Codename Jelly Bean ROM for Epic 4G Touch!

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Here’s a really fast and smooth Jelly Bean ROM you will appreciate, the Codename JB ROM!

The Codename Jelly Bean ROM comes out of the box with Android 4.1.1 and everything working.  Not only that, as we have seen with Codename ICS ROM, the Jelly Bean version also brings you a ton of UI customizations.  Of course, my favorite feature about the ROM is that it’s running Jelly Bean, project butter seems to whisk past any ICS ROMs I’ve tried, especially Touchwiz ICS ROMs.

You will definitely not be disappointed with speed or battery life on this ROM and probably end up underclocking your phone because it’s too damn fast and probably end up saving more battery life also.

Some UI customizations included are the customizable toggle buttons.

One of the coolest features added is the Brightness Control feature where you can slide your finger across the notification bar to easily control the LCD brightness at anytime, anywhere.  This will come handy when you walk into the clubs or walking out into the sun.

Another really cool feature?  Check out the customizable notification lights where you can set a different color for multiple apps.  For example, set your GMail to red and Facebook to blue, you will know whether you are getting a new e-mail or someone messaging you on Facebook without turning your phone on.

Definitely, it’s time for upgrade and I think Codename Jelly Bean mixes Jelly Bean features well with its own UI customizations.  Very well done!

Try out this ROM and let me know what you think!


Download Codename Jelly Bean ROM

Download Gapps

To install, make sure to flash a safe kernel, reboot recovery, wipe data/factory reset, install ROM, install Gapps, and reboot!


Credits – XDA

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157 Responses to Codename Jelly Bean ROM for Epic 4G Touch!

  1. samejimat says:

    I like this ROM. MMS works out of the box, flash player runs, the GUI is snappy and fast. I’m very impressed so far.

  2. John snow says:

    how is the battery life ?

  3. Jorit Pfleiderer says:

    Love it man. Thank you so much!

  4. Jakkie says:

    OK, so when I download Gaps and the Kernel what folder do I put it in for my phone?

  5. PJ says:

    Damn Fast is right!!! Thanks for sending me the email on this!!!

  6. DeeJ says:

    Installed perfectly! Thanks!

  7. MzMarie says:

    like it so far… one question does it support animated bootscreens?

  8. trevelyn says:

    I keep getting “Some Symlinks failed” during install with CWMR I installed the safe kernel and still not working properly. would you know what is causing this? I am restoring to a backup now to check FS space. Thanks in advance!

  9. Dave says:

    You rock! Can I use this on top of your GingerBread Sprint EL29 root? I will do kernel first, obviously. Thanks!

  10. william says:

    Use the video from the cm10 jb ROM as a guide and just use the files from this page. I did it 10hrs ago and it worked fine. Flawless ROM

  11. Kcirtap says:

    Haven’t been able to successfully install this ROM. Tried from Downloads Folder of internal sdcard. Got an “format () expects 4 args, got 5. Downloaded the packages again and tried installing from external sd card, same problem. Is there a specific location the zip files need to be located for the install to work properly?

    • Kcirtap says:

      After format () expects 4 args, got 5,
      E:Error in /emmc/Codename-Android-(JoyRide)
      (Status 7)
      Installation aborted.

      • Kcirtap says:

        William (above) was correct. Follow the video instructions for the CM10 Jelly Bean ROM: Download the

        • Kcirtap says:

          *oops* Download the safe CM9 Kernel zip file and the 2 zip files from the links on this page (above). Follow the instructions in the video substituting the two files downloaded on this page for the CM10 Jelly Bean ROM files. Worked like a charm. Slick, fast, very impressive ROM.

    • samejimat says:

      Used to get that when I tried to flash from rogue. Make sure you flash from el26cwm gingerbread recovery

    • Lloyd says:

      I had the same problem with a different ROM it was because i was using a recovery that wasn’t compatible with the ROM. example the kernel was FI27 the ROM was FF18

  12. DeeJ says:

    I am trying to put this on my wifes phone but, after using the FI03 method to root, it will not allow me to flash the safe recovery kernel. When I do, it just shows the dead android with a red triangle over his belly. Am I missing something?

  13. bstilljames says:

    How about sprint visual voicemail? Anyone able to get it working. Unfortunately it’s a deal breaker for me. Please! Beautiful ROM otherwise. Thanks!

