Codename ICS ROM for Rooted Epic 4G Touch! [Android 4.0.4]

For those of you who want a “total” Galaxy Nexus ICS experience plus cool features that Codename ICS ROM gives you such as UI customization, performance tweaking, and more, give the Codename ICS ROM a try on your rooted Epic 4G Touch. I have this ROM on my Nexus S and Galaxy Nexus. And yeah, this is one of my favorite ROMs all-time for a giving you a fuller ICS experience without all the TouchWiz bloatware.

Give it a go and let me know what you think.

Download ROM:

Download Codename ICS ROM

Wipe, flash ROM, flash Gapps, and you are done!

Don’t know how to flash a new ROM?  Do you have your Epic 4G Touch rooted?  Please see  Epic 4G Touch FAQ if you are new to this FIRST!

Credits – XDA

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57 Responses to Codename ICS ROM for Rooted Epic 4G Touch! [Android 4.0.4]

  1. G Stratton says:

    I flashed this rom and my clockwork mod recovery is not there i cannot flash back to try te venum rom. Any suggestions?

    • B-Rad says:

      It’s ok, Clockworkmod is behind the times, they haven’t updated their software to be compatible with Ice Cream Sandwich, as far as I can tell. Good news is, you just need to download Odin, I believe it’s somewhere on this site for initial rooting. Use that, and five-ish minutes later, you’ve got stock rooted 2.3.6. Or, alternatively, you can get “Rogue ET Recovery” from Team Rogue. I’m not sure where I found it, but it’s got the same interface as clockworkmod recovery, AND it works for ICS!!

      BTW, Odin saved my phone, bricked it into an infinite boot screen and clockworkmod wouldn’t work cuz of ICS, but Odin still worked and unbricked it.

      Anyways good luck.

      • Ashley says:

        Can I get the rogue hitman kernal and flash this ROM without losing my clockworkmod recovery? I’ve never used Odin and I’m not sure how.

        • B-Rad says:

          You could always try. However, I wouldn’t reccommend it unless you already have Odin working and the correct .tar recovery file to go with it. That’s basically how I half-bricked my phone, and used Odin to un-brick it. So far, I haven’t seen any kernels listed as ICS compatible. I had flashed Mijjz Blend, and then flashed the over-clocking kernel. What happened was the phone got stuck in an infinite boot after the flash, never getting past the Galaxy S screen. So, reasonably, I assume it’s just a compatibility issue between the kernel and ICS roms. Unfortunately, I didn’t know at the time that Clockworkmod had not been updated for use with ICS either. The Samsung recovery/download mode was still accessible though. And through Odin and .tar files I found linked from this site, I was able to flash the stock root rom from my computer to the phone and un-brick it.

          Hope this helps.

  2. illwill183 says:

    Got the same issue lost clockwork recover titanium backup any suggestions to go back to my other rom would be greatly appriciated..

  3. J Leitner says:

    i tryed to install the rom and it keeps aborting the install. what am i doing wrong

  4. Mark says:

    Its a decent rom. No SD card support or “my files” access. Probably going back to stock or trying leaked ics. And cwm recovery doesn’t work for me either. Titanium back up does though.

  5. charles says:

    Does 3g hotspots work on this ROM? I have been using the cualkin gingerbread rom for months and am getting board. Should I upgrade to this ROM? A little scarred because titanium isn’t working for some and neither is the SD card….please advise.

  6. fat nigga says:

    this shit fucked up my fone yo had to hit asurion up all in the quickness and gets a new fizzone yameens nigga

    • B-Rad says:

      First off, I don’t think anyone can decipher just what the fuck you just said, but if anything fucked up your phone, it was your own ignorant ass that did it.

      Dumb fuck.

    • Mac says:

      Haters… they gonna be hatin’

      It’s what they do – as a matter of fact, I think that’s why they be called haters.

      Thanks for all of the free help guys. I do understand that you are not paid tech support.

  7. fat nigga says:

    fuck this developer straight up fuck yo pussay ass mama ya heard

    • TheStumblingBlock says:

      Hi. Um… I know you might want help, but you won’t get it while acting like a rabid white boy gangsta wannabe scrub dawg. You and I both know you’re from Austin, Texas, are whiter than liquid paper, and everyone laughs at you when you wear Rocawear over your magic underwear. You’re fooling no one. Please, get out of your mother’s basement and ask her to write your stuff for you if you’re incapable of speaking any other way because you’re afraid of losing your “cred”. Oh and by the way. You have no “cred” and everybody knows it.

