Senzation ROM for Rooted Epic 4G Touch! [FAST]

Want a stock-like ROM that’s super fast without overclocking and gives you longer battery life?

Check out Senzation ROM for your rooted Epic 4G Touch, it’s super-fast without any sacrifice in battery life.  I happened to just stumble onto this ROM but I think I will stick with it until ICS ROMs are available (which should be soon).

Download ROM:
Download Senzation ROM

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26 Responses to Senzation ROM for Rooted Epic 4G Touch! [FAST]

  1. ben says:

    i just flashed this 5min ago and its rediculously fast and i love it! def going to be running this for a while….

  2. ben says:

    does this rom have ciq?

  3. Lance says:

    To Admin and forum fans:

    After installing the Senzation ROM (via CWM), I try to root my GS2 with version 1, 2, and 3 of the zeodmax kernel with Odin. I had negative results with all 3 versions with trying to make Android Wifi Tether work.

    Please advise….

    • Lance says:

      Nevermind, the ROM’s kernel is already rooted, Anndroid-wifi-tether v3.1beta does not work with this ROM. [Note: use v2.0.7]

  4. shadrick simms says:

    i flashed my phone but i cant get wifi or use gps what to do?

  5. mav75 says:

    Wif ti workts . Go into settings and click change set up method. Click on wext ad-hoc. Though you will have to reboot the phone before you use it again.

  6. Billl says:

    I never saw a response as to whether CIQ is removed from this rom. I have no idea how to tell, but would love it if it was gone…

    • JamesEh408 says:

      there is an app on the market…do a search for CIQ and look for the one by Trev….that will tell you.

      Most of the time CIQ is removed from custom ROMS….good luck


  7. mav75 says:

    Also if you notice this Rom comes with a hacked Wi-Fi hot spot which works flawless. Called sprint hot spot

  8. Steven3274 says:

    This looks like an amazing…just one problem: there is now how-to on properly installing it. Its rare that i ever attempt a hack on any device…been a long time anyway…and i really have no idea how to do this. It has already been rooted and i just need the next step in the process.

    • hectot says:

      boot into clockwork orange find zip file extract and install..
      that’s what I did in the works fine.. hope this helps

  9. david says:

    uhhh??? where is the tar file? i downloaded the rom but i see no tar file to flash the rom to my phone

    • hectot says:

      you need to have a rooted phone with clockwork orange on it then use clockwork orange to install. you don’t need a computer or tar file if you’re already rooted.

  10. John says:

    This would be awesome if there was the option to over clock! I think got about 4150 on quadrant with it. Tried to use my zedomax with it and it said it wasn’t able to gain root access.

  11. hectot says:

    love this rom (senzation) fastes rom so far. great visuals, couple of small problems though. deleted a lotta my apps, google maps keeps forcing closed, lost zoom on the camera and shutter noise. do you have to use no other app to enable hotspot. it just bypassed sprint block out, now it works great. On my samsung galaxy s2 4G epic touch. Got all the apps back, but no zoom, or google maps. if anybody has any feedback on this any ideas on how to fix, please let me know .

  12. Thomas says:

    I love this ROM and I hate it. I love it for the obvious reasons that everyone else does. It is fast and stylish. I have some big problems with the glitches that you don’t catch at first. NOTICE: (to those having problems with google maps force closing simply uninstall and reinstall)
    So the problems I have are this: 1st the gmail app no longer will bring in your mail automatically. 2nd the texting app no longer compresses your photos so you can text them which means you cannot sen picture text.
    I cannot prove it but the overall quality of your photographs appear lower.

  13. eDogg says:

    Dont really know what everyone is complaining about. This is one of the best ROMs I’ve tried so far. Everything works, SUPER FAST, great battery life, no CIQ and you can overclock it to 1.4 GHz with Tegrak (I wouldnt set it to 1.452 GHz because it crashes). Hit 5000 quadrant with this ROM and the stated OC.

  14. hectot says:

    I’m having a problem using sprint updates does anyone have this problem. It doesn’t letIt doesn’t let use the update.

  15. hectot says:

    It doesn’t let me use the updates..sorry about last post..that’s the only problem I’m having with this rom. Other than that I love this rom its the best rom out they. 4 the s2 right now..

  16. roncad says:

    Does org USB host work on any of these roms and if not are there any out there that does work on the epic 4g touch?

  17. Kal says:

    Can I flash this Senzation ROm with the rooted EL-29 or do I need a diff modem or kernal, anyone thanks

  18. atd says:

    is there a update yet??? this rom is great!!! recommend it to everyone who likes fast and amazing battery life

  19. Ren says:

    Can you upload the download link of New senzation 2.3? Plzz

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