TouchedByS4 ROM for Epic 4G Touch!

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For this week’s ROM of the week, check out TouchedByS4 ROM for your rooted Epic 4G Touch.

Based in Android 4.1.2 TouchWiz GB27, TouchByS4 ROM brings you some features as its name implies including S4 wallpapers, widgets, system sounds, launcher icons, contacts, and some more.

The coolest feature on this ROM is that it comes with Android 4.2. PhotoSphere camera and Epic 4G Touch camera. Also, the 3Minit Settings in the ROM allows you to fully customize your UI including clock, status bar, and battery.

For lockscreen, you get ripple with ink effect and also AOSP lockscreen. For launcher, you have the option to enable launcher rotation and scrolling wallpaper.

Performance on TouchedByS4 ROM is pretty awesome as it ships with Agat kernel and overclockable up to 1.6Ghz.

If you haven’t tried this ROM yet, definitely give it a go this week(end) and do let me know what you think!


Download TouchByS4 ROM for Epic 4G Touch

Credits – XDA <--- Please donate to the developer or hit "Thanks" button on XDA if you like it, thx!

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23 Responses to TouchedByS4 ROM for Epic 4G Touch!

  1. jg3 says:

    Pretty sweet. Two questions:

    What kernel should I be running on here? I’m using FI03 and it seems to work, but I don’t know if I should move to another (or what the benefit/drawback would be).

    Where is the setting to allow install of Unknown Sources? I can’t restore from Titanium Backup without it, I can’t find it in the settings and it’s driving me nuts!


  2. L.B. says:

    Flashed this ROM earlier, & my data would not connect at all….. What could fix that problem? I really like this ROM and would love to use it…..

    • Sam says:

      Same here. 4g works just fine, as does WiFi. Did the 3g/4g MSL sprint proxy work around, put it back stock, then did it again. No change…

  3. pavel says:

    wooow is amazing the best of the best because any rom than this
    lo mejor de lo mejor thanks continua mejorando brother

  4. madhatter3113 says:

    I haveing the problem with 3g not working with this rom I dont get 4g since mt phone is flashed to boost mobile is there a fix for this?

  5. mrjax60 says:

    Can’t seem to get an internet connection without wifi. Any suggestions? Other than this issue it’s a great rom.

  6. mrjax60 says:

    Problem solved with connection. Follwed g_ding84 posting on HOW TO PROPERLY FLASH A JB ROM. Followed the instructions and walla, problem solved. It really pays to read and pay attention to what you read. Had to come from a JB rom that wiped everything including the internal storage. Hope this helps all who were experiencing conection or signal issues. Now everything works with or without wifi being on. Great rom. Will be using this until something better comes along. You can find everything you need by following the XDA credits links. A very big thank you, and happy memorial day to all.

  7. jaywebb says:

    im not able to flash this rom for some reason, im on android version 4.0.4 baseband S.D710.10 SF103 build IMM761.F103 USING ANDROID SYSTEM RECOVERY i keep getting the andriod laid on its back with the ! inside the red triangle symbol can someone please help !!!!

  8. Stephen Elias says:

    Sweetness! I’m having an issue though, I keep bootlooping when trying to flash either version (1.5 and 2.0). I’m coming from the CM 10.1 ROM/Kernel. Any thoughts?

  9. Blake Czapiga says:

    The 3g data wouldn’t work for me either. Is there a certain kernel we should be running? Please let us know, I love this rom so much! It is the best one I have ever used!

  10. Leo says:

    All I did was change my modem to a ISC modem and it works fine.

  11. jonathan marsh says:

    i try to use the new camera app using the video recorder and after shooting 6 sec it freezes overloads my phone and reboots this happens everytime does anyone have any ideas thx alot

    • jg3 says:

      Yea, don’t use the video cam for the S4 on S2 hardware. It can’t keep up. Reading through the boards this is a known issue, sorry.

  12. Justin says:

    I just downloaded the rom and it wont open so i can run it and put it on my phone

  13. ed says:

    No data either. can we get a proper link to a proper modem gm 27 is for international and Ics modem is a little vague

  14. Aaron Richardson says:

    Battery life sucks in the matter of 20 minutes my battery dropped 30%

  15. Chris says:

    For data flash the gb27 modem. I’m using ondemand governor with noop scheduler and get descent battery. I underclock to 1g.max 500mhz min

  16. Chris says:

    Update. Getting best battery with ondemand/deadline

  17. jeff says:

    how do i change the lockscreen wallpaper

  18. Dana says:

    Is there a video on how to install. I think I know what to do I just dont want to brick my phone. thank you.

  19. robert says:

    If you coming from ics and trying to. Use a jellybean
    Rom flash your modem found on xda developers in order
    For your 3g to work look for gb27 that should work
    And if you. Going back to ics from jellybean flash modems
    Fl24 in order for your 3g to work thanks folks.

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