  8. carlos says:

    Recovery issues aside I really like this rom. Its missing a stock video player and a working DSP manager. Battery life is great! Keeping this until cm9 is complete.

  9. Mumbles says:

    Recover issues aside??? Contacts.. apps.. Restore.. If i can’t restore and I gotta use PC to restore I’m good let me know when I can use rogue cwm

    • Carlos says:

      The ROM works well and is stripped of a ton of bloatware.your callingexting,browsing,camera and everything else works. The only thing I didn’t like was not being able to charge the battery with the phone turned off and not having access to recovery for backups. When rogue works, this is my ROM fo sure.

  10. ty says:

    hdmi support does not seem to be working and 4g icon stays on. plus i check options in the codename settings menu but they dont stay on. Does it reaallly change your carrier or is it just a mock up?

  11. Robert says:

    Does OTG work on this ROM ?

  12. jesus says:

    I just got phone rooted and installed this room yesterday I noticed that the video recording doesn’t work correctly, hdmi support doesn’t work either, and my home keys won’t light up did I do something wrong is there going to be a fix for this? Other than this I love the room and all its features thanks

  13. Carlos says:

    The ROM is technically an alpha. the hdmi and video camera are usually the last two features that get fixed. Ill be back when that happens.

  14. chris says:

    Great rom, had a littile trouble coming from calkulin v2.9.2 to anaconda but did a factory reset and works great besides the video camera and the clockwork not working, but bottom line fast, 3g/4g wifi hotspot and tehering works. Thanks!

  15. David says:

    The Only Thing left to fix are the video recording camera

  16. Kevin says:

    This is the best rom I have tried yet. I ran the FB17 and FD24 this week but I was very disappointed in both. I was impressed with this one the moment it booted up. Sprint needs to pay attention to this developer and take some notes! I heard that the FD24 was going to be the official release of ics for sprint even with a few bugs. I sure hope they don’t settle for that piece of junk. This rom is where its at. I love it. Will love it more with the CWM update!

  17. Jessica says:

    So I keep trying to install this ROM on my phone but it just aborts the install I always wipe cache and wipe factory reset my phone can someone tell me what I am doing wrong please?!!

  18. nick benigni says:

    Can you use tethering with this ROM?

  19. Adam Carter says:

    i downloaded this ROM, and upon attempting to install it in CWM, it aborts, and mentions that this appears to be a ROM for the i9100 (Galaxy S II), and that it needs one for d710…

    any idea why it’s not installing? i’m not really new to rooting, or loading new ROM’s, and this is the first time i’ve run into a particular issue.

    is the file not for Epic 4G Touch (D710)?


    • David says:

      Hello Well Google ” for people that it aborts for it’s a easy fix” in order to install you must download the CyanogenMod 7 Rom Then after you have installed it b sure to clear your cache,factory rest it then go do a divck cache wipe or w.e then after that reboot your phone into it’s normal state you see that CyanogenMod is working now all you have to do is hold down the power button since it’s a custom rom it shows reboot options go into recovery and now install CodeName ICS ROM – Hope I Helped.

  20. Mr Harrison says:

    I tried to get this to work and now nothing works ( email, keyboard, ) Do you have any advice ?

  21. Jessica says:

    This stupid ROM completed the install then bricked my phone. How do I fix it?!!!

  22. Lorenzo says:

    ok so i loaded up the rom and everything works fine but when i went to install gapps the insatation aborted, so now i have ics with out google apps! i have no market or anything, how can i get gapps to work? what do i need to do?please help me!

  23. Curtis says:

    I have wiped and installed gapps and then try to install codename but for some reason it is giving me a install abort error what am I doing wrong

  24. Rhett Pendleton says:

    Is anybody else having battery issues with this rom?? I love it but the battery life is absolutely atrocious. I was at 40% and left the phone sitting on the table and come back 2 hours later, it’s dead can’t boot it up till I get it all the way back home and plug it in for 10 minutes. Going back to rooted stock..

