How to Root Galaxy S2 Epic 4G Touch! [NEW][SPH-D710]

For those of you who want to root your Galaxy S2 Epic 4G Touch smartphone from Sprint, here’s an easy, step-by-step guide that literally anyone including your wife and kids, can use to root your phone.

UPDATE: This root method is old, please use latest root method HERE!!!

*WARNING – This root method will erase all your personal data/settings, we highly advise you to root your phone the day you get it so you don’t have to re-install everything!

Step 1. First, we are going to install a fully rooted stock EL29 ROM on the Epic 4G Touch by unrooting it.  To do this, simply put your phone into download mode by holding down Volume Down and Power button together for about 5 seconds.  W=

Step 2. When you see the warning sign, hit Volume Up button to put it into download mode like below:

Step 3. Next, download and unzip, you will find a file called SPH-D710.EL29_CL852097_ROOTED-OneClick.exe.  Double-click on the file.


Step 4. Now, verify that you have the correct drivers installed, you should find “SAMSUNG Mobile USB CDC Composite Device” under Device Manager.  If you don’t, download Samsung Kies software and install it.

Download Samsung Kies

Step 5. Unplug USB cable from your Epic 4G Touch to your computer then plug it in, you should see yellow highlight come up with a COM number.

Step 6. Hit “Start” to begin the process.

Step 7. When your phone reboots, you should find a completely stock EL29 ROM with root.  You can stop here if you just want root but if you want to install custom ROMs, you will want to continue and install ClockworkMod Recovery.

Step 8. Make sure under Settings->Applications->Development, USB Debugging is checked ON.

Step 9. Download and unzip.  You should find a bunch of files in it.  Double-click and run the file called “install-el29-cwm-rogue.bat”.


Step 10. This will install ClockworkMod Recovery and reboot your Epic 4G Touch.

Step 11. You can access ClockworkMod Recovery anytime by holding down Volume Up and Power button together for about 5 seconds.

Congratulations, you’ve rooted your Epic 4G Touch!

EL29 Unroot files – link
Auto root – link

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127 Responses to How to Root Galaxy S2 Epic 4G Touch! [NEW][SPH-D710]

  1. Sam says:

    I managed to unroot my phone, but whenever I tried to install clockworkmod, it says “waiting for device to be connected”, USB debugging is connected, and it says that the USB is connected on my phone, but it doesnt say so on my computer. Has anyone else encountered this problem?

    • Sam says:

      nevermind, had to reinstall the drivers

      • yut says:

        how did you manage to get it to work? i am having that problem. got it rooted but having problems installing cwm. i’m getting the “waiting for device to be connected” i tried reinstalling the samsung kies but still no luck

  2. Paul says:

    The link to download is dead, where else might I find it?

  3. abe says:

    What if my samsung kies says put into pc sudio mode cannot connect will it interrupt?

    • Chelsea says:

      I could not get mine to connect at first so I tried toggling and rebooting with the USB debugging setting (settings->applications->development). this seemed to fix my issue. I haven’t gotten to root yet but kies is no longer giving this error message.

  4. Joe says:

    Tried to do this. Followed every step exactly. When I try to run the initial one click program it says “FAIL”.

  5. Kevin says:

    I rooted my phone a couple days ago… have a few issues. I no longer can do the zoom in and out with the thumbs on the screen. not a big deal… but it was a cool feature. Also, the music player installed stock sometimes will not read all my music files and i have to reboot the phone. I also had some weird keyboard malfunctions that required a reset of the phone. I couldn’t get wifi tether to work either.

  6. Jay says:

    can get install-el29-cwm-rogue.bat to has anyone got this to work or can i download it from somewhere else

    • Jay says:

      should i just try to download it again

      • Kevin says:

        I downloaded it from the link on the page… worked like a charm.

