CM10.1 ROM for Epic 4G Touch! [Android 4.2.1]

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For those of you who want to experience the latest CM10.1 ROM with Android 4.2.1 for your Epic 4G Touch, here’s your chance to turn your phone into a Nexus 4.

Built for pure Android fans, the CM10.1 ROM is a ported version by XDA user Dastin1015. Overall, this is a very satisfactory port of CM10.1 for Epic 4G Touch, if not near perfect.

Only minor issue I found was that there’s no 4G icon when 4G WiMax is turned on but not a huge issue as it does not interfere with actual 4G signals.

Other than that, everything works just fine on this ROM.

If you want to seriously experience the latest Android 4.2.1 with lockscreen widgets and the latest performance additives, flash this ROM and do let me know how it works out for you!


Download CM10.1
Download Gapps
Download Safe Kernel (for installation)

For full installation instructions, see the latter part of the video.

Credits – XDA <--- Donate to developer here

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146 Responses to CM10.1 ROM for Epic 4G Touch! [Android 4.2.1]

  1. Robert says:

    Hey is this ready as a daily driver?

    When is it getting Shpere ?

  2. Jacob says:

    This Rom is awsome Max! Very smooth, thanx

  3. Jacob says:

    Only problem is some issues with google now šŸ™ please help

  4. Joseph Bell says:

    I have a stability problem with my E4GT, the screen reverts back from the app or program I’m using to the home page unexpectedly. what a mess! Will this Rom correct this problem ? I have downloaded the files, but I’m waiting to know if you think this will fix my problem.
    Thanks Max, Broxton

  5. Joe says:

    Oh, My E4GT is rooted and running ICS 4.0.4 Build number IMM761.FI27…….

  6. Kelly says:

    Hello, thank you for the informative video….I am having problems, I downloaded the 3 links that you have and when I go into clockwork mod (I think that’s what its called) non of the downloads are in the external storage (the only option it gives me) I hooked my phone up to my computer and moved the files to “card” and tried again, but there still not there šŸ™ suggestions?

  7. Kelly says:

    UPDATE….I finally fot the files in the right place followed your first set of directions, the it thought for a sec and showed a dead android guy!!! lol! What did I do? I removed the battery and turned my phone on and it works, but cant install your files?

  8. jacob says:

    Did you flash in safe recovery?

    • Kelly says:

      I don’t know! I rooted my phone to the FI03, Then followed the instructions in his video. How do I know if it was safe recovery?

  9. jacob says:

    Download the 3 files and put em on the root of your sdcard, don’t extract. When u boot up in recovery install zip from external sdcard and choose the safe recovery named 41g-wtf-0821 .z and install. Reboot right after and when u reboot into recovery the second time you will be in safe recovery and ready to now flash rom and gapps

  10. jacob says:

    Hmmm, are you flashing on the epic 4g touch?

  11. J. says:

    Wow, someone needs to learn how to google things šŸ™‚ i see a brick in someones future lol

  12. J. says:

    Btw great job as always max…get that otg kernel going lol u know i got $ on it

  13. Kelly says:

    @jacob yes its a 4g touch, but I found another way to flash my phone that worked wonderful! Thanks for the help šŸ™‚
    And J, I do know how to google things, I dont apperciate the snide remarks! Its just a question!

  14. chris_picks says:

    Sorry but this ROM is not ready for prime time. Needs more development has more than just the 4g issue check out the memories had to dump it fk23 is more stable just not 4.2.1 hope this one gets more programming time. Will be great than

  15. jacob says:

    That’s awesome Kelly! Happy it worked for you, glad to help anytime šŸ˜€

  16. Keff says:

    Hi! Great tutorial, I’m a newbie and didn’t have problems installing at all.

    So far looks and runs great! Some laziness every now and then and takes a couple seconds to do some process which usually doesn’t take long, wifi, gapps, camera all work great but Oh! something I’ve noticed is that all of a sudden while looking at File Manager, my SD card won’t show anything on it! Weird is that once I plug it in the laptop, I can see all my files I secured before doing the flash and wipe for the new cf, and also If I get in the Gallery I can see all my pics and videos I saved before doing all the process of flashing the rom, but still, If I wish to check my files with the File Manager that comes with the rom I can’t see anything, like if it was empty, and this bothers me because I need to manipulate some files I had saved in there like music, pictures or my vcards.

    Anything I can do about this?


    • Lloyd says:

      You can download another file manager from the app store. I’ve had that problem before but since I started using the file manager that comes with “All In One Toolbox”

  17. Aaron Richardson says:

    Same problem as the guy above I don’t like that it’s showing my sd card as blank. Especially knowing that I know my contacts card is on there and now I have no way of getting my contacts back. Other then that its a very smooth rom. Even though I do like having the ability to screen shot things which this ROM doesn’t have and also has no task manager which I prefer.

    • Keff says:

      yupp, no task manager, that’s a big fault either.
      testing for a day, battery doesn’t seem so bad, had wifi and 3g alternatively working since 9 and still a little less than half the battery. Haven’t found the problem to the “blank” sd card, but what I did for my contacts was to plug the phone with a USB cable, get in to the sd memory, copy the contacts vcard, which generally falls under 00001 or other number depending of how many vcards you saved. Then copy that file on to the phones root memory, you don’t have to copy it in an specific folder or anything. Unplug, go to import/export contacts, import, and voila… my contacts got copied to my phones contact list. Hope it helps you bro

  18. Christian Sens says:

    I cant seem to get my 3g mobile data to work. anyone else with this issue? also i have done some research this version that Max has posted is no longer the newest version.

    • Keff says:

      which one is? can you put link?

    • nobi says:

      Make you sure you flash an ICS Modem, JB modem won’t work with the rom.

      • christian says:

        comi figured out why i wasnt getting 3g. my modem kernal file on my sd card got corrupt data. so it flashed but not everything installed. but as far as someone said to the a2dp he fixed that. people are going off what max posted as a final build its not hes fixed a lot of things. and also