    I’ve installed the driver for the phone, and it still won’t show up when I access it. I’ve uninstalled and installed multiple times and each time it won’t detect the phone any inputs?

  38. JuneWon says:

    It works!!!! Thanks !!!!!

  39. john nicka says:

    I’m looking to update a friend’s Epic 4G Touch. One question:

    He is running FI27…will this root properly on his current build?

  40. Ty says:

    Will this fix the Clockwork mod issue so you can install new Roms? I am having trouble loading this over my FF18 Root. Any suggestions?

  41. francisco meza` says:

    will this work on FI27 to root stock phone??

  42. Blake says:

    My phone isn’t showing up on the computer what do i do?

  43. Nicolae says:

    Wifi turns on automatically

    any idees how to fix this ?

  44. guisasso says:


    Just for future reference for other people,
    My phone also got stuck on 4G, then when trying to reboot, it would also get stuck on an android screen.
    I tried rebooting a couple of more times, it was still stuck, then i normally turned the phone on and it worked.

    Thank you for this tutorial!

  45. jasun says:

    No where in the comments above anyone mentions ICS GB28 i think im right but I wanna check before doing anything, should i do this ICS update from my current GB28 to the new fl03??..

  46. jasun says:

    No where in the comments above anyone mentions ICS GB28 i think im right but I wanna check before doing anthing, but im supposed to do this ICS update from my current GB28 to the new fl03??.. or will it screw my phone up?..

  47. Peterson74 says:

    I am working on GB27 and trying to apply the update using ODIN, as you have described. Yet when I do, it connects to it and goes through the motions, when it gets to firmware update start, the bar flashes Reset, turns blue momentarily and then says Pass and turns green. It reports all threads succeeded and ends. I reset my phone and its still at GB27 and is not rooted. Am I doing something wrong?

  48. Jasmine says:

    I followed the video exactly but my phone is still stuck on the 4G loading screen.

  49. MGS says:

    Cannot get the downloads… both say website errors. 🙁

  50. shady says:

    Will this fix the Clockwork mod issue so you can install new Roms? I am having trouble loading this over my FF18 Root. Any suggestions?

  51. carls says:

    Hi I downloaded the SPH-D710_FI03_CL1083465 and it doesn’t let me extract keeps giving me an erorr .please help. Thanks..

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