        • Jay says:

          i try to open it and it just flashes

        • jay says:

          I tried to install a ROM but I get Android with triangle over his head

          • elaine says:

            If you have the triangle, you don’t have a root directory (probably wrong terminology, I am new to this). Go back and try to run that install-el29-cwm-rogue.bat file again, but make sure it really runs: i.e. you should see a lot of text come up on the black terminal screen. If you don’t, you either haven’t truly extracted the file (it should have the .bat ending) or it is having trouble locating it after extraction(especially if you are using VM to use windows on a mac).

    • YANIKEKE says:

      I get the following “install-el29-cwm-rogue” but it doesnt say .bat.

      • Orlando says:

        Having the same problem! I have downloaded many times the e4gtauto file in my computer! Seems like is complete but files doesn’t show the .bat extension. When I run the file to install the Rogue ClockWorkMod it show fails, coping some file. At the end I dont get it to work! Anyone has solved this problem? Is it the missing .bat extension that is preventing the proper installation? I am using Win7 64bit in my computer! Any help will be greatly appreciated!

        • munkyBeatz says:

          You probably don’t see the file extension because you have Windows Explorer set to hide ‘known’ file extensions. So, if you just want to check it’s a .bat file, you can right click the file and go to properties and just read it’s a bat file. Otherwise if you’re really wanting to see the .bat extension in explorer, go to folder settings and change it to show extensions on all files. [Google Search: Windows Folder Settings + Show ALL Extensions]

    • Jakkie says:

      I’m having the same problem when I click the rouge link it just flashes and diapers, I tried downloading it again and the same thing happened.

  7. Thomas says:

    I screwed my phone up big time swapping my roms. You released this one at just the right time. Thx everything is up and working again.

  8. Thomas says:

    Any reason why Wifi isn’t working?

  9. Kal says:

    I just wanted to thank you for all the help over the years with root. I have became a phone addict and have been stuck a lot!!! Just saaying thanks man.

  10. Kal says:

    Wi fi works now, root works, and tether!!!

    • Brian says:

      Hello. I was able to successfully follow these instructions to root and clockwork my Samsung Galaxy 2S on sprint. However, when I install Android Tether, it starts, but none of my WiFi devices can SEE the Samsung.

      • Frank says:

        I have the same problem! none of the android tether apps can SEE the phone. Tried the 3.1 beta 11, the 2.0.7 version as well, and OpenGarden Wifi Tether too. None of them work for the computer to SEE the phone. Sprint’s native app broadcasts the SSID so it works, but not without the service. So something isnt working through the android tether apps…

        Running Galaxy S2 Epic 4G Touch with Sprint.

  11. Matt says:

    I followed all the instructions exactly!!!…. However when trying to install the clcockworkmod recovery during step: 9-10 it seems to have failed? I get the black screen i click enter twice as stated in video. Only when i do it, it seems to take about 30sec before its telling me to click enter for reboot. And when it does reboot i get the stock start-up animation, and when i try to download and install a new ROM using ROM Manager it reboots to do the install only it gets hung up on the install screen with the warning triangle and droid guy. Any suggestion on what could cause this and how to fix it??? I have tried this several times.


  12. Robby lennon says:

    Ive done everything you said everything looks like it should be working granting me permission wifi looks like it comes on,but nothing see it..benn working on it for 6 hours trying to see what I can do..One thing I noticed when you had yours on the Download and upload read out the speeds mine never says anything..Please help I’m out of ideas..Thanks Robby

  13. rasheed says:

    i have followed these steps to a T but i cant find install-el29-cwm-rogue.bat inside the zip file provided in the link i can only find install-el29-cwm-rogue please help me

  14. Metalheadx says:

    Why cant I install custom Boot Animations with this? Tried with root tools, manually adding them and also tried with cwm. any ideas?

  15. Metalheadx says:

    root tools tell’s me unable to install boot animation!

  16. BigJ says:

    I followed the steps for rooting and worked like a charm. I tried to set up WiFi hotspot but couldn’t get it to work. I had a little trouble with the wifi but all i did was reboot and its been fine since.

  17. BigK says:

    I cant install cwm. I click on the program and it just doesnt pop up. It show for a split second and then go away.

