How to Root Epic 4G Touch!

Here’s video tutorial of how to root your Epic 4G Touch:

UPDATE: This tutorial is deprecated, please see here for new root method!

So, I finally got everything working today, we have full root for the Epic 4G Touch!

Huge thanks to users ShabbyPenquin and Tanimn at XDA, I wouldn’t have gotten this working without them.

*Note – This rooted kernel is still experimental, we are not responsible for anything that happens to your phone!

Here’s how to root Epic 4G Touch:

Download rooting files here and unzip:


Put your Epic 4G into download mode by holding down Power button and Volume down buttton, when you see an option screen, let go of both buttons then hit Volume up button.

You should now be in download mode, connect your USB cable from Epic 4G Touch to a Windows computer. (Sorry ODIN uses Windows only…)

Make sure you have Samsung Kies installed, it will install the proper drivers,

Download kies off samsung site here:

Download Kies

Open up odin3 v1.85.exe, click on “PDA”, then select “SPH-D710_Zedomax_Kernel.tar” and hit Start.

Your phone should reboot and voila, your phone should be rooted with SuperUser app.

Note, you can now get free 3G/4G wifi tethering by installing the Android Wifi Tether app!

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228 Responses to How to Root Epic 4G Touch!

  1. Ray says:

    Great Work!!! Thank you very much!

  2. Miguel says:

    Thanks for the root method. Worked great. But after rooting, there is no CWM. What is the best way to get CWM installed after using your method?

  3. Omar says:

    Please add me to your email. All i want to do is root it so i can take out the camera sound when i take a pic if that is possible thanks for all your hard work

    • deondre says:

      That is the same reason I wanted to root mine. But using this method, my wifi will not stay on.

      sprint samsung galaxy s2 4g touch (d710)

      Its soo many version out there, its hard finding something for this phone

      • Rob says:

        i had the same problem.. my wifi wouldn’t stay on nor would it pick up, not just my home network, but any network! if there’s a fix please let me know

  4. ChuckZ says:

    Thanks so much.. i had some issues but my Galaxy Epic 4g touch is now rooted

  5. Rod says:

    quick question, do you unzip the tar file or leave it zipped. your post says to unzip, I read another guys post using Odin who said not to unzip???? Just wanna make sure b4 I do this


  6. Angel says:

    All Right! I’m Rooted!!!!……. now if I need to unroot in case i have to returned! What can I do?

  7. Armin says:

    Don’t know if you’re reading this, but thanks for the root. What would be the exclamation mark on the boot be? Is that just a “zImage has changed” message or something more sinister?

  8. vkarlski says:

    Does this break your wifi? I read somewhere it did and I don’t want my wifi to be broken.

  9. Velli says:

    It seems as if rooting the device caused my reception to freeze at random points. It’ll show bars but can not make calls or send and receive text. When attempting a call, the dialer freezes. There must be a way to unroot… any information?

    • admin says:

      working on it, a reboot should fix for now.

      • velli says:

        Thx for the response. Do you mean restart the phone every time my reception gives out (which I have no choice but to do)? Or do you mean a master reset (which I also tried)?

      • phlly says:

        i seem to be getting the same problem as Velli. so hoping there is a updated kernel with a fix for reception issues?

        • velli says:

          Phil… Check out my reply to Scott in the ‘root coming soon’ post… Basically i told him that my reception seems to keep when i turn on either my wifi or 4G radio and leave em on. It may be a temporary fix until further notice.

      • Luc56 says:

        Yeah I’m getting this problem as well. Where will you post the solution?

      • xianking says:

        I just rooted as per your instructions on Monday. I am having the same problem. I’ve gone entire days without receiving phone calls or texts and finally someone will get ahold of me via email and let me know, so I reboot my phone and that fixes it. However, obviously, I can’t function like that. Everything looks normal, but no reception. Any fixes in the works for that?

  10. BK says:

    flashed this twice but superuser still forces closed when I open it. Ideas?

    • admin says:

      if you flashed another SU using CWM, this will cause havoc, I am working on it to fix. Maybe take SU out of kernel then make people zip it separately.

  11. steve says:

    Hey great job!! just a question, when i flashed v2 when i reboot i get an error sign(its yellow) at the bottom of screeb, but then it boots up… Also in rom manager it doesnt give me a choice for epic 4g in flash clockwork recovery.. is there a way to get to clockwork via the buttons?? thanks again!!!

  12. checkmate says:

    Great work guys!! I have read some of the comments up top and there no comments that say
    everything working properly.can someone confirm that eveything working perfect as i know
    this is Experimental so i just dont know if this is still in beta and if there any bugs that will make me
    regret it later as i read someone had reception problems and i also notice on your video you had problems
    getting gps to work on wifi which shouldnt matter if your in a basement cuz u wifi.I will wait for an update on
    this site that confirms everything is working great and with no bugs like slow performance like laG. THANKS!

  13. hacker says:

    okay im new to the android cuz im a apple ios jailbreaker and now my girl owns a epic 4g with keyboard and i
    know she has froyo 2.2 and i would like her to have gingerbread 2.3 but in the video on top it looks very clear
    your holding a samsung galaxy s 2 phone which already should already have gingerbread so are you LYING!!!!!! or am i confuse because i saw galaxy s 2 wriiten on your phone so i hope your not pretending cuz if you are i got this recorder so please explain?