  25. Matt says:

    Hey Zedo what would be the proper recovery and version to flash this rom? Also from reading up on xda and other forums we should not flash and ics rom from and ics rom, but to root back to gb than flash to ics not sure why just what i read from people who have been bricking their phones and other devs

  26. TheStumblingBlock says:

    Problem is, I’m having that bug where computers cannot recognize my phone no matter what I do, and so I cannot link up to Odin at all. I am also being told, even though I’m not hooked up to a charger when it says it, that “charging paused: voltage too high” although that finally calmed down a bit. But the battery still drains ridiculously fast. And since I can’t get linked to Odin, I can’t flash out of Codename. When I try to flash anything to get out of it, I see the robot with the all-spark thingie, then he collapses over dead, meaning nothing happened.

    I want to get out of Codename and go back to stock. How can I make that happen? Is there any way to just wipe this and get out of there without use of Odin?

    • TheStumblingBlock says:

      For anybody else having that problem, here’s what I did:

      Go to the Market and find an app called Mobile Odin. It costs about $5 for the pro version but if you read the app’s info there’s a link for you to go to, and at that link will be a download for Mobile Odin Lite, which is free (but not from market, so make sure you have unknown sources checked. There’s a YouTube video that’ll show you how to use it, what to install, and how to get out of Codename and into the stock rom.

      However! I do not recommend you try to flash anything else… stay with stock. I left Codename using Mobile Odin and… let’s just say I hope I can get Asurion to send me a new device now. It’s best to just go back to stock and stay with Gingerbread for now. No ICS rom is stable.

  27. TheStumblingBlock says:

    My phone was replaced, thankfully. Since this is the only ROM I could find that was compatible with GV Integration app, I wanted to reinstall this onto the new phone, but like J Leitner above, now I’m finding that it just keeps aborting the installation. In a different thread I see that another rom is being aborted and the answer is to install another kernel. How do I know which one to install? And is this safe?

    • Matt says:

      try using a different usb cable or computer i was having same problems. also in order to flash an ics rom you need to root back to stock gingerbread than flash the rom over.

      • TheStumblingBlock says:

        No that’s okay. I finally took the risk to try the AOKP rom, after carefully reading the comments and finding out how to properly do it. And it’s absolutely perfect. Best rom out there if you follow the right directions to install it. Codename is a sandtrap I’d rather avoid

  28. Cyborg says:

    This rom is a death trap!!!!!!!!!! Do not install it!!!!!!!!!

    No market no rom manager and nothing will install.

    • TheStumblingBlock says:

      When you plug it into a computer, will the computer recognize it? If so, go to the unroot instructions here and flash back to EL29 with the OneClick Odin download there. If not, let me know and I’ll think of something.

      • Cyborg says:

        Computers dont recognize the phone however I was able to get gapps on it manually. I’m still locked into this ROM though. I like it but I’m concerned about something going wrong with it.

        • TheStumblingBlock says:

          Okay, as long as it’s working. However if you ever feel the need to escape Codename, the best way to go about this is using mobile Odin. It’s in the apps store, but it costs about $5 there, while the free version is not available there for some reason. That’s okay though. Just search for it in the app store, bring up the description for it, and a link in that description will take you to where the free version is available. There will also be instructions there on how to use it as well as the plug-in you will need to also download. Also find a place to download the stock EL29 ROM for ET4G onto the phone, and direct the free version of mobile Odin toward it to flash it.

          The weird thing is, you’ll still have that odd recovery with the android all-spark thing. I don’t know how to get that thing to change, and if anybody here knows how, it’d be hugely helpful. I do know that once you set Mobile Odin to flash that rom, of course, everything will be back to stock other than that recovery, and you’ll most likely still not be capable of having the computer recognize that phone. If there’s anybody who knows how to fix that issue, please tell. Codename’s recovery refuses to let anything flash at all. I’m sure you’ll have to redo that whole installation of mobile Odin in order to get to flash anything new too.

  29. Keith says:

    There must be a more stable method of rooting sprint samsung s2. After reading all the problems, there’s no way I would feel comfortable rooting my phone. Anymore solutions out there now???

  30. Tyson says:

    How do you change the icons in the notification bar? I would like to add remove items.
    Can’t find the setting. Is it in U.I.?

    • Tyson says:

      By the way I’ve been using this rom LIKE A BOSS for a few days.
      Nothing bad to report. GPS location still won’t lock on. But that’s every e4gt
      Got the soft keys to light up.
      Very nice rom.

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