  14. AD says:

    I am getting the same error when trying to install the rom.

    format () expects 4 args, got 5
    E:Error in /sdcard/Codename-Android-(JoyRide)
    (Status 7)
    Installation aborted.

    Any ideas?

  15. jg says:

    is this wifi hotspot hacked or no ??

  16. trev says:

    I can’t receive MMS on sprint network in US with this ROM. Send only. Anyone else have this issue? I’m switching back to CM9

  17. James T says:


    I installed the recovery mode v5.5.0.4 and wiped all data as instructed. However when I am running install zip from sdcard, the codename-Andriod-…zip has a error (status 7).

    Do you know how to fix it or you have any video instruction on how to install the Jelly Bean? Many thanks.

    • Grant says:

      I had the same problem after loading CWM 5 from the safe install kit I tried this ROM and got the Status 7 error. After that I loaded the latest CWM Zip file from CWM 5, applied zip file. After that, still got Status 7, but after wiping all data and 2 (for some reason it took 2) reboots and applying the update from the external SD rather than Internal (or the other way around, i forget which I was trying first) it worked.

  18. Alex P says:

    im new to rooting and putting roms on, i have the previous rom, the one with the airplane mode bug, if i want to switch to this one what are the steps that i should take?

  19. Mike says:

    LOVE the rom and found the link for Sprint visual voicemail which is also working flawlessly, but the battery life is horrible. 20 minutes in roam at the store and went from 99% to 82% <——— unacceptable. I'll be back to this rom once there's a fix. Thanks for everything you do Max!!!!!

  20. MzMarie says:

    working from fi03 and my battery life is extremely great!

  21. Steve Danhof says:

    Ok, so I downloaded, copied to an sd card, went to clockwork mod, factory reseted (is that a word???), installed codename and I get the “dead android on the operating table with a red exclamation point coming out of his chest” icon. I think I might need to flash a different clockwork mod or something, but I could be completely off my rocker… I don’t know… I have gone back to the FI03 rooted ROM till I can figure out where to go from here however I think it is this ROM that is making my phone throw fits and stay in a boot loop. So I can’t stay with it too long. Any ideas? Anyone?? Please???

    • admin says:

      You do need CWM recovery installed, you might have to install it using ODIN to get CWM.

      • Steve Danhof says:

        Aw carp!!! and here I thought I had clockwork mod the whole time. It must have reflashed to the OEM recovery and I just never noticed… Thanks for the stupid check…

        However now I am now getting an error that says something like “format() expects 4 args. got 5” and the installation is aborted (similar to the error on the “flash new ROM” video when you tried to flash the codename ROM. I am assuming that error only occured because it was for the wrong phone. I am using the (Joyride) one though. could it be because I am using an older version of CWM, or am I missing something stupid again?

      • Vlad says:

        Can you please look into the battery life issue. I absolutely love this rom but I am forced to go back to ICS. Thanks in advance.

  22. James T says:

    GREAT ROM the GPS isnotworking though. Anywa yknow a fix forthat?

  23. Adam Carter says:

    just got it loaded. seems awesome, but i’m not sold on the battery life yet either. will have to report back once i have a full charge.

    the only thing that sucks thus far is the boot animation. LAME.

    • chen5441 says:

      You can disable the boot animatios in system settings > Performance – where you can enable the disable boot animation option.

  24. rozay says:

    ater wiping I try to install and it says expects 4 args, got 5 error…HELP MAX! or SOMEBODY !! ;C

    • Kcirtap says:

      That issue has been addressed earlier. You need to install the CWM safe recovery installed. See posts above and it should resolve your issue.

  25. Grant says:

    I loaded the ROM successfully, but found that it was VERY short on apps. No play store, no gmail, no voicemail, etc. I’m on Epic 4G touch on Sprint (SPH-D710). Is this ROM incompatible with my exact phone or Sprint or something?

  26. Bill foresman says:

    Any fix for non functioning GPS?

  27. James T says:


    Does it occur to you that the GPS hasn’t been working. I just realized today the signal hasn’t picking up during the navigation.

    I have installed the rom twice through recoverymode. Any one had any suggestions?