    • Velli says:

      Epic 4G and Epic 4G Touch are two separate phones. Epic 4G is the Galaxy S1 and the Epic 4G Touch is Galaxy S2… It is a brand new device to the sprint network that absolutely destroys competition. Epic 4G will be receiving Gingerbread via OTA (over the air) updates in the coming weeks, however that phone fails in comparison to the Touch which is a monster upgrade of a device.

  14. OJ says:

    I am not able to root because Kies 2.0 says the device is “not supported”. When I click Start in Odin, nothing happens… What’s wrong? Thanks…

  15. scott says:

    The bottom line is that this is experimental and we all knew that. I am not upset at all but I hope there is a stock kernel soon because all of the kernels so far are very unstable. Dropped calls, dialer freeze where phone wont call or end calls, loss of network, sms issues etc. For now I would strongly encourage all to get quick boot from the market because that is the quickest solution for now as reboot is only way outta jail. I really like the root for wifi tether app. Anything like this without root?

    • Velli says:

      Hey Scott… they did fix the issue finally… the stock kernel is available via XDA… I posted a comment earlier that has mysteriously disappeared so I won’t repost it but simply google it and you’ll find the xda thread with the stock kernel in it. I did it and I’m relieved… my weekend is gonna be great now.

      • scott says:

        I am confused obviously because I am just learning all of this tech and lingo. I did flash the new stock kernel with Odin and the yellow exclamation mark went away on boot but I am still rooted. And I did experience the circular no network icon on notify bar. Do you we need a different ROM not a different kernel to unroot? Sorry to be a dummy. Still learning…

        • velli says:

          How do you figure you’re still rooted? If you flashed the stock kernel and odin gave you the pass notification then you should be good to go. I’ve had no issues since flashing it 12 hours ago. I do however still show the super user icon which Im sure is confusing but I think its a safe bet that you’re unrooted.

          • scott says:

            I know I am rooted because all of my apps that require root are all working such as superuser, wifi tether, bloat freezer etc. I did flash it and it said “pass”. Should I flash again? Thanks for your help.

  16. velli says:

    I think we are totally disrespecting max by holding a convo on his page but you may wanna try again and make sure you’re following all the steps correctly. Idk what else to tell ya pal

  17. ChuckZ says:

    I’m new to all of this. I’ve used Odin and rooted my device and overclocked it and everything is working well.. i would like to know the proper settings in Setcpu to get the longest lasting battery life possible.. my Setcpu settings are as follows Max is 1600000 and min is 200000..

    Thanks so much..

  18. Billy G. says:

    I would add in to make sure you plug in your phone normally with kies, and to not put it into download mode until after Windows says the phone has been successfully installed. I had to do this with mine, as following the guide exactly kies did not install the drivers until after I plugged my phone in to my computer normall.

  19. Rod says:

    After rooting my phone with Kernel v2, I decided to flash the stock kernel. When I did this I was unable to use any of my root only apps!!!!! I was also getting an error for super user (su binary error) and was unable to update. I tried v2 and v4 beta and my wireless tether doesn’t work. What I’m I doing wrong, I just put v2 back on my phone, still no wireless tether, but I was able to update super user

    • Rod says:

      Now my superuser is giving me su binary outdated, it finds an updated binary but fails when I attempt to download it. I’ve only used Odin and the kernels from here to flash, any suggestion would be greatly appreciated

  20. steve says:

    Hey awesome job… JUst have a question though,,, Im using your kernel v3.. and clockwork mod works fine, but im having issues with my signal fading and not connecting to network. I have done the prl fix, and i still lose signal, could this be a bug that other people are getting too?? perhaps an update would fix it.. I just want to know if im only person havibng this issue… thanks!@

    • Andrew says:

      sprint towers are being wonky, its not the kernal, its just sprints service

      • moegets says:

        I was having the same issue. I would check my phone and had no signal but a circle with the line across. I would have to reboot my phone to get signal. It happen twice so I unrooted and hasn’t happen again. I’m going to root now and see it it does it again.

        • Rod says:

          My phone was doing the same thing b4 I rooted it!!!! (no signal, circle w/line,had to reboot). Now I’m I the only 1 that can’t get wireless tether to work??????????????

        • marc says:

          it’s definitely the root that does it. I had my phone rooted with the kernal for several weeks and the signal constantly went out on it. I got sick of it so I used the steps to unroot it and magically…no more lost radios or battery life being drained looking for a signal. Those who claim it’s Sprint’s towers need to look into it a bit further.

        • Diana says:

          How did you unroot? I’m having issues as well and would like to unroot. I’ve looked around but still can’t find how. Thanks for your help in advance.

      • Ulices says:

        I am having the same issue with the circle..

  21. john says:

    Thanks for the easy instructions, it worked well and rooted just fine. But I swear my phone is less smooth and battery life is a little worse so I kind of wish I never rooted now since it seems worse than before.

  22. Hank says:

    Cant get wifi tether to work. Had hotspot active when I rooted. Help!

  23. Dan says:

    Yo! 3 things – saw them referenced in some other comments – just wondering if there’s any update on the progress of a new kernel

    1) Connection issues – randomly cant make calls, or connect to data
    2) Yellow Exclamation point on boot-up – how to remove
    3) where can i find a stock kernel?

    oh – and how do I DONATE funds to this project?!?!?


  24. Assm says:

    Can you make a video on how to install a rom with Rom Manager because this is my first time and its not working for me at all

  25. Ralph says:

    Howdy, thanks so much for the root and for the easy instructions!! 🙂

    However, I’m having issues with connection like Velli posted. Every few hours my device loses connection to mobile network and I get an error “Mobile network not available” when I try to place a call.