  18. Andy says:

    After running this it is asking me for a password before booting the phone.. Any ideas?

  19. Kyle says:

    This worked well. Wifi, tether, and root all work. I was also able to install CWM.

    Things that worked for me:

    When clicking the bat and one click files, make sure you run the files as admin.

    After rooting successfully I had to uninstall and reinstall keis (Samsung drivers) to get the bat file to properly install CWM on my phone.

    To get tether to work Google “wifi tether 3.16 beta” – you will have to download the apk file and install it on your phone as a third party source.

    Thanks to the admin for the good walkthrough.

  20. carlos says:

    Hey bro thank u for the walk through on how to root my phone everything is working like it should so for, so thank u for that. My next question is were can i find the links to install clockworkmod recovery touch so that i could instal the FB17 with ics roms that comes with the new kernel like in ur video. that touch recovery looks really nice and i would like to get that update on my phone. thank u so much for ur videos and the links, they really r a real help to me and to others.

  21. jay says:

    Can you install more then one ROM at a time if so how

  22. Tarellel says:

    Great tutorial guys, I’ve been looking for something safe and easy to root my Epic4G Touch without rooting it. And this was definitely the steps I followed. It was quick easy and gave me no problems at all. Keep up the great work!

  23. Levi says:

    Just used this root process and as soon as I unplugged my USB cable phone turned off. Now my phone just reads the battery at 0%. (It was fully charged when starting). Attempting to unroot, but if anyone has any idea how I can get my phone to see my battery again I’d love to know. I have tried taking the battery out and putting it back in.

  24. zicked44 says:

    awesome!!! for the newbies, correction on step 9 once you unzip everything click the “RUNFIRST” and let it finish and then click on the “install-el29-cwm-rogue” and it will follow through the rest of the steps! Thank you so much for this great tutorial… perfectly running my epic touch flawlessly!!!!

  25. elaine says:

    I, too, only get a brief flash when I click on the install-el29…etc file. ALso, there is no .bat ending on the file. I tried RUNFIRST and I just get a screen with a-g options. I tried ‘c’ and nothing happens. I even put my phone in download mode again, but nothing. Is there another way to install clockwork recovery? Thanks!

    • elaine says:

      I figured out the problem. I am using VM to run windows on Mac. I somehow extracted the files to somewhere inaccessible, but couldn’t see the error because terminal closes immediately if you double click (hence the “flash” I saw). It worked fine when the file was run through terminal instead.

  26. applen says:

    no matter where i download it from (chrome, firefox, windows XP 32bit, windows 7 64bit), i get an incomplete zip file for the clockwork recovery download.

    is there some other place this download is mirrored? could someone re-zip the file and host it somewhere else…?


  27. Chelsea says:

    I am stuck at ” SetupConnection..” on the one-click. I assumed this meant my drivers weren’t installed correctly so I checked kies and sure enough there was an update to the drivers. I updated, installed, rebooted. Still not passing this one area. The phone connects to the computer and shows up as a driver and connects perfectly to kies. I do not have USB debugging on. This is my first root so any advice would be much appreciated!

    • instructor911 says:

      I have the same exact problem, tried with and without USB debugging on

      • instructor911 says:

        Never mind – I didn’t follow the first step of holding down the power button and the volume down – did that and it worked flawlessly – brilliant!

  28. Justin says:

    The install-el29-cwm-rogue.bat won work i have found the file and every thing when the screen goes to bring up the cmd it just flashs really fast and stops what do I do??

  29. Sol B says:

    Root was successful but i can not get wifi tether to run. I tried downloading wifi tether 3.16 beta like someone suggested but thats not working either. Someone please help!

  30. Hollywoodj5500 says:

    Hi everybody, hi Zedo how u guys are doing?
    I have some problems with android wifi tether none of them works. I have open garden the yellow and the green tether and barnacle do not work. When start the tether app it says start tether with “ERROR” I don’t know what to do about it. Please anyone wants to help me here.

  31. Kevin Garcia says:

    Do you have an EL-29 update rooted for Mac?


