The Universe ROM FH13 for Rooted Epic 4G Touch!

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Here’s a quick update on The Universe ROM for your rooted Epic 4G Touch, it’s now based off latest FH13 software version. I think this is the best ROM out right now (for TouchWiz-based) for your Epic 4G Touch, comes with lots of Galaxy S3 stuff and CPU Sleep app to make the battery last longer.

Honestly though, after testing a ton of ICS ROMs last whole week, I still feel Gingerbread ROMs in general get much better battery life (my suggestion is Calkulin’s GB ROM if you need great battery life).

I will keep testing more ROMs but in the meanwhile, go give the new Universe ROM a try and let me know what you think!


Download The Universe ROM FF13

Credits – XDA

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79 Responses to The Universe ROM FH13 for Rooted Epic 4G Touch!

  1. VMini91 says:

    I really like this rom…i just wish it had a little more customization.

    • Kareem says:

      I’ve rooted using your “4 Touch Root” tutorial but how do I install this ROM?

    • Mick Jetten says:

      I like this ROM, it is good on battery life, but I love the Blu Kuban ROM, its ICS but a blue color scheme, with all kinds of custom boot animations, as well as themes it allows you to choose between 25 modems & kernels for OC, and scripts, it gives you full controll as easy as clicking down load & rebot & install all within the ROM Updater,,,,,,,,, Max you should do a review of this ROM, Im sure your followers would totally enjoy the Blu Kuban Rom FH13 Version by: RUJELUS22 Android version 4.0.4 Kernel Version 3.0.41 Kuban_Kernel V0.1.4 Can’t go wrong with this ROM, there are No Bugs & Everything Works From The Get Go, then once installed via flashing thru AGAT Recovery or CWM, I had the Down Load Links If Needed,,,, ((: Again, Nice Rom Great Daily Driver, I use a Mugen 3600 Mah extended battery, so battery life really isnt an issue for me;;;

      • Mick Jetten says:

        Okay I retract my last statement, I went thru your list of videos and see that you have done a review of the Blu Kuban Rom, Awesome Review Video 5 Stars! ((:

        • TheStumblingBlock says:

          The only trouble I had with Blu Kuban was a lack of 4G ability, but otherwise it was beautiful. If they finally put 4G connection onto it it’d be damned near perfect.

          • B-Rad says:

            I’ve been running the Blu Kuban v for a while now, with the FI25 modem. Now that I’m actually in a city with 4g towers, I can connect to it with no problems. As a matter of fact, I’m actually in a neighboring city to Orlando where the tower is, so I’ve got pretty good range on 4g. If it’s not working for you, either there isn’t a 4g tower or something went screwy on your ROM install.

            BTW, from what I’ve seen, 4G has been enabled on the Blu Kuban since it’s release.

      • Theo H says:

        could I get download sites Thanks

  2. Tykisson says:

    Tried flashing rom twice and i get error “status 7” each time….

  3. david says:

    pretty cool rom, but my s voice keeps turning the screen black after every command with an error message of ” svoice has stopped unexpectedly”. Have any ideas on resolving this issue?

    • david says:

      So after playing around with some files I found a solution to my s voice error messages. just go to this download link download the s voice apk, launch es file explorer or root explorer both can be retrieved from google play. Locate the s voice apk and just click it to install it. if the s voice is still acting wierd, I would suggest rebooting the phone re-install it again. sometimes reinstalling it fixes any errors that was produced during the first install. if any one else have another way thats more precise let me know, I’d like to try that out.

    • Taylor says:

      David, try downlaoding and running a different platform launcher. I suggest either Apex Launcher or Nova Launcher. I personally prefer Nova. S voice works flawlessly on both with this ROM.

  4. Dominus says:

    If I have the 1st Universe posted on here, do I still need to do a factory wipe, dalvik cache, etc?

  5. Dominus says:

    The ROM is really nice. However I can change my widgets nor can I add shortcuts on the lockscreen, any suggestions?

  6. mark says:

    hey can somebody help me instal this rom im on offical ics rooted no cwm installed etc. thanks in advance

  7. Steve says:

    Is this the new version of the rom that was recently released on xda forums?

  8. Kareem says:

    I’ve rooted using your “4 Touch Root” tutorial but how do I install this ROM?

  9. Ricky says:

    OK, so I am running rooted ff18 after fallowing your video. what do I need to do to install FH13 now?

    • Kareem says:

      I’m wondering the same thing. He should post a video on how to install the ROM if you rooted using the one on his video tutorial.

    • Ryan says:

      I’m wondering the same thing.

      • Darren says:

        It’s above in the comments if you read carefully. I was in the same boat. Install the safe kernel recovery first. Then copy the zip to your device and use CWM recovery to flash the new rom. Follow the instructions for each of those steps along the way. You may need the intermediate kernel ( as well if you get an error so copy it also ahead of time to your SD card. I needed it. Worked just fine though and the new rom runs well.

  10. Kareem says:

    Is anyone monitoring these threads anymore???

  11. Madrigal says:

    Great ROM! Does anyone know how to add phone contace Direct Dial to the home screen? I can’t seem to figure it out..