    Is there a way to revert to factory settings and uninstall root for the time being?

    Restarting the device fixes the problem temporarily, but I usually don’t notice it until a few hours later, and by then it uses up a lot of battery searching for service.

    Again, thanks for the root! Please let us know if there’s a way to donate and support the cause… 🙂

    * cheers *

    • Ralph says:

      Nevermind… found it on their own website 😀

      I’ll wait and hope for a simpler utility to unroot or hopefully some updates on the root. This is my first smartphone, so I’m really excited. Thanks again for all the time you’re putting into this… 🙂

  26. Dumbfire says:

    Once you have root access are you able to use USB OTG features that were disabled by Sprint? As seen in this video with a usb OTG cable:

    • admin says:

      For sure, I believe OTG is actually already enabled on Zedomax Epic Touch Kernel v3, have u tried it? I will try it tomorrow.

  27. Kiko says:

    Hey Zudo! Great work once again :).
    from V3 that you update, will SU 3.0 or any other Su *useable* app be normal like it was on the Epic4G or any other rooted phone? just asking due to the error of having the /su files in a different directory, than it should of been originaly? and will you be looking into seeing how to enable the mhl, and usbhosting capabilities, and have it all in one kernel? or will it be a separate kernel due to some restrictions?
    Thank you, man.
    I don’t mean to sound like a d*k or anything, just wanted to know, since im all knew to this rooting stuff, even though i’ve been flashing/Rooted my epic 4G constantly before lol

  28. Keith says:

    Helo! I have flashed this kernal with Odin, but all I get is the bootscreen (“android”) and thats it… phone doesnt fully boot up. I have flashed it severaltimes and still no joy! HELP!!!!

    By the way thank you for all your awesome guides, your site helped me root my old Nexus S….


  29. john says:

    Thanks for the root installation, I am also having the same problems everyone else is having with the connection just droping until I reboot the phone, I know its not sprint since my wife has a blackberry with sprint and her phone doesnt have those issues and before I rooted I never had these issues. I would appreciate any advice that you come up with thank you

  30. asbjörn says:

    Successfully rooted mine on the 1st attempt! It’s waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay easier rooting this phone than say…the EVO 3D!

  31. Hank says:

    Any word on how to get wifi tether working? Great rooting system though. I’m as ignorant as it gets and it was easy for me.

  32. hnaest says:

    For some reason I am getting an error while performing root using odin. it is taking for ever for the process to complete and it says failed. Kies was installed prior to running root, checked drivers and they are install properly. Any ideas on why it is not rooting?

  33. Igor says:

    Hey I rooted my phone everything went well but when i turn it on I get a yellow warning triangle. Another problem i Have is as soon as I plug in an USB or Charger that it comes with, the phone stops responding to me and just starts doing things on its own. Opens apps and turns on random programs and screen twitches. But when its on car charger it works fine.

  34. culon008 says:

    can you root on HTC please

  35. Brent says:

    Hey Max. When i run odin. nothing happens. i have all my drivers installed. i noticed ur phone says Bianary download yes. mine says no. is this the problem


  36. garrett says:

    After flashing the newest Zedomax I get little glitches.
    1. It says I have signal but whenever I make a call or send a text, it fails.
    2. Sometimes instead of turning my screen off, it just dims. It wont turn off at all. And when I unlock it, none of the capacitive buttons work so I have to restart my phone.
    Just some bugs that I would like to notify you of to improve future releases. =
    (Both of these are fixed by restarting my phone or doing a battery pull)

    • garrett says:

      And when my phone is off and plugged in, it’ll sit there for a few minutes and turn back on. This may or may not be from your kernel though.

  37. Lance says:

    Rooted, 4G cannot be connected.

    Help? Anyone?

  38. cezapf23 says:

    Are there any roms that take that pesky yellow triangle out for you? i have tried the trick on replacing the zimage and it just wont work for me for some reason.. i currently am running starburst on my epic touch and love it.. i just can’t stand the yellow triangle

  39. rums11 says:

    I cannot link my exchange mail server to the new epic touch. The contacts sync and I can send email through outlook but my inbox will not show up on my device. Please let me know if anyone can help? Thanks.

  40. randysrdh says:

    my .tar file is in .rar will it still work please help !!!

  41. randysrdh says:

    my .tar file is a .rar will this still work …. if not how can i fix it !!!

  42. QC says:

    First I want to say THANK YOU to the admin for doing the work to develop all of this.
    I’ve not purchased a phone yet. I was waiting for this all to be working. I have a local carrier so I’m thinking I need to do this to be able to use the full functionality of the phone with my local carrier and not be locked into a sprint or t-mobile.
    Is this working yet? Where do I download the latest working kernal?
    Will the kernal work on all Galaxy S II’s or just the SPH-D710. (SGH-I777 & SGH-T989 specifically)

  43. Gary Stevens says:

    I would like to root but I don’t want to have to subscribe to that site… What happened to open source?

  44. Redmond Jennings says:

    Hey, is this still good? About to get the Epic for my mom.

  45. Ulices says:

    Still problems with the connection dropping. Anyone else still having this?