    • Grant says:

      I just tested mine and it’s working fine. One way to check whether it’s an issue with GPS or the Navi app is to install GPS Test and see if it picks up a signal. One of my favorite apps…

      • Aaron says:

        GPS test didn’t help me. I’ve tried GPS Doctor as well as other techniques. I’m trying to re-flash the ROM, if that doesn’t work, I will have to move on. Any other tips are appreciated, I want to use this rom!

  28. valmasj says:

    Has anyone had a problem with Microsoft Exchange contacts syncing to this rom? Mail and Calendar are working fine, but nothing shows up. Gmail contacts show up normally.

    • valmasj says:

      Turns out this issue is not the ROM, but rather a problem with Microsoft Exchange Server 2007. Microsoft has issued a fix for it-I just needed to apply the latest updates available for the server.

  29. Vernon says:

    Max, I’ve been up for the past 3 days trying everything I know to do to get this ROM installed. I have a rooted version of ICS FF02 installed. Can u give me a step-by-step walk-thru of what I need to do to get this to work please?

  30. josh says:

    2 things I can’t find a voice mail folder it just sends me a text message with some weird phone number attached to it that doesn’t work, also the volume when you plug into the ear phone Jack seems extremely low even after I’ve tried to adjust all the settings for sound.

  31. J.T. says:

    I am having a problem with GPS, everything else is working fine, but this morning there was an accident on the way to work, so I had to turn around and find alternate route in an unfimiliar area. Turned on GPS, and Fired up Navi, put my work address in. Then the map came up but it just hung saying “Searching for GPS”. I have been using this ROM for a couple days now, everything else appears to work fine except GPS/Navigation, which i found out the hard way this morning. Any ideas?

    Thanks in Advance!!!

  32. MzMarie says:

    I flashed from agat recovery with the fi03 kernel and when I say I’ve had NO problems… battery life is perfect, according to gps test app, I’ve got a gps signal. I have used the Bing app in my onstar app to find an address or a business, to have it send directions to my onstar, but then again I have all my location services on. just letting u guys that are having issues know what I did. the only issue I have is to change the boot anim, I have to do it manually. bootanimation changer in the market won’t work with this rom for some reason.

    • Vernon says:

      How exactly did you install this ROM? I’m on rooted ICS FF02 and can’t get the kernel or the ROM to load without failing. Can u give me the steps u took to success, please?

      • MzMarie says:

        pretty much from a brand spanking new phone that was running ics fh23(I think) rooted to fi03. I found that vid on YouTube. the guy who made the vid is qqking77 I think. basically one of the guys who makes a lot here. then Odin flashed agat safe recovery, then flashed this Rom.

  33. Hector Batista says:

    I install this ROM but my 4g speed don’t go up above 1 mb sometimes its only .60 mb on 4g is slower .on 3g is faster I’m trying to find out why is like this

  34. Kris says:

    I installed this ROM yesterday and tried for 2days andd now I found some horrible problems.

    1. Battery Life is extremely short – I fully charged my phone overnight but it didn’t last more than 4 hours.-
    2. When I use a certain app( korean app ) my phone freezes so I have to reboot my phone.
    3. I don’t know when it happens exactly but while i charge my phone, it automatically shuts down.

    Is it only me who have these problems or everyone else have similar problems because I used to use Kalkulin ROM which was “perfectly” running well….

  35. Jon says:

    Just installed Codename jellybean on my phone. Everything is fine except when I boot up I get the little yellow triangle with the exclamation point before it finishes booting any suggestions?

    • Adam Carter says:

      my concern is with the same screen. above the yellow triangle, you’ll see that it says GT-i9100, which isn’t the Epic 4G Touch.

      i’m wondering if something is screwy here, or if they just forgot to change that splash screen… anyway, here’s a brief list of the issues i’ve experienced in the first day:

      – battery life is sucking massive dong. depleting quickly under normal to no use.
      – i randomly lose service, even in known good areas. signal bars turn to a hollow triangle.
      – 4G won’t stay on (WTF?)
      – when the phone prompts for low power (quick, and often), the prompt resides behind the lockscreen, so i have to unlock the phone to tell it “i know, i know, i’ll plug it in again.”
      – wifi connectivity seems to drop out when the phone is idle, but come back on 30s after unlocking the phone, even when i haven’t left the wifi coverage of my home. (gigabit google fiber service)
      – no ability to drop the icon title text? weak.

      i think i may go back to CM9, because it’s agonizing seeing this list laid out.