  12. Estalder Vicente says:

    Seems like a really good rom and I dont know if its just me but when I hit the search button on the phone search page comes up but then blacks out and I kept a message that the page unexpectedly closes. Any tips?

  13. Tone says:

    this is all new too me, i have sprint eiic4g touch and a Mac and would love to get started with a battery saving root??

  14. Tone says:

    this is all new to me, i have sprint eiic4g touch and a Mac and would love to get started with a battery saving root??

  15. Jack says:

    Installed it, everything works fine, except for the GOOGLE app, I assume that is suppose to be Google Now? I got the intro when it first started but now every time I open it it goes black and crashes my launcher and force closes. Also says google search has stopped.

  16. Estalder Vicente says:

    Yea I’m having the same issue with the google now on the fh13. I hope there is a fix for it.

  17. TheStumblingBlock says:

    I’m finding the TouchWiz on this to be very laggy, and I still can’t get the search or S Voice thing to work right without crashing every single time. I’m going back to AOKP.

  18. i wanted to know if the Salman Rom will be avalible for the Epic 4G touch since it is out for the other version of this phone.

  19. ismail says:

    can you make it support arabic language in next update ! please.

  20. Rhett says:

    Love this rom. Def my favorite ICS rom overall so far. Could use a little bit more customization. But its the first ICS that will actually let the battery get through the work day so I’ll take it.

  21. Rhett says:

    Only beef I have is sometimes I keep getting force close on the touch wiz launcher says something like touch wiz has stopped unexpectedly or something like that. Can’t remember off the top of my head. Its not the end of the world, since I also have Nova launcher and that seems to work fine. I like to switch back and forth though as my mood dictates and I would prefer that they both work. Any tips anyone?

  22. Brandon says:

    How do I update the the FF18 based Universe ROM to FH13? Are there any significant differences between the two?

  23. ScIFer says:

    Does Hot Spot work on this rom?

  24. Kendall says:

    Hey Max love all of your hard work on EVERYTHING! I’m running CM10 Alpha 5.3 on my E4GT what do I need to do to be able to run the Universe ROM? also in your opinion whats the best ROM to use if you don’t want to sacrifice speed or battery life? Thanks in advance!

  25. Scott says:

    Good stock Rom. How do I get clockwork mod to work with this rom. I flashed the odin with the rogue 1.5.0 and the phone didn’t know what to do. It wouldn’t boot up.

  26. do you know if there will ever be salman rom for the d710

  27. Broxton says:

    Broxton says:
    October 7, 2012 at 4:54 am

    Re: wifi tether problem.
    Hi Max,
    I rooted my E4GT FF13 version 4.0.4 Everything works fine except when I try to secure the network. I am not receiving a gateway setting for the network address. As a open network, no problem, other than my neighbors are killing my bandwidth. Any suggestions? Can this problem be corrected in wifi tether settings ?
    As usual you are appreciated and in advance I thank you……..
    Take Care, Broxton

  28. J says:

    So I installed the Universe ROM & I love it except for 2 things.

    My data connectivity keeps switching around from wifi, 3g, 4g periodically. I have looked around at the setting and couldn’t find anything helpful. One minute ill be on wifi & the next the phone will be searching for 4g.

    Also, I have the feeling this may be draining my battery faster than the stock ics rom. I use CPU sleeper but yesterday my whole battery drained in 4 hours with minimal use..

    I love this site & everything has been extremely informational!!

  29. L says:

    I’ve flashed this rom for FF18 and FI03. I can’t get a custom recovery for FI03. and wifi tether(3.1) crashes after a few minutes of running on both FF18 and FI03.

    What am I doing wrong??

  30. joe says:

    max i keep geting status 7 error no matter which of the 2 kernels above with this rom…please help! thanks

  31. freddy says:

    Google search doesn’t work

  32. freddy says:

    Google search doesn’t work the screen just goes black

  33. Broxton says:

    Has anyone had success securing your wifi tethered network on the E4GT….? I am running FH 13 ICS…and I can’t secure the network. There must be a special setting that I have not found. When I enable wifi encryption I can no longer access the web. (in the network address on my computer, the gateway address is missing), I can’t have an open network.

    Any help is appreciated,

  34. drewp says:

    Came from some GB rom, I forget what.

    Lost all my launcher pages. Bluetooth-to-car doesn’t work. Wifi wasn’t working but came back after reboot. GPS appears fine. Search button always makes a long hang then an error box (as people have noted above). What looks like it may be a NFC button in the Gallery also makes an app error.

    This may still be better than GB, though 🙂
    Thanks zedomax for posting about it and maintaining epic4gtouchroot!

  35. jeff says:

    if i have FI03 can i run this and is there a recovery mod that i could use

  36. JT says:

    I really like this ROM however, battery life is horrible for me…..I am thinking maybe I did/did not do something. Anyone else having the same issue? Any remedies?

  37. Ron says:

    Hey zeedo…
    just put universe rom on my epic…its keeps wanting to update the 13 …how do i get it to stop wanting to update…i did it once and crashes and goes to recovery?

  38. katie ( daughter of timmetal ) says:

    So i flashed the universe rom and i love it except i am not getting any internet. ?Whatdo i do? if ihave to flash anything else could you post a link maybe

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