Starburst ROM for Epic 4G Touch!

I’ve been testing out a bunch of ROMs lately and wanted something a bit faster/better than stock.  Well, I’ve been using Starburst ROM on my Tab 10.1 for months and have to say this is also a great ROM on the Epic 4G Touch, which is what I am using.

Over stock, the Starburst ROM is a bit faster/zippier and I’ve loaded ZedomaxEpicTouchKernel v3, getting pretty good speeds on Quadrant and seems pretty stable so far.

Anyways, you can try out this setup too, download ROM here:

Download Starburst ROM

Download kernel here (flash after the ROM in CWM):

Donate to original ROM developer here

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13 Responses to Starburst ROM for Epic 4G Touch!

  1. Andrew says:

    Does this rom fix the problem with losing data and roaming? Also is the battery life any better with this because im only able to get 6 hours out of my phone..

    • RaBicaN says:

      in the video he says its better…who knows. I’m running the beta kernel 4.3beta, it appears to have less bugs than v3 (i could be wrong).

      Whens v4 come out of beta? 🙂

  2. Andrew says:

    where exactly do you find 4.3beta? and does that kernel have better battery life?

  3. Guillo says:

    I’ve rooted my epic touch 4g twice, now I want to add the Starburst Rom but I don’t know how. Can you please tell us noobs how you add Roms.

  4. kan says:

    does it support simple chinese language?

  5. jae says:

    after root and rom the phone

    my phone freezes at begeninig

    It just appears Samsung GALAXY SII GT-19100

    and it is not working.

    i can’t restore and back up anything.

    usb is not reading as well as SD CARD.

    is there any solution for this

  6. elvis says:

    hi zodemax big big big fan of your videos for ometime now but havinf the new epic 4gs galaxy gingerbread i need to know how to get the root on my phone and the is the odin way is the only way? right

  7. Phil says:

    Problem, if I install this rom my camera crashes after the first shot or if I try to change a setting. Another words I lose my camera. I root my sgs2 with zedo’s root setup and then I follow all steps here the rom works great other then no camera. Any hope?

  8. asbjörn says:

    The latest version of this rom (1.9.5) is not stable at all. Other users as well as myself have experienced consistent reboots and looping. I’ll wait for an update before flashing again.

  9. Bear says:

    Hey Max I have been playing around with different roms on my e4gt. I have found the starburst rom be the fastest and most stable while overclocked. I’m using the latest version 1.9.8 of the ROM with the zedomax kernel. As well as the many tweaks available in the ROM toolbox. I’m here now to tell you that I have broken the the 5k mark on quadrant. I have a screen shot showing a 5015 score. It normally sits between 4600-4800 all day long. I have not lost any deck features, 4g still works great…. So thanks for all the hard work you do and recommendations. Keep it up!!!!

  10. MWaV300 says:

    What do you mean by (flash after the ROM in CWM), after downloading the kernal? does this fix alot of the problems we are having in rooting our device? Please let me know so I can continue?

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