  32. pwil137 says:

    I did everything step by step from 1 to 7 but the root was unsuccessful. CAN SOMEBODY HELP ME OUT!

  33. Heten says:

    I do not get this Device “SAMSUNG Mobile USB CDC Composite Device” in the Device Manager. I get this Device “SAMSUNG Mobile USB Composite Device” instead. Is it ok to go ahead with the root in that case? everything works fine when connecting the phone to my laptop. No visible issues whatsoever. Oh and before starting out to root does the phone have to be in USB debugging mode? Thanks for such an excellent Tut and sorry for bothering just don’t wanna end up bricking mine.

  34. Dave W says:

    hey, could somebody help me, i did something totally wrong and now my 4g touch is stuck in airplane mode, what can i do to get out of that???

  35. DavidJames says:

    Every time I get stuck screwin around with my phone I find myself right back here doing exactly what you say and every time the result is a ‘fixed’ phone.

    Thanks a bunch man.

  36. Jane says:

    Thanks BUT, the slanderous comment “even your wife and kids can do it” is rude. In our household (and SEVERAL others I am aware of), it’s the HUSBAND/MAN who is totally technology-inept. Please consider the rest of us before posting comments like that.

  37. BDP says:

    I downloaded odinexcution V1.81 and installed but I get FAIL notification. Please help

  38. Ethan says:

    i rooted my phone about 5 days ago and i seem to be having gps problems. The gps will not find my location. I have tried other roms like Anakonda and MIJJ, but still the same issue. Is there a fix for this? Thanks.

  39. Sako says:

    It does not work, the instructions are not clear, it says download to zip and the download brings up unwanted pop ups. I wish someone out there can show how it works (just to download the software).

  40. Jakkie says:

    I really really hope he comes out with a root that doesn’t delete everything. I got my superuser doing something else and just downloaded clock from 4shared, every time I try to install a Rom I get the caution triangle.

  41. Awk34 says:

    I plugged everything in and started the root application, but it gets stuck on the setup connection part. Anyone know why?

  42. Jan says:

    Awesome! this was my first time rooting (Epic 4g Galaxy s2) and it was soo easy with your instructions. I had no problems what so ever..installed open garden and tethering right now ;)..being a newbie …can you recommend any roms that are close to stock?

  43. Nick says:

    Anyone who is having a problem with it saying “FAIL” or “FAILED”, copy the file that you downloaded on to your desktop. Then, right click it and click “Run as Administrator”. THEN, do everything else he talked about.

  44. franckie10 says:

    Hi there, i’m new to this whole root thing and not sure to this, I was following your instructions and they seem fairly easy, my question is what exactly is ROOT and what are the advantages? Plus where do I download the files that I need???

  45. carlos says:

    problems seem to be arising when you try to install some ICS roms. My CWM recovery got blown out and I got the yellow triangle and the signature file not recognized message. I had to reinstall kies too. I didn’t use odin to reflash Clockwork Mod recovery. I used E4GT auto. there’s a guide to using that on this website. If you get to the part in E4GT where the program prompts you: waiting for device to be connected and you are prompted to press enter to continue and nothing happens when you do, what’s worked for me so far is to terminate the process. If you are really connected with a good usb cable and have the keis drivers installed, and before really terminating, the program will prompt you if you really want to terminate. say “NO” and the program will most definetely prompt you a couple of messages and proceed to flash CWM recovery and you will be ok. if you are not really connected the program will terminate at which point you will have to make sure you installed the keis drivers correctly and are using a reliable usb cable(on my 3rd where the other two charge the phone but I can’t use them to transfer USB data to my computer at all)
    IF you are successful in reflashing CWM, it is important you understand that the ICS rom you had flashed on the phone will not boot at all. you will get the galaxy s2 screen and the phone will not start. Once you reinstall a GB CWM recovery the only next step will be to reflash caulkin or any other GB stock rom. Essentially after you reflash CWM recovery, you will have to press up and the power key to enter recovery. if you left a stock GB rom or a NANDROID backup (VERY IMPORTANT!!!) in internal memory before flashing that ICS goodness, the ROM will appear in internal memory. do a factory reset wipe the cache and dalvik and reinstall back to GB. This worked for me when I flashed CM9 and this ROM where both roms wiped out Clockworkmod recovery. GOOD LUCK.

