Venum ICE ICS ROM for Epic 4G Touch! [Android 4.0.3]

If you like Spiderman and Venum, you might be want to just try the Venum ICE ICS ROM for your Epic 4G Touch, which comes with Android 4.0.3, additives to make your Android life easier, plus much more including performance enhancements and better battery life.

Although the main focus of Venum ICE ICS ROM is the Venum theme itself, everything else is flawless so give this ROM a try and let me know what you think.

Download ROM:

Download Venum ICE ROM

Don’t know how to flash a new ROM?  Do you have your Epic 4G Touch rooted?  Please see  Epic 4G Touch FAQ if you are new to this FIRST!

Credits – XDA

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7 Responses to Venum ICE ICS ROM for Epic 4G Touch! [Android 4.0.3]

  1. Jay says:

    I downloaded this and now my phone is stuck in boot loop is there something i did wrong

  2. chris says:

    Did you clear cache and dalvik? Also data factory reset.

  3. Mumbles says:

    Video doesn’t look appealing like to try codename but all bad reviews???

  4. David says:

    Is not connecting to 4g

  5. DBRockinSrudios says:

    I love this rom! This is my first time rooting my phone and installing a rom so I have one question. Do you always lose pic msg when installing roms? If not what ICS rom still has pic msg?

  6. TheStumblingBlock says:

    Please someone tell me if Google Voice Integration app is compatible with this Rom. You pay for the damned thing and it just won’t work on anything I’ve seen except Codename.

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