  36. James T says:

    I have this rom installed on my s2, I have found a couple of issues. The response time is definitely a plus however I found the following issues. Anybody can help please
    1. GPS is not working on Sprint s2 epic 4g touch. I have tried the GPS test but it just say the GPS is on, that’s all.
    2. Drop calls, i have also experience sometimes i can hyjack someone else’s call when I am attempting to make a call.
    3. Speaker phone is not working well, my friends can hear me well when i am not on speaker phone, as soon as i put them on speaker phone, thephone quality drops. They won’t hear me anymore.

    If there is another Rom that has the response time as thisone i would give it a shot.

    oh i forgot to mention that the tethering feature on this rom is awesome.

  37. trevelyn says:

    Poor radio signal quality. Poor WPA supplicant usage – in fact, this is the poorest usage of WiFi firmware/software i’ve ever seen. Poor GPS signals. Poor volume levels. Couldn’t receive MMS until I dirty flashed several times. 4g is almost non existent. This ROM definitely should have been tested more before receiving such praise. I can’t trust the authors judgment any longer. Back to CM9.

  38. Demetrius says:

    I recently had to purchase the gs2 because someone stole my nexus s 4g, the only thing i can say that i’m missing is the fact that during a conference call i cant hang up on one caller, i have to end both calls. is there a root that you know of or an app that will allow me to conference call and have the ability to hang up on the selected caller or last dialed caller like the nexus s 4g? thanks for your help in advance.

  39. Vernon says:

    After days of trying to figure out how to install this ROM, I FINALLY DID IT! And it works beautifully, with the exception of 2 things:

    1. Terrible battery life.
    2. Speakerphone volume sucks majorly!!! – playback of phone calls are low, Netflix volume is inaudible, listening to music, YouTube, and virtually anything else that requires volume is impossible. Even when using the headphone jack, the volume sucks.

    I’m only sticking w/ this ROM for now because don’t listen to music or watch videos very often + I really like Google Now! But if you DO need normal-to-high volumes, DO NOT install this ROM. You’ve been warned.

    • JT says:

      Is there anyway we can get the speaker phone volume and GPS issues corrected? I have to say that battery life is good for me. everything else seems to work properly except for the previously mentioned issues. Other than that it’s a great ROM overall!!!


      – JT

  40. Dave says:


    I want my old phone setup back. I can’t seem to get around the GPS issues, voicemail setup, and battery life issues.

    I did a backup prior to installing the kernel and rom of my existing setup. I can’t find it anywhere. The only backup that I see is the one I created of this new rom when I got everything configured (just to take a snapshot). How do I find my backups??


    • Dave says:

      I found my backup and I’m back on my old version. I would like to give this another shot if I can. I love the feel of the ROM. I was coming from EL29. The funny part is that even though I did the kernel and rom my phone had EL29 in the list in the about phone. Did I miss a step along the way??

  41. Alan says:

    Well I was looking forward to trying this ROM out today but with all the negative feedback I have read I’m thinking I’ll just stay on stock FI27. I have 10 months until I can get a Galaxy Note II or Galaxy S4 if it’s out by then so I’ll just skate on stock until then. And I did have horrible battery life on FI27 where I would have to charge by phone 2-3 times a day. I ended up replacing my battery and I can go 17 hours on one charge. So my advice to anyone having ridiculous battery problems is to get a new battery.

  42. tim says:

    anyone having issues sending picture text message…just says “downloading/uploading” and gets stuck…
    im having the same issue with speaker volume. Nobody can here me.
    Havnt tried GPS yet…

  43. Melvin says:

    In the camera app, I can’t find a way to save photos and videos to the SD card. Anybody find a fix for this?

  44. Alex says:

    Nice rom, but I can’t get the built in hotspot to work. Devices connect to the hotspot but they don’t register an Internet connection. WiFi Tether app connects some devices, but not others. Will the Sprint Hotspot hack work on this? Also my GPS doesn’t work either.

    • Rigo says:

      try foxfi. It is way better than the built in hotspot, that’s if you’re trying to use the one that is supposedly coming with the phone. Try that one, restart your phone and enjoy it. It’s free 😉 cant beat it

  45. Rain Supreme says:

    Yeah GPS doesnt work
    Speakerphone’s microphone doesnt work well at all
    Texting and receiving pics are a no go

    Ahhhh I really liked this ROM initially

  46. Mingo says:

    Hey guys Im kind o new doing this stuff but Im loving it. I did root my phone but I want to change to this new ROM. I see that one of the this noted in this blog is “To install, make sure to flash a safe kernel, reboot recovery, wipe data/factory reset, install ROM, install Gapps, and reboot!” how do you actually do this? does anybody has a guide or step-by-step tutorial in how to do it? I have backed up all my data already so Im ready to do this. I just want to know a secure way to do it. Thanks in advance.