    Before flashing ICS roms, Read and watch videos to UNDERSTAND all the flashing/roothing processess posted on this site. also read that one post in XDAdevelopers called “how not to brick your e4gt” as long as you follow those steps you’ll be fine. Good luck.

    • Derek says:

      This is exactly what happen to me with cm9 and everything. My phone is stuck on the galaxy a screen hope this works for me

  46. gmonko says:

    I have a epic 4g flashed to boost and i want put a new rom and it’s rooted and running on gingerbread .EH17, firmware 2.3.4, kernel v. if i change roms will lose the root ? If yes how can reroot it?or can i just put a new rom on it or i have to updat it .And what rom should i use? HOP YOU CAN HELP. THKS.

  47. josh says:

    i wondering if i can make this phone into a web server and do the gps track.php on it like my palm pre?! i found the genius “max” that put together a great faq for that and he’s on to this now!! im right behind ya.

  48. jp7 says:

    hi there zedomax,
    i have a question real quick.
    i’m so excited to root my new epic 4g touch, i immediately follow the first step: hold the power button and down volume for 5 sec. then i press volume up button to start it.. then i realize that i am using LINUX OS on my laptop!
    how can i cancel the “Downloading-Do not turn off target” screen?? what will happened if i force the phone to shut down?
    jeez i feel so weak and limp now..

  49. Robert says:

    PLEASE HELP!!! I un-plug and replug it back in on the part where your supposed to but the yellow writing doesn’t pop up! D: what do i do?

  50. jodaveki says:

    i was able to successfully root– i tested this by checking for superuser and then updating the binary. i then dl’d the and opened it up in winrar.

    1st attempt: double-clicked intall-el29-cwm-rogue.bat. result: flashed cmd screen.
    2nd attempt: extracted install-el29-cwm-rogue.bat to a folder and ran as admin. result: flashed cmd screen
    3rd attempt: noticed that “SAMSUNG Mobile USB CDC Composite Device” was now “SAMSUNG Mobile USB Composite Device.” uninstalled driver/re-installed kies from link. “SAMSUNG Mobile USB CDC Composite Device” did not appear. driver still named “SAMSUNG Mobile USB Composite Device” in device manager. ran extracted .bat as admin. result: flashed cmd screen.
    4th attempt: double-clicked RUNFIRST. cmd screen opened. selected “C” to Install BootImg. Selected “L” to install bootimg el29+cwm-rogue. ERROR: “install-el29-cwm-rogue.bat is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file.” device manager still reads “SAMSUNG Mobile USB Composite Device.”

    any suggestions?

    • admin says:

      Your drivers are fine, just need to run the program again. Do #1 again.

      • jodaveki says:

        double-clicked “install-el29-cwm-rouge.bat.” result: cmd screen flashed.

        extracted “install-el29-cwm-rouge.bat” to desktop. ran as administrator. result: cmd screen flashed after windows asked if i wanted to allow program to make changes made to system. still no bootimg installed.

        i’m stumped.

        • jodaveki says:

          holy crap. that simple. SOOOOOO….

          i had the in my downloads folder and tried running from there.
          it’s best to extract the to an eponymous folder on your C drive, THEN double-click the “install-el29-cwm-rogue.bat.” worked like a charm.


  51. luis soto says:

    hello everyone. can some please help me i rooted my phone and did the same thing like the person above me did. i tried everything but when it comes down to the install-el29-cwm-rouge.bat. i keep getting the same flashing cmnd screen. i dont know what else to do i tried doing everything. Please can someone help???? Do i have to to put the phone on download mode to install the software???? pleas help….

  52. Ernest says:

    I updated my E4GT D710 to the leaked FD24 ROM. I did not root phone. Will this process work on my phone that is updated to FD24?

