ICS ROM for Rooted Epic 4G Touch! [LEAKED]

Been waiting for ICS huh? Well, your wait is over. Check out the “leaked” ICS ROM for rooted Epic 4G Touch. This ROM comes rooted with everything working including 3G, 4G, and camera.

Of course, this is still probably a beta version but this is as good as it gets until official ICS ROMs are announced.

Don’t wait, hit up the download link below and try out the ICS ROM for yourself. I think you will like it.

Download ROM:

Download ICS ROM

Credits – Link

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18 Responses to ICS ROM for Rooted Epic 4G Touch! [LEAKED]

  1. Leland says:

    When will we get the fix on being able to use the hotspot feature? this is the main reason I rooted Thanks…Leland

  2. Roberto Gomez says:

    nice. cant wait for a touchwiz free ics. or at least one that looks like the original ics theme. i want the theme with the added functionality of ics.

    • Curt2g says:

      Go to settings/applications/manage applications press all at the top, scroll down to twlauncher, select it & clear defaults. Now when press the home key select the regular launcher & u’ll have the ics launcher.

  3. Dae Kim says:

    It works..Thanks.
    But, I can not use korean keyboard and during phone call lost signal frequently, before never happened…
    anyone has same problems?

  4. aaron says:

    how long does it sit on the 4g screen?

  5. jesse m says:

    Installed but week not stay connected for long I lose all service and have to reboot to get service back

  6. jesse m says:

    Someone please help I installed this ics I
    can not keep connected to data or call . I have to reboot how do I get back to my good Ollie Calkin

  7. Wilson says:

    Mine keeps hanging on the boot screen after installing the ROM. Is there a specific way you have to do it?

    • saeed says:

      same here, froze on the 4g screen.

      • Wilson says:

        I figured it out. You have to boot back into recovery and factory reset and wipe dalvik and cache. Then restart, turn it off and restart again. Then it should work.

        • Joel says:

          After I installed the ROM I had the same issue. When I reboot into recovery I am not displayed with the Clockworkmod recovery screen but instead I am displayed with the Android recovery screen so I can’t clear Dalvik cache.

          • Chad says:

            Just go into regular android recovery and clear cache and do a factory reset. Then let it sit for a while on the 4g screen. First bootup takes a while.

            After that, set everything up then download rom manager in the market and flash clockworkmod. Then to get to clockworkmod, open rom manager and select “reboot into recovery” and you will be taken to CWM to you can wipe dalvik.

            always no matter what rom it is, clear cache, factory reset, and wipe dalvik cache

  8. Brian says:

    I Love ICS!!! But this leak is just not up to par yet. My phone keeps freezing and I constantly have no signal or 3G. Cant wait for the next update!!!!

  9. carlos says:

    were can i find the links to down loud the touch clockworkmod recovery so that i could update my epic with the new FB17 ICS. thanks bro for ur help

  10. Jon says:

    issues with facebook app or site showing any text as well as similar glitches in other apps. texts wouldnt send consistently. cant wait for a stable release. anyone know of another stable version?

  11. bob says:

    Bluetooth issues here!! Anyone fixed them?

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