  47. Ed Alvarez says:

    Are you guys kidding? This ROM is working flawlessly on my e4gt. I came from the universe ROM and this is such an upgrade. So much slicker. Battery life is awesome. My GPS actually works now. 4g works perfect. Thank you for this amazing ROM.

    • MzMarie says:

      ed, I was beginning to think it was just me! I came from universe too! maybe that’s what u have to do! 🙂

      • Vernon says:

        Yeah, but how is your speakerphone volume while listening to music, watching Netflix, etc??? I thought mine was 100% as well until I discovered my audio quality sucked.

        • MzMarie says:

          again flawless… now recently I did Flash awesome beats add-on u can try that dl from xda…

          • Vernon says:

            Did u simply copy the file to ur SD card and install?

            • MzMarie says:

              copy to sd card and then installed it in recovery. and no u shouldn’t lose anything in.your settings or anything

              • Vernon says:

                Thanx for the insight. But after installing, didn’t change anything. Volume still sucks as before. Where did u get the Universe ROM from? Maybe I need to try that.

                • MzMarie says:

                  there’s an article here. I followed it to the YouTube “how-to” and the links are in the video

                  • Vernon says:

                    MzMarie, YOU F’IN ROCK!!! I went back and installed the Universe ROM, then did the JB process and everything is lovely again, INCLUDING loud speakerphone! Thank u again!

                    • MzMarie says:

                      glad I could help Vernon! also glad.that someone besides myself got this Rom to work lol! I was beginning to think I was crazy for liking it! 😀

                    • Alex says:

                      Hmm, but I came from Universe too actually and I’m still having problems. Low 4G speed, hotspot not working, Picture MMS not working, GPS not working.

                    • Rhett says:

                      Vernon did that fix headphone volume as well? I can deal with the lower volume if actually wearing headphones, but I plug into auxilary port in my car/job radio and cannot deal with the reduced volume.

                    • Vernon says:

                      Yes, Rhett. Headphone jack is @ 100% again. The only real issue that remains is battery life still sucks. But I carry 4 extras, so it’s a non-issue for me. 😀 Also, Google now doesn’t perform actual “searches”. Sure, it’ll display weather, sports, etc. But general searches are a no-go. Must use the browser app for that. Again. Small price to pay for all the awesomeness that is Jelly Bean! lol

                    • Demetrius says:

                      Vernon how is the ROM working for you now? Have you had any other issues?

  48. Mel says:

    Yup, speakerphone volume is so low. Volume+ can’t even help. 4G doesn’t automatically connect. I have to toggle 4g to get my signal back.

  49. tim says:

    i was able to get this working (so far) by installing Universe then installing this ROM. I dont see a place to update profile, PRL, ect like other ROM versions have. The only option i get is to “make a special call”. WHen i call it, it just says “welcome to sprint” then disconnects.

    Are those updates in other ROMS needed?

  50. MzMarie says:

    I will say this. my phone came with fh23 (I think) I updated to fi03 before going to universe, then went to this Rom.

    • Dave says:

      What is FH23 and FI03?? Also, can I get a link to universe??? I’ll follow that path as well if I knew where to get them. Me=DUMB DUMB

      • MzMarie says:

        basically its the kernel in the phone. can’t explain it much further than that. also scroll up. Last night I actually responded to a post regarding how to.find universe.

  51. hector says:

    hi im having problem with most rom with the 4g is slow it doesnt go above 1 mb i mean my 3g is faster than my 4g .modem i try alot all seem the same the only solution i found was to back to stock and my speed are better than installing any rom is there a fix for this or have you heard of this before

    • Rigo says:

      did you do a clear/cache? that solved my problem. and my 4g is even better now 😀 the only thing that I’ve realized is when I have the 4G on, my Facebook will not load. In other words, the only way I can check facebook with my phone is either switching to 3g or using wifi. other than that, my 4g is almost perfect

  52. akong says:

    I really love this ROM, it is very smooth, and the extra features. But I regret one thing it doesn’t work on my Epic 4G Touch phone is the GPS. I used Waze and TeleNav GPS and it will say “weak GPS” or “searching for GPS”. It’s just don’t work at all. I really expect the developer fixing this problem ASAP.

