CM9 ICS ROM for Epic 4G Touch!

For those of you who want a “pure” ICS experience on your Epic 4G Touch, you might want to give CM9 ICS ROM a try. Everything is working pretty good (except camera video recording), you can expect everything you wanted about CyanogenMod9 from this ROM. I will also have an update when a “stable” version of this ROM becomes available, stay tuned folks!

Download ROM:

Download CM9 ICS ROM

Credits – XDA

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10 Responses to CM9 ICS ROM for Epic 4G Touch!

  1. tim says:

    Once the video issue is corrected, where can i download the updated rom?

  2. Joe says:

    This is pretty awesome. One question, though – it seems like two of the gyro outputs are being negated before coming up to the user. This only seems to be done in this particular ICS build on this particular phone. Is this a bug?

  3. Damion Miller says:


    Thanks for all the good phone hacks. I just flashed CM9 on my Epic 4G Touch last night and I am having a problem with the phone getting hot and shutting down when it’s just sitting idle, not in use. This is frustrating because I had CM7 on my HTC Evo 4g and it worked great except for the Nav never seemed to work right. I would really like to work this out because I love ICS and I love CM9 but it’s frustrating because I use my E4GT for work a lot so I can’t keep having it shut down on me. Do you have any idea why it is doing this? It did the same thing with Caulkulin’s ROM. Never did it with the stock EL29 rooted rom so I am flashing back to it for now. Please help because CM9 is a really good ROM and I want to revert back to it once the bugs are worked out. Thanks.

    • tim says:

      i rooted my d710 with caulkulins latest rom 3.0 and have not had any problems with heat. You may want to see if another app is running it hot.

  4. BossTalker says:

    just recently had my touch rooted not sure what root im using is cm9 the best one out

  5. lil' Man says:

    I have been flashing some roms and after flashing them my recovery changes. Any way to fix that? Please reply, love what you do. Thanks for the great roms!

  6. Porcenel Joachim says:

    I am getting ready to install ICS on my epic touch 4g sprint, any rom suggestion , I want something very stable with everything working. I am thinking CM9 ICS ROM and MIJJz Blend ICS ROM

  7. theKVD says:

    The current (alpha 3) has been my daily driver for the last couple of days. This is amazing. Damn near perfect. Honestly I’m surprised that this hasn’t gone RC

  8. ViciousD says:

    Seems most ICS ROMs have issues with 4g…pictures on websites are corrupted and apps won’t install from the app store…I have to use 3g or WiFi…

  9. Yuriana Meza says:

    I can’t install any ROMs on ClockWorkMod recovery mode from my SD card…. it’s says “installation aborted” everytime I try to install an update from a zip file… why is this? please help!!
    I have CWM and the baseband version is “s:D710.10 S.EL29” Android version 2.3.6
    THANK U in advance!

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