MIJJz Blend ICS ROM for Epic 4G Touch![FD02]

Check out MIJJz Blend ICS ROM for your Epic 4G Touch! I’ve been using this ROM for almost 2 weeks and have to say this is probably one of the best ICS ROMs out right now for your Epic 4G Touch.

I love the blue-themed ICS experience this ROM brings you, which should be a ton better than using the leaked ICS. Also this ROM is based on the latest FD02 leak.

For wifi tethering, the Sprint Hotspot actually does work, and for Android wifi tethering app, just set your device to Galaxy Nexus CDMA/LTE and it should work too.

Let me know how you like this ROM!

Download ROM:

Download MIJJZ Blend ICS ROM

Credits – XDA

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27 Responses to MIJJz Blend ICS ROM for Epic 4G Touch![FD02]

  1. Sk0rp10n78 says:

    Love this ROM so far the only one I’ve been able to get the Wifi tethering to work on. Really like the AnaKonda ICS. but couldn’t get the Wifi Tethering to work. can you help me out?

    • MWaV300 says:

      has the hacked sprint hot spot working. wifi tether will not work when the hotspot has been hacked to work. use your sprint hotspot

  2. Jesse says:

    My videos will not play,
    or youtube

  3. Eric says:

    do you know if the GPS works?? I’m having problems with it right now.

  4. Jesse says:

    Slacker is not working ether

  5. Jtagmaster says:

    This is a good rom, but wifi tether app crashes alot. I thing the Calkulin 1.4 build will be my daily driver until the final CM 9 comes out. Then who knows?

    • MWaV300 says:

      im using the hacked sprint hotspot. wifi tether will not work when the hotspot is hacked to work. use sprint hotspot for this ROM, using as we speak and connects pretty fast

  6. travis says:

    I like this rom. It seems pretty stable except MMS. I cant download MMS messages to download. Does anyone know how to fix this?

  7. YANIKEKE says:

    Nice rom, but has some bugs. Keeps restarting on its own, and it freezes on the boot ‘Galaxy SII’ End up taking battery out

  8. YANIKEKE says:

    Picture message doesnt work. I receive them, but when I hit download I get ‘unable to download’
    I dont know why the Epic 4G Touch has such sucky roms with so many bugs on it. I had the Tmoble and At&t GS2, and their Roms are nasty with everything working.

  9. Jay says:

    If u hold the pic in the mms & get the attach file you can save it.

    the only problem is the phones restart on it own..

    Why is that happening?

    anyone knows why?

  10. Illwill183 says:

    Great rom so far been using it about a week only problem i ran into is wifi keeps crashing dont really use it that often so not really a big deal but would be great if it did work. Any way great work on the rom.

  11. McCully says:

    I downloaded the root, but it just has a bunch of files in it after I extracted it. How do I get my phone rooted to this one? I’m new to rooting.

  12. McCully says:

    Okay, so I understand it’s a rom not a root. Do I need to have my phone rooted to install this rom?

  13. shadrick simms says:

    i just flashed this rom and i thought it was nice but no 3g which sux sigh

  14. pete collier says:

    Where do i get the desktop back ground? Changed the picture and want to go back.

  15. tj says:

    sprint hotspot dosent want to work for me
    it starts then kicks it out as if its not hacked…

  16. mikey says:

    Been using it for a couple hours now…froze my phone 3 times already..anybody else got this issue?

  17. Zac Rivera says:

    Why are all these ics roms so slow with gaming unlike blazer rom and calkulin where u dont need to over clock its like u have to with these roms what rom is ics where its fast like these?

  18. David G says:

    i love this rom just think you should add in more status bar control and also my phone constantly goes to boot screen like 10 times a day mostly while im charging ive uninstalled and installed multiple times any help? updates ? something?

  19. kody says:

    Love this rom, so far out of the ones I’ve tried it seems to be the most functional and smoothest… The only problem I’m having is many of the apps that i used on previous rings, including the default rom are now “incompatible with this device” is there an update to fix this or something i can do to fix this so i don’t have to constantly look up the apk files?

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