  53. Rigo says:

    I love this ROM is just beautiful very customizable and has a lot of tweak options 😀 One thing I dont like much about it is the battery life on it. I think I saw a couple of comments about the battery. Does anybody have any tips or something to improve the battery life? (apart from sync options, screen brightness and trivial stuff)
    GPS works perfectly fine to me. But for some reason my phone does recognize my memory card but when I check the pcitures I have on it, it wont show them :/ as well as the music. I tried mounting and unmounting the memory card and it doesnt seem to work. When I check the memory stats, it shows the memory card and the available space but the apps dont seem to recognize it. Any suggestions?? This will be very appreciated it 😀

  54. Ford says:

    I’m having trouble installing this ROM. I installed the safe Kernel, booted into recovery, factory reset, cleared cache, browsed to the file and….Aborted. It says “Error with [filename].zip.” something about “Status 7 or 07,” too. Any suggestions. I’m installing from the rooted FI03.

  55. Kiani says:

    I would also like to figure out a way to get better battery life out of this ROM as i like it a lot. Everything installed successfully. Did the wipe cache and dalvik cache. Installed ROM and everything it working.

    Battery life is just horrid though. Ive messed with the performance tweaks and put it on conservative (PowerSaver lags the phone) and still the battery life goes down quick. Any thoughts?

  56. Charles says:

    I have had this ROM running for a couple of days. I am running into the same problem a lot of people have been having. POOR BATTERY LIFE! Any helpful hints from those not experiencing this issue would be GREATLY appreciated. I am running the safe kernal that was linked above and put it on a E4GT that was running a rooted FI03.


  57. Rigo says:

    good recommendation is to disable all the stuff google now puts in your phone. there are so many stuff that your phone is constantly syncing and that only drains your battery a lot. It is nice to have but you balance between battery vs coolness. I have it set to sync my email constantly and that is it.

    Also do a battery calibration either with an App or access to the ClockWorkMod and do a wipe battery stat file. That deletes the info about your batter. After that charge your phone for at least 6-8 hours and then let the phone discharge completely and recharge it again. If you use a battery calibration app, just follow the instructions; it’s pretty much the same thing.

  58. Tykisson says:

    Ok so how do you get access into ##data#, ##7887#??? any ideas?

  59. J says:

    I cant seem to find a way to get the led light to go on when the phone is charging. Any recommendations about that?

  60. Shen says:

    COMPASS IS REVERSED?! After installing this ROM any app that utilizes the compass is reversed. North, is South, east is West, etc. Anyone else having this issue?

    Other wise this ROM is working great. Very Slick interface, tons of options, and good stability.

  61. Clint says:

    ok a couple of things i have noticed about the comments etc etc

    i have been running this rom for probably close to a week now and here is what i have noticed :

    Battery life just sucks, i saw a post saying try a new battery so i went out and got one, i was thinking about buying a new one anyway, battery life did increase from about 4 to 5 hours now im at around 7-8.
    GPS works great, super fast interface, hot spot etc etc works as promised, i dont live in a 4g area so i cant test that out. speaker phone works, i have had a couple issues with loosing signal i work in peoples basements and i have full bars when i go down and when i come back up i have one, this seems to correct itself after 10mins or so, volume is great i dont know what everyone is talking about here because its possible the loudest out of all the roms i have tried, i have been getting alot of black screens after installing apps, after a quick reboot they have been working fine,

    So final thoughts is its a good rom… fix the couple glitches in it and it would be a great rom. I also saw a couple posts saying they are not gonna trust the reviews anymore when all they needed to do was look at the variety of different problems people was having and see that just because we have the same phone does not mean that we all are going to experience the same problems Max like me could have got one with very little problems.

  62. Kyu says:

    Dear Max,

    When connecting the phone to my laptop, how do I turn my phone into a USB STORAGE? I’d like to move files from my laptop to the phone.

    When I plug the phone, “Android debugging enable” appears and I couldn’t find out how to use it as USB STORAGE.