  46. marco says:

    no updates yet :-(. I want my rooted

  47. Joe says:

    I just got my first smartphone, its the sprint samsung S II epic. I never rooted a phone before and I want to. It all seems very confusing, but I would like to know because I was reading that some people have some problems with there phone after they have done it, Should I wait a little longer untill you completely fix the problems? Or if I do it now and follow the steps from the begining, would I have to go in order and install any updates that you made or do you have files that are fully updated and just install those? I hope my question isn’t confusing. Thanks

  48. Brad says:

    Rooted my SPH-D710, seems to be fine, can tether without encryption. Phone seems to work fine, 4g, bluetooth, wifi. IS there any stable update to the first version? trying to remove the yellow triangle and gt-19000 flash, etc.

    • brad says:

      Whoa! wife went traveling and phone is acting funny. no GPS or phone service. Seems to be a problem when you travel, but if you are in one location, phone is fine.

      • Joe says:

        Hey brad, I never rooted a phone before and this is my first smart phone. are you still having problems with your gps? Should I root my phone now or should I wait till there isn’t any problems with the rooting? Because If I root my phone now, then I would never know how to fix any of the problems.

  49. Jay Thomas says:

    Anyone else having problems with tether? I can download and install the tether app, but no devices can connect to it.

    • brad says:

      You need to make sure the encryption is off and I also had some issues with access control with Vista computers. Win 7 was happy without WPA and access control.

  50. Alex says:

    Seems my headphone jack won’t detect any headphones after rooting with your kernal. 🙁

  51. brian says:

    I’m getting a #SU Binary Outdated message and when I go to update it tells me:

    The updater is incapable of updating su binary since it is installed in /sbin. This is not an error in the updater, it is an error on the behalf of your ROM or kernal developer. You can contuinue to use Superuser with your outdated binary.

    How do i fix this?

  52. Lou says:

    Besides the yellow triangle, V2 works great!!! Ty for all ur hard work

    • CJ Allebach says:

      What does the yellow triangle mean? At startup? I have that. I’ve noticed that my phone will be out of service (still shows bars usually, sometimes a circle w/ line with no service) and I can’t get text, receive texts, or make calls. Not sure if this is the root or Sprint right now.

  53. Jay says:

    jay says

    October 16, 2011 at 5:24 pm

    Hey Max. When i run odin. nothing happens. i have all my drivers installed. i noticed ur phone says Bianary download yes. mine says no. is this the problem


  54. Jay says:

    Every time I try to run odin I get ann error message that asks me to reboot th phone as stated above is this because the Bianary download says yes on your and no on mine. Been working at this for five hours have gotten nowhere please help

  55. shawn says:

    Wow, way easier than rooting my EVO!!! Thanks a bunch!

  56. king says:

    i rooted my phone it was my 1st time but ..if u dont kno anything about phones i ask that u do some research before doing this dont b so jumpy because if u break ur phone like ME the warranty wont cover it… phone was stuck in airplane mode an i had to get another phone…. so think smart..there is a stock unroot on xda….but this root will lose connection a lot an i have to cut my phone off an back on in order to work…..i will donate if yall need help..i see this as a hobby i enjoy this ..but if yall can update it so everything works can u lets us know…..thank you

    • Tron says:

      Agreed: I am very interested with rooting my epic 4g however i need to make sure that the root is perfected perhaps early 2012 the finished root will be out.

  57. Queen says:

    This works great, THANK YOU!!! so much!

  58. MWaV300 says:

    Well when these problems are fixed and anyone who has EVERYTHING working just fine, let me know. Feel free to email me if possible, oh and Max you know the email lol

  59. says:

    Thanks work great looking for roms.

  60. chirs says:

    i downloaded kies on my computer, but nothing showed up in the drivers list? and when i open odin it doesnt show my phiones connected? please helpppp

  61. marco says:

    well i just decide to do it, and it works , so far everything works fine, thanks u guys rocks

  62. CJ Allebach says:

    I would recommend avoiding this for now. My phone randomly every couple hours looses service until I restart. The bad thing is that I don’t know it until a failed text or failed call. A couple of times during a call its just froze and lost service. Going back to stock.

    • Diana says:

      I would also like to go back to stock. Any help? I’ve never had to unroot until now. Are there any directions on how to do so? Thanks.

  63. pencilneck says:

    First off, thanks for running with this project and sharing the info.

    The good – ROOT!

    The bad – battery life and radio functions are spotty now. Unless you know why you need root, you may want to hold off until these are resolved.

  64. royh. says:

    I ran the odin it showes pass,but phone want reboot by it self goes to system recovery with 3 options reboot now,wipe data,wipe cache but will not enter any of them.I went back repeated process 14 times now any suggestion

  65. ellen says:

    I can’t get past “setup connection” in Odin. any suggestions?

  66. MWaV300 says:

    start from the beginning step by step, sometimes you have to do it twice, thats rooting for you

  67. Andrew says:

    Anyone fix the lost of connection issue? I don’t want to stay in stock for long.

  68. chanfle says:

    hello all,
    I have a questions about the root on my device..
    Last week I bought a SGS2 4G Epic Sprint, and I unlocked for use on Mexico, Iusacell company…
    currently the phone it’s perfectly work is CDMA…
    With the phone root and unlocked, I can update to new version of the Android..??


    • Marco says:

      Hello. How did u rooted to work on iusacell. If i can tell me how, i would appreciated, and its because maybe im going to sent one to mexico city to my brother, thx, in advance

      • Sebastian says:

        Marco de casualidad ya lo compraste si me pudieras decir si fuiste a iusacell para que lo desbloquearan y si te sirve el 4g en iusacell. espero tu respuesta

    • Sebastian says:

      HI chanfle i have a question, i´m thinking to buy a samsung galaxy s2 epic 4g touch but i dont know if the internet 3g on iusacell carrier works in a 100% it works on you? and how did you unloked, you went to a official center at mexico?