    • admin says:

      Yes but it will get you back to EL29 or you can install a kernel with auto-root that should work fine too.

      • Ernest says:

        Any particular kernel that you would recomend? I’ve read a few articles about updating the kernel bricking the device. Is that a real potential?

  53. Tom says:

    i bricked 2 epic 4gs today thankfully sprint swapped them out. i get root and clockmod but it won’t let me install any roms.

  54. ImJustMyan says:

    As of today… Rooting method STILL WORKS FINE. I rooted my phone easy as ever all you have to do is follow the instructions.

    Now I didnt not add a custom recovery to my phone. So Im currently Rooted on the stock rom.

    I can only vouch for the rooting method not the custom rom part.

    Thank you so much for this help!!!

  55. Ernest says:

    Works like a charm. I was able to flash a new custom ROM after this process. Thank you much.

  56. Tim says:

    Downloaded all the files from here and followed instructions as above. First NONE of my personal data or system data was erased. Second, it didn’t give me stock EL29 Gingerbread, but instead I am now running 4.0.3 ics. Still planning on flashing a new romantic because in the last 20 hours since rooting, my phone has cemetery died 3 times. Can’t figure it out, but battery life is just pathetic now.

  57. Derek says:

    I also downloaded followed your instructions but same as previous poster I’m now running 4.0.3 ICS. Or half of it 🙁 It still has gingerbread camera.

    I tried rooting it using one of your other videos, but after a reboot I can’t get past Samsung Galaxy S2 screen. The phone just stays there for 30 minutes. I had to take the battery out couple of times. When I press power and top volume buttons it takes me to CWM, but I can never get the phone to boot.

    Any suggestions?


  58. James Chavez says:

    When i first began rooting my phone i would have great roms and then i broke my screen and had it repaired. Now that i try to root i keep getting hard resets. Even when i’m on stock roms i get a good day or two without having resets before it begins to reset then on roms its even worse i get resets everytime i go into any app. I always wipe data, cache and dalvik cache x3 before i rom.
    Have any suggestions?

  59. JJ says:

    I downloaded but I don’t see “install-el29-cwm-rogue.bat”. I see ”install-el29-cwm-rogue”. What do I do?

  60. Pingback: Will I be able to recieve the ICS update if I root? - Android Forums

  61. Ryan says:

    Ok I did this, root and recovery smooth as butter….HOWEVER…the wifi tether will not work, ive literally downloaded every version from newest back to 2.7 tried setting profilr as generic, epic 4g, galaxy s2 …everything….and it will always log an error without fail, wont be visible to any of my devices….Can anyone help???

  62. Tom says:

    It used to work, not sure what happened now. Everyone jumped to the stupid ICS ship, no one cares about GIngberbread anymore. If you like your 4G connection slower than 3G, sure go right to ICS. I cant wait to complain to Sprint about it

  63. P Selchert says:

    I’m thinking of going to this ROM. I had the stock el29 for about a month rooted and was able to download & get wifi-tether working. Then, I made the ignorant mistake of allowing a Sp|nt update through. It upgraded my phone to ics 4.0.4 which has not been good imho. Some things look nice but seems my 3g is not as God in rural areas. Worse is the fact that it unrooted my phone at least partially. I say partially because many apps that I had, like superuser are still on the phone. However, when I open them they do not function.

    My question, can I go to this room under gingerbread? 2. Is there a meter rom under ics that will allow me to go from icsalready to it?

    Any help will be very much appreciated. I’m in between jobs and frustrated having to drive places to use their wifi to do job searches, etc. Sorry, lame sob story but…. Thank you.