  63. Greg says:

    I’m using it, but having an issue with contacts. Seems this ROM doesn’t connect with Kies, is there any way I can read the backup file with another program to import the backup?

  64. Brian says:

    How can I get Facebook contacts to sync?

  65. Kyu says:

    The power button stopped working all of sudden while I was trying to recharge the phone using car charger?

    How am I suppose to restore power button?

    Let me know,


  66. Shappy says:

    Just installed this ROM and the one big issue I am having is that I can’t get any ringtones to work when I get an incoming call. All it does is vibrate. Any ideas?

  67. Greg says:

    SD cards corrupt in this ROM for me. I’ve tried two, both corrupt when mounted.

  68. Justin says:

    My first root! Did a lot of reading & watching the videos so I didn’t goof up my phone. The root & install of Codename JB was flawless & I had no concerns or issues during the flash.

    So here are my issues/findings so far in the first 24-48 hours.
    1) Battery life is TERRIBLE. On stock Sprint ICS, I could go to bed with a full charge at night & wake up with 80%-90% battery remaining. On this ROM, after a short night’s sleep (6 hours), I woke up with 15%. Also, I can just watch the remaining power just drop each minute when using the phone. I don’t know if it’s a battery calibration issue or not….the back of the case does not get hot with heavy use as it did on ICS. I have found no menu option to calibrate the battery use either. Is there a good app to try & figure out if I have some background processes that are unnecessarily taking battery life. (Also note that I have the screen brightness turned almost all the way down when using the phone). The battery also reports being charged REALLY fast, so again I think it is a calibration issue or something

    2) What is good is that I have yet to have any app lockups or crashes. I was having daily locks with Chrome & SprintID issues on ICS. The ROM seems to be very stable & is fast & smooth. The only app I’ve seen issue with is Waze. I don’t have a micro-SD card in as I have not replaced the one that went bad, but Waze is looking for it & won’t start (uninstall/reinstall did not fix this issue). I’m using the FI03 that came with this setup.

    3) Customization LED notification allows you to change the colors, but I believe the SGS2 only has a blue & red LED, so those are your options. I adjusted colors slightly & not only get purple indicators.

    4) My SGS2 flash screen has the yellow triangle, but does not have the incorrect phone model displayed (I9000?). Also, a nit-pick, the boot animation is kind of lame, but obviously that doesn’t impact function.

    I’d love to get a fix for battery life. Not sure what really controls that (kernel, ROM, etc?) since I am new to this. Also unsure how I’d update to current FI27 since I am new to this, or if that would even help anything.

    • Justin says:

      Forgot: The LED indicator does not illuminate while charging or when fully charged. I don’t see a menu setting to control that either. I really miss that as it was a good visual indicator on the stock setup.

    • Justin says:

      WAZE app will not work. It is saying that the (internal) SD card needs to be unmounted. All other apps are working fine, so not sure what WAZE is failing on.

  69. Justin says:

    Update – i did download the Battery Calibration app & used it. It helped slightly, but the drain is still faster than acceptible.

  70. Jeremy says:

    Well, I’m impressed. I came from Universe as well, and I’ve only had it for one day, but this is by far the smoothest my phone has performed since I got it. As far as battery life goes, it does suck, but it really doesn’t seem any worse than the stock firmware battery life. I think I’m going to stick with this ROM for now, it outperforms anything I’ve used so far. I also tried Black ICS ROM, my phone kept freezing up on that one.

  71. james says:

    i have no data on metro pcs after flashing this. is there a fix for this?

  72. Broken says:

    ok how do I unbrick the phone. How did I accomplish this amazing feat?

    I didn’t see the thing about a safe kernal and thought it would be good to go. I used your root method for 710. I had many other roms working and I wanted to try code name jellybean jelly joyride. It worked fine but then it said need to format sd and other stuff. It started to act weird right after I put other accounts on I wipe everything and reinstalled another rom then I figure I would try jellybean jelly joyride again just not put other account on it. I used titanium back up installed missing app and data. Everything act good I love the rom. Later I went to sleep and didn’t plug it into the charger. This morning it has no response. I tried power vol up, power vol down. Power vol up and down .Taking the battery out and reinstalling it black screen once in a while all bottom button light up I plug it into the computer and the computer recognize it. I don’t love the rom anymore but I think I made a mistake and not checking the kernal. So not the rom but me. Need help asap

    • Rigo says:

      did you do a “clean” install? of not, do that. make sure also you do a clear cache before implemeting the rom. after you do so do the same. hope this helps. If you want more details go to xda-developers. Every single problems has been resolved there

  73. Casey says:

    Is there any way to get the screenshot taker working again? With the stock rom you could take a screenshot with volume and home buttons..any way to get it back while on this rom?