    • Sebastian says:

      can you use the iusacell 4g?

  69. jonathan phan says:

    hey zedomax ive been having issues with my phone so i was wondering what settings like kernals and rom do you have set for your rooted epic 4g touch… ive been having probelms like not receiving peoples calls and textes and emails… i always constantly restarting my phone and its getting annoying.. please help thank you… and can you let me know what is the best kernal and rom please… btw imma noob haha

  70. Rob O says:

    I just followed the rooting instructions and all went well until I tried to turn on WiFi. It tries to turn on, but then after about 5 seconds turns itself back off. 3G still works. I performed this root after the over-the-air-update by Sprint during the first week of December to fix other radio issues. Anyone else?

    • Rob O says:

      Additionally, when trying to unroot, it will not go to Download mode. It boots only is Android Recovery mode…

    • SpiderGrafxxx says:

      hey, i just noticed your post. I don’t think Max is doing too well because he hasn’t posted in quite a while, but, I did have this same issue. Luckily, my router has a WPS button and by connecting that way, I was able to connect to my router again. Hopefully yours has that option as well!

  71. Rob O says:

    Finally got it back to Download mode. Put back stock ROM, no Joy on WiFi still…ugh.

    • Rob O says:

      Tried factory reset. Re flashed stock rom. Re-reflashed rooted room. No Joy. Everything works but WiFi.

      • Jef says:

        Hey, I’m glad to see your post!! I received the over the air update a few days ago but i havent installed it yet.. And reading from your post it seems, I shouldn’t. Can you explain what happened? Did you unroot your phone before updating?
        It’s too bad Zedomax rarely replies.

  72. SpiderGrafxxx says:

    Has anyone else noticed Max hasn’t posted anything for quite some time? I hope he’s alright…

  73. keko says:

    Can u still root Sprint galaxy s2 with software version 2.3.4 using this root method?..

  74. Scott Murphy says:

    Max.. quick question. I am thinking of upgrading and was considering the Galaxy S II, the Motorola Photon, and the Evo 3D. I’ve had a Evo 4g since it came out and loved it. Can you give me youe views on these three and tell me why you think one may outshine the other two ? Thx

  75. Kike says:

    hey bro for some reason i cant get my wifi to work….

  76. outfitt says:

    i dont find the samsung file in the usb section

  77. AM says:

    Sorry but this root is a big scam. No one has *FULLY* rooted the Epic 4G touch yet.
    Rooting my EVO was not as simple as the Odin method but it worked to perfection. Wireless Tether and other root programs worked flawlessly and never gave me an error. I sold my EVO rooted because I wanted to get the Epic.
    Sure enough, I got the Epic and rooted it with one of the Zedomax kernels (Also tried the ACS method which is essentially the same). Everything went as planned, Odin, Kies, PIT, COM, and PASS. The phone looked rooted (Super User, can install rooted aps, etc) but wait…. is it really rooted?

    First, there is an error message during the startup (The yellow triangle) yet the phone still works okay.
    Second, there is a super user but it’s just for shows. It doesn’t do anything and you can not update the SU binary. The SU binary update message blames the ROM.
    Third, I can download and install Wifi Tether but it doesn’t work. Can’t see SSID using a PC or iPad and no Wifi signal.

    I tried all the Zedo kernels (To clear the error message or get the super user or tether to work) but to no avail. When I get really desperate I kept trying anything called kernel (That’s nobody’s fault but mine). I finally used Odin to flash a bad ROM I got from ROM manager and this is how I completely bricked my phone. Yes, bricked, dead, gone, nothing worked. I just could not get it to boot up. Not even Sprint customer service can get me back past the black screen with small text in it. I was so lucky because I only had the phone for few days so they figured it must be from the OTA updated I installed earlier (I know it wasn’t but I didn’t complain). So it took Sprint 2 days to send me a new phone and I shipped back the old one. Others may not be that lucky!! LOL

    I’d love to root again but I will have to make absolutely sure that everything works first. Sorry dude but this is JUNK!

    • Eric says:

      I rooted my phone just the other day very easy. My only ??? is can i do it when i up my phone to 2.3.5 or .6?

    • 4N0N7M0U5 says:

      Dude, you kind of sound like an ungrateful “tool” here. The fact that rooting an Evo was so ‘flawless’ was because it’s pretty much a dinosaur by electronics standards and there has been a lot more time to develop on its platform. The Epic touch IS newer and therefor there hasn’t been as much time to perfect all the ROMS. Instead of bashing this guy for GIVING you his stuff, why not simply thank him for his work and just agree to not use it. Its not his fault you bricked your phone. Nobody forced you to root your device, you did it on your own free will. This rooting method isn’t JUNK, and if you think it is, I challenge you to come up with a better method, and then share that with everyone so some @$$hole can bash your work.

  78. Chris says:

    So… Rooted with Zedo v3 about a week ago. Thoughts so far… Everything works fairly well. Wireless tether is flawless. Underclocked cpu to 600mhz to save battery with no prob. The only problem I constantly have is my coverage will randomly drop out and I get the circle with a slash thru it where my bars were. Have to power cycle the phone to get rid of it. If that gets fixed, this’ll be golden.

  79. AM says:

    4N0N7M0U5 you are a foul mouthed jerk. All I said is that despite being easy and looked like it worked, it didn’t. I couldn’t get wireless tether or super user to work. Everyone else on this thread have reported problems as well, from dropping signal to the yellow triangle. I also said that bricking the phone was my OWN falut while trying to clean up the semi-root problems. I didn’t blame anything on Max except that the root doesn’t really work as it should.

    • 4N0N7M0U5 says:

      you need to install a ROM to get wireless tether or the hacked hotspot. follow the link i provided you out of courtesy, even though I’m a “jerk”.

  80. AM says:

    On a different note, I did my own research and found out that a USB Jig which you can make yourself or buy for less than $5 ($2 if you wait for Hong Kong shipping thru Ebay). The USB Jig will do 2 neat things:
    – It will instantly reset your “bricked” phone into download mood.
    – It will reset the ROM counter to zero (i.e. removes the yellow triangle). Samsung uses the yellow tiangle as an indicator that you messed up with your phone and they can void the warranty. Resetting that ROM counter allows you to send your phone for service if necessary without voiding the warranty. Look up USB Jig (Ebay, Toutube, Amazon, etc..) it is a neat tool and a must have if you like fussing around with your phone.

  81. Ramon says:

    I just rooted my spring epic 4g touch with odin3 v1.85 and SPH-D710 zedomax kernel and my wifi won’t turn on. Haven’t had any luck looking for a solution on the forums. Can you please help? Thanks.

  82. Mounir says:

    This really sucks. WiFi is broken. I wanted to root it to get WiFi tethering. Now WiFi is broken and no tethering.

    How do I unroot this thing? Or fix WiFi….

  83. Bill says:

    Hey, I flashed SPH-D710_Zedomax_Kernel, in order to get the WiFi hotspot functional, and now ironically, I can’t get WiFi to work at all. What’s my next step? Thanks!!!

  84. Hidden240 says:

    I rooted my phone from before and it worked with 3.5. But other day I need to get it replaced and now the new version will not accpet the SPH-D710_Zedomax_Kernel.tar it keeps failing. Any updates to help me out.

  85. sinners prayer says:

    Thanks for putting in the time for creating the “how to” video. I went through it step-by-step with my galaxy s 2 epic 4g touch and it bricked it.

  86. Jesse says:

    So it seems to be rooted. Everything seems to work except WIFI! Somebody help!?

  87. Anthony says:

    Hello, Just rooted my S2 got superuser app and everything but now my WIFI is not working? It seems to just disable it self. I I would turn it on but it would just scan and then disable its self? any help please?

  88. dboptimist says:

    I am new to rooting. I have a sprint samsung galaxy s 2 epic 4g touch. Out of curiosity, what are the pro’s and con’s of rooting? Thx in advance..

  89. Chad says:

    I rooted my phone, but my wifi didn’t work so I unrooted it. But it still doesn’t work
    any solutions? Thank you

  90. Trekor says:

    I rooted today. Everythings seems ok except the Wifi isn’t working. Please help.

  91. AM says:

    It is simple. With this root, the phone “looks” like rooted but it is really not. Most people root for Wifi tethering and no one gets it to work from this rooting method (or any other that I know of). I bricked my phone but luckily it was during the first week so I was able to get a new one. My advice is not to root right now until something better is published. Here are few things I learned,
    – If you bricked your phone, use a USB Jig to get to download mode
    – If you have the yellow triangle which means that you somehow installed a custom (unauthorized by the carrier) ROM, use a USB Jig which resets the ROM counter back to zero and removes the yellow triangle
    – If you need to unroot, you can install a stock ROM (Published somewhere). I downloaded it and will keep it just in case I need some day.
    – I understand that this forum/instructions is a free service and Max doesn’t owe you or me anything, however, I have not seen any updates since October 6th. So I guess Max has abandoned this page long ago.
    – I got insulted by someone (4NONMOU5), see above for saying what everybody have said (That this root doesn’t work)

  92. donald says:

    hey i rooted my phone but i loose connection and reception and have to restart my phone to regain it back my wifi works fine with no problems just loose network and reception is there a fix or an updated root for the sprint galaxy s2?


  93. Scott says:

    Hey AM,
    First… Thanks. Second, will using the “JIG” and installing the “STOCK ROM” 100% fix the problem.
    I mean, will WiFi work again and Sprint will never tell that the phone was rooted?

    Please tell us where to get that STOCK rom. That’s pretty important.

    Thanks a bunch

    • AM says:

      I wish I knew about JIG before returning my bricked phone to Sprint, but I was lucky though since the phone was few days old and they sent me a new one. I have not used the JIG but it has a 5 stars rating on Ebay & Amazon. When I checked a couple of weeks ago 35/35 people said it worked for them (Returning the phone to download mode AND resetting the ROM counter to remove the triangle error message). I assume installing the custom ROM will return the phone to factory settings (Unroot) but I’m not sure. Honestly, I’m too scared to fuss with my phone again until a 100% working root comes out.

      I will try to find the stock ROM download link Or somehow send you the file.


    • AM says:

      I forgot toanswer one of your questions, using the JIG will rest the counter to zero and so neither Sprint nor Samsung will know you installed custom ROMs.

    • AM says:

      Please search for “SPH-D710_SPR_D710USEG30.rar” 273.7 MB

      It was published somewhere as the stock file. Like I said, I have not done anything with my new phone since I botched the previous root so I don’t know if this will work. There is little to lose, worse case is that you returned the phone to download mode and install one of Zedomax ROMs. It works for everything except Wireless Tethering (The only thing I need by rooting).

      Here is a link with info but no file.

  94. ritter6281 says:

    I didn’t use the jig yet, but unrooting the phone using all the methods did not fix WiFi for me. I will try the jig next and see if the counter/jig thing has something to do with the wifi breakage.

    Max- God bless you for all that you do, and thanks for sharing your work.

  95. AM says:

    Way to go Max. More than a 1000 people are pissed off with no root or WiFi! lol

  96. ritter6281 says:

    I had root, just unreliable WiFi. Anyway…I fixed the wifi and root issues….in so far as fully unrooting. Over on the xda dev forums I found a windows app that is just under 300megs that will re flash the whole phone to the stock Sprint setup.

    With the other unrooting methods, I found that it didn’t remove the superuser app, among other things, and even after factory defaulting, I still had a busted setup. The solution I found does the trick.

    Here is the URL to the form that got me going:

    On that page there is a line that is “[Optional]” to start from fresh, which is what I did. I started it fresh both to fix my issue, and to later use the methods noted in that article to root my phone. I still have not tried the rest of it, but at least wifi is working again.

    You all should remember that Max didn’t break your phone, you did. He warned you this was experimental.

  97. steve says:

    Open up odin3 v1.85.exe, click on “PDA”, then select “SPH-D710_Zedomax_Kernel.tar” and hit Start.

    when I open up odin3 in downloads the app but I can’t find “PDA” or the tar. what am i missing?

  98. AM says:

    Dude, if you downloaded the tar file above and placed it somwehere on your computer you should be able to navigate to it. Just like attaching a file to an email or any similar instance. Also, when you open Odin you should see 4 options right below “PIT” which are “Bootloader, PDA, Phone, CSC”. When you click the PDA it will allow you to navigate your PC for the file in question (or any other file for that matter”
    Just be aware, this rooting method does NOT work. You are going to end up messing up your phone.

  99. shadrick simms says:

    when the flash is done am i suppose to have free hot spot? i dont have mine all it did was change the start up and i have superuser

  100. shadrick simms says:

    i flashed the root but now no wifi and i dont have free tether what to do from this point on

  101. mark says:

    I am afraid that I cant root my epic because there is no wifi icon on the epic galaxy 2 the download of the rooting is old it needs to be updated because i have 2.3.6

  102. Johnny says:

    wheres my wifi?!

    • Javier says:

      Hi. I follow this unroot process for my Epic Touch 4G on Sprint and it’s works like they said. If you’re like me stock in “NO WIFI” after flash the cellphone with the ZEDFOMAX kernel, you can back to normal following this process. It’s very easy to use. Copy and paste the link in your browser and follow the instructions: If you have questions, comments let me know here. Bye.

  103. AM says:

    Do people read or understand English?
    This root DOES NOT WORK? All you get is what looks like Superuser (Not working Superuser). However, what you also get is:
    – No free tethering, you can download the tethering app but NOTHING happens
    – You lose your phone’s ability to connect to WiFi
    – You get different startup with an error message on it (ROM counter is not zero anymore)

    You best bet is to fins a stock ROM and unroot your phone.

    I can not believe that the admin has not logged on here since October and has not posted a message saying that this shit does not work!!!!!

  104. JAVIER says:

    Hi. Great work. I follow all the instructions and I can’t use WiFi for now. How can I fix that? Thanks.

    • Javier says:

      Hi. I follow this unroot process for my Epic Touch 4G on Sprint and it’s works like they said. If you’re like me stock in “NO WIFI” after flash the cellphone with the ZEDFOMAX kernel, you can back to normal following this process. It’s very easy to use. Copy and paste the link in your browser and follow the instructions: If you have questions, comments let me know here. Bye.

  105. Noah says:

    I tried your root and I does work okay but it does break WIFI. I unrooted my phone and my WIFI was working again. Just wondering if there is a in the works that fixes the broken WIFI?

  106. Jimmy says:

    any1 who does not want to root you can use pdanet you need the usb cord tho its free to use paided version tho is able to connect to secure sites works with sprint and does not void your warranty its not a wifi network hotspot but it still gives you internet to the computer for no extra charge

  107. Pj D'Techy says:

    I had used this rooting method before but i had hack my phone to death and had to get a bring new one. When I had it i had trouble updating the binary kernel file. I assume the root file haven’t change but how can I update my root binary kernel after rooting??

  108. jimmy says:

    theres a fix out there just wait

  109. kevin says:

    so anyone figure out how to fix the wifi yet?

  110. jimmy says:

    yup ive fixed that issue ill post a guid if i get to it

  111. AM says:

    Yimmy! I’m sure you do! right!

  112. pete says:

    Thank you for the root info. Work great, except that now my WiFi does not work on the phone: Samsung Galaxy S2 Epic 4G Touch for Sprint. Any fix for this? I’ve tried all the kernel downloads, and tried re-rooting/re-booting each time… Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

  113. jimmy says:

    i fixed mine its easy fix and i get free tether wifi

    • pete says:

      jimmy, could you please help? I no longer get wifi on my device. It’s great to have root, though, because now I can get rid of that annoying shutter sound in the camera apk… Please let me know what fix you found for re-enabling wifi… Thanks!

  114. jimmy says:

    download the secure kernal for your phone and unsecure next use the unsecure flash with odin flash it then it roots it then use the secure stock that worked for me still rooted to

  115. Chris says:

    My WiFi isn’t working after I rooted the phone. Is there a fix for this? If so please let me know.

  116. pete says:

    I keep trying these kernels from here: –But none of them work… in fact, I lose my 3G network as well… would really appreciate a secure kernel to reflash through Odin… missing my wifi… Anyone with a link to original secure kernals for Samsung Galaxy S2 Epic 4G Touch from Sprint… thanks!

  117. jimmy says:

    any1 requesting help me from me let know what kernals you need and download clockmoderecovery

    • pete says:

      Jimmy, what secure kernel did you use? Can you provide a link? I have a Samsung Galaxy S2 Epic 4g Touch… Works great rooted through this method, just lost my wifi. Thanks

  118. jimmy says:

    @pete ill look for what i used and btw do you use sprint since i know it can range kernals for each providor

  119. CHINO says:

    i followed everything and its rooted i cant use wifi but it’s ok ..
    however i am trying to get a ”wifi tether app ” and cant find one in the market .. can someone tell me where can i get the app

  120. bmxcrook says:

    my wi-fi don’t work, i tried unrooting it but still nothing can someone please help. or upload a new update wi-fi- able

  121. bmxcrook says:

    yes i have a epic 4g touch for sprint

  122. jimmy says:

    flash it to stock for any1 stock for now and btw download clockmoderecovery ive commented already on this people dont use this method i got it to work but i got lucky and my wifi still works i had to spend a lot of time fixing the wifi

    • pete says:

      I cannot seem to find a stock kernel… I dont know if I’m just being dumb or what… Cant find an original secure kernel for the Samsung Galaxy S2 Epic 4g Touch anywhere!!!

    • chino says:

      Do you know of any “wifi tether app”
      That i can used , i have a samsung galaxy s2 for sprint epic 4g touch

  123. jimmy says:

    hum pete im looking for it i saved it to my sever but warning if you dont use the secure kernal right you will brick your phone

    • pete says:

      Let me know if you locate it… Like being rooted, had to get rid of the camera shutter sounds, but need my wifi… Dont you just flash it using Odin?… I’ve tried a number of kernels, looking for the right one, but keep having to reflash using the one provided above… Thanks again.

  124. jimmy says:

    whats your kernal version info pete

  125. jimmy says:

    people stop rooting your god damn phone using this method for the galaxy s II stick to pdanet tether with the usb cord no extra cost give your laptop internet threw your phones internet the only person im gonna help fix the issue is pete heads up read the comment i gave before rooting

  126. jimmy says:

    @chino pdanet tether threw usb cord to pc

  127. jimmy says:

    @pete trying setting it to back to factory default back up your contacts first

    • pete says:

      Jimmy, I figured my problem out, kind of… I don’t know about anyone esle. I mainly just wanted to get rid of the annoying camera shutter/focus sound… so I rooted with the above method (Zedomax)… but it kicked off my Wifi… I was able to download a hacked camera app that has no sounds whatsoever, renaming the original camera apk, and replacing with this one from potatoman: … Anyway, finally I installed a stock kernel that worked, and now my wifi works (previous to this I did a factory wip, etc., as you suggested)… however, I am unrooted again (but the camera remains without sound!)… Long story short, the kernel that worked for my Samsung Galaxy S2 Epic 4G Touch running on Sprint was downloaded from here: with the method being described in this forum: The “tar” that worked for me was called “SPH-D710.EK02_CL704398_KERNEL_PDA.tar.md5” Thanks again for your help!

  128. jimmy says: check that out about samsung galaxy s2 with sprint

  129. 4N0N7M0U5 says:

    if you are dumb enough to not read the comments section of this phased out root method that DOES NOT WORK ANYMORE and you lose WiFi and can’t figure out how to fix it, you should NOT be rooting your phone yourself. Shame on Zedo for keeping this post up in the fist place!!! If you want to figure out how to root your Epic Touch the RIGHT WAY, please, please search Epic Touch Root on YouTube, find QBKING77’s video tutorial, and I promise you won’t be sorry!


    • AM says:

      4N0N7M0U5, I’m glad you believe me now! You were the one who berated me and called me unappreciative for saying the very same thing:-)

      BTW: I have not checked recently but the QBKING77’s method is essentially the same! I will check again, thanks:-)

      BTW: Yimmy, do you speak English????

  130. jimmy says:

    a little english for me i usally speak spanish

  131. jimjones says:

    I rooted my sprint samsung galaxy s2 epic 4g touch using this method. I need to unroot. Can someone post where to find the original kernel?


    • pete says:

      follow my post above… i rooted… it took out my wifi, gave me frequent loss of signal, etc… i unrooted… and rooted again with a different method… as described above as well… very happy now… good luck!

  132. Victor G says:

    Hey guys my Wifi was broken as well but turns out the only problem here is the “kernel”. The Kernel used in this root method might cause the Wifi to break. The only solution that I have tried and has worked is to flash another kernel onto your Epic 4G Touch. To do so, find another kernel (I used Rogue 1.4.0 Gunslinger []) and download it onto your SD card. Get your epic 4G touch into CWM, make a backup, and install from zip>choose from sd card>the kernel you just downloaded.

  133. dan says:

    how do i get wifi tether, and my wifi doesnt work. help

  134. jay says:

    Can you run two roms at the same time and if so howdo you do it

  135. zAcHcOmA says:

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