  64. P Selchert says:

    * not as good of course LOL

  65. P Selchert says:

    * ROM instead of room
    * better instead of meter

    This ROM relating to the one in article: ” Root Galaxy S2 Epic 4G Touch! [NEW] [SPH-D710]

  66. CruJones says:

    Ok, so im a bit late on the S2 boat. Was pretty happy with my Evo3d untill it jumped off the kitchen counter. The insurance I have through sprint didnt have a 3d to replace it with so here I am. I managed to get root with this method, however clocworkmod will not install. It goes through all the steps, reboots just fine, but when it reboots… no rom manager…

    Using windows 7 ultimate 64bit

    Phone info:
    Model number SPH-D710
    Android version 2.3.6
    Baseband version S:D710.10 S.EL29
    Kernal version
    Build number GINGERBREAD.EL29
    Hardware version D710.10

    Any thoughts?

    • anon says:

      From personal experience Rom manager does not install. I would steer away from it as well as there are reports of it bricking E4GTs. Just install the roms from the recovery .

  67. Dadindebt says:

    I currently have an S2 and rooted it with the guide above, my question is now with the OTA Update for Android 4.0.4 will this root still work? I believe I will loose my root if I do update OTA. any help or advice would be great guys! or can I proceed on the update for Android 4.0.4 then re-root it? is there another guide for that?

    thank you!

    • anon says:

      You can do the OTA but it breaks root. Also using superuser to survive OTA might not allow you to do an OTA. On xda there is a root that does the same thing but instead of EL29 stock root, it does 4.0.3 FF18 stock root. Its also odin. There are two methods. One that does a clean wipe and keeps no files and a method that lets keep things. I would reccommend the clean wipe. However to add CWM to your root is another affair. Check xda for the method.

    • Thomas says:

      I am also interested in knowing this^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^

    • admin says:

      No, you can just do this instead, will get you straight to ICS rooted:

      • Dadindebt says:

        Thanks admin! I watched the whole tutorial and it erases/reformat everything? Errr… I don’t want to go through all the hassle of backing up and such. Anyway this weekend I might try this when I have back up all of my files. Thanks again and very much appreciated!

  68. zack says:

    I just got the samsung galaxy s2 epic 4g rtouch and it already has 4. 0.4 installed will this still work ?

  69. Ahn says:

    think I am currently using ICS stockrom – rooted FH13(modem/kernel&ROM). Just got this phone yesterday.
    battery life is not good and I want to downgrade to GB EL29.
    I am a totally noobs with android.

    Is it save to downgrade to EL 29 from my current Rom using all these step?

  70. Tyson says:

    Worked like a charm.
    People please read read read. (read the comments too) before starting
    I was hesitant, but know i’m rooted.

  71. kirk says:

    Silly question, are these instructions still valid even though someone, me, might be on the OTA ICS?


  72. Broxton says:

    Re: wifi tether problem.
    Hi Max,
    I rooted my E4GT FF13 version 4.0.4 Everything works fine except when I try to secure the network. I am not receiving a gateway setting for the network address. As a open network, no problem, other than my neighbors are killing my bandwidth. Any suggestions? Can this problem be corrected in wifi tether settings ?
    As usual you are appreciated and in advance I thank you……..
    Take Care, Broxton

  73. ross says:

    I have the boost version of this phone (galaxy s2). The kernel is stock and rooted which I like because it doesn’t display the wrong network and stuff. I’m trying to install clockwork mod without installing a new kernel. Installed the cwm rom manager and used the flash recovery option, picked epic 4g, it did it’s thing, and now under that option it says I currently have cwm recovery on it. But whenever I try to boot into recovery it shows the stock recovery and I can’t install the ROM I want. Do I need to somehow remove the old recovery? Also, if it’s the wrong version of cwm installing through the rom manager, I have the exact version on my desk top I need straight from the cwm website. Only it’s a .zip and I can’t use odin to flash it.

  74. Joe says:

    I have a Sprint Galaxy s 2 that is rooted. has kies and superuser. It was Freezing up a lot so I did a factory reset and then system reboot. still have kies and superuser, downloaded root checker and it says phone has root. I can make calls but on roaming and can no longer use data for internet. I just started my research on rooting today so i am not sure what to do anymore. If anyone can help I would really appreciate it.
    here is some info on phone if it helps…
    model number-SPH-D710
    android version-4.0.4
    kernel version-3.0.15-1127689

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