  74. brian says:

    What’s with the compass? Its backwards.

  75. Chris says:

    I flashed this no problem but have no data. I flashed the jb modem. I any help?

  76. fernando says:

    I’ve tried installing the rom codename jelly bean rom,but evrytime i try it starts off fine but half way thru it stops and the android with a red triangle comes up and it stops. i’ve installed the universe rom fine but this one it doesnt wana load can you explain what am i doing wrong please. and thank you

  77. Dip says:

    How do i install this on to my phone? Got a NON-rooted ICS epic 4g touch.

  78. David says:

    How do I flash back to my stock ROM if I didn’t back it up. I know I did something dumb, but I’m fairly new to this.

  79. Sam G says:

    Hey so i rooted w the f103 via odin and downloaded the Codename zip and gapps zip but when i go to flash the codename zip it keeps hanging up like 40 sec into the process and shows android laying down w an exclemation but when i reboot it it’ll boot into the stock root ics jsut fine, help? ideas?

  80. Justin says:

    I’m on the SII from Boost, which is essentially the Epic 4g Touch from Sprint, or SPH-D710, just it has BST on the end. I’ve been running this ROM for a couple days, and after flashing the safe kernel, it installed flawlessly. I had to get swype beta from their website, and still can’t figure out how to get voicemail to work right. I also get the annoying texts from the “9916” number. Also, I’ve noticed the infamous phantom menu pop-up issue that the SII is plagued with. It just started doing it, and seems to be linked to the weak 3G, like the ICS stock was. Not too big a deal, just thought I’d throw that out there. Like was posted before, battery life is so-so, but a beautiful ROM. Thanks for the hard work and dedication Max

  81. m4f1050 says:

    GPS fix please
    Best ROM I’ve used but no GPS

  82. jmerl says:

    wows wonderfully but no camera….any ideas on how i can fix?

  83. Gary says:

    The only thing i have an issue with is trying to take a video on the phone. I hit the record button but it does nothing… Anyone else having this issue? Everything else works great. I get GPS lock quick and all.

  84. Odee says:

    I’m actually running Android 4.1.2 via SPH-D710_FL04_646269_Rooted_Restore. Excellent battery life, extremely snappy and I’m running it on the Boost Mobile version of the phone. The only difference I’ve noticed is that my phone now thinks it’s a sprint phone, but after all, Boost is owned by sprint so that’s not an issue. Also, before his change, I could not install Mobile Odin Pro. Now, it installs just fine, as the phone thinks its SPH-D710, instead of SPH-D710BST. After all, they are the same phone. Add Android Tuner and some other tools and I’ve been able to do some amazing tweaks to this phone. Everything works that worked before. The phone was originally on ICS 4.04.

  85. Odee says:

    Well, I flashed the ROM on Saturday, January 26th. It runs beautifully. The only thing I’ve noticed, and it may not have anything to do with this ROM, is that, from time to time, I’m having issues with sending text messages via SMS Pro. When I attempt to send one that longer than a couple of lines, I get “message not sent” or sometimes a message from SMS Pro whether or not to send or deny it. That never happened before. I’ll need to do a little analysis, but otherwise, it’s fine. Battery is so-so.

    When will an update be out to this ROM? This ones dated for January 15th 2013. Is this the latest one, or is there another one that’s newer?

  86. Dave says:

    I’m about phone stupid!!! Would like to root my phone
    But don’t wanna screw it up!!! Need Stoner signal
    For GPS extra…

  87. kirk says:

    flashed Rom twice. No keyboard and no data connection. tried airplane mode on off and reboot.

  88. Mark says:

    I flashed my e4gt ek02 to el29 rooted w/cwm 5(rogue). the instructions say to use el29 direct boot cwm. in order to flash this rom. Must I use the direct boot? Is it a different recovery than the one I have?

  89. Juan says:

    it doesnt let me get to the google play store, it just tries to open it and closes…i tried using 4shared to get it but the same thing happens…i was able to download 1mobile but not google play store

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