Epic 4G Touch Root Coming Soon

(My Epic 4G Touch rooted but with no data connection.)

So, I’ve been working 24/7 to get the Epic 4G Touch rooted and I’ve actually got it rooted, just need to get a good version of compiled kernel off Samsung’s open source.

Basically what I did is flash an original Galaxy S2 kernel on the Epic 4G Touch with ClockworkMod Recovery.  Then I flashed SuperUser and SU in ClockworkMod Recovery.

This gives you full root except you lose data connectivity, voice, 3G, and 4G radios because the original Galaxy S2 kernel was built for GSM/HSDPA, not Sprint’s CDMA/WiMax 4G.

So what?

Well, I accidentally bricked my Epic 4G by tinkering with something else and will have to get a replacement soon to try it again.

The problem?

Samsung’s open source code for the Epic 4G Touch SPH-D710 isn’t up to date and compiled kernels end up in boot-freeze or boot-loops. ┬áThere still may be a chance to get it working correctly by changing the values on .config file but it’s going to be hit-or-miss and lots of trial-and-errors.

I suspect every developer is actually going through this right now, they cannot get a compiled kernel booted correctly based on the Samsung open source code.

But do keep checking back here at Epic4GTouchRoot.com as full rooting method should be available very soon.

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6 Responses to Epic 4G Touch Root Coming Soon

  1. scott says:

    Hey Max-

    Man, you guys are awesome! My biggest reason to root is the free tethering. Until there is a more stable kernel, could you tell me how to go back to stock. I installed both of your kernels and they both work well but dialer and messaging are pretty unstable even at only 1200Ghz. They freeze often and, as a realtor, it is a problem. Much thanks!

    • Velli says:

      This may be a slight reassuring assistance to you until max figures out how to revert back to stock but I’ve been running some tests with my E4GT and it seems as long as the 4G or WiFi is turned on, your reception doesnt freeze. Try that for 24 hours and see what happens on your end. Please leave a comment with your conclusion.

      • phllyy says:

        thanks for the post velli. i dont want to be using 4g that ll kill my battery, but regardless i will give that a try. i just want to be able to receive calls without having me check on the phone every 10 minutes to see if my reception froze.

        • Velli says:

          NP Phil… at least with the E4GT we’re lucky in that we have a great battery performance and the 4G doesn’t drain the phone as fast as you think… you’ll easily get 6 hours on semi hefty use. Like I said, it’s seemingly a temporary fix. Rather have the 4G on then no reception at all. I don’t know if you’ve experienced this as well but when reception freezes, your battery drains more. That’s obviously because your phone is basically suffocating without signal and is struggling to find it.

          • phlly says:

            I think you’re right about having the 4g on, i left it on overnight since we last spoke. and i was able to use facebook app on it.. right when i turn on the wifi however, it froze up. i’m crossing my fingers that they’ll get a fix on this soon. or maybe i should just smash it since i got insurance on it and get a new one?? hm ha ha

  2. Steve says:

    Is there any way to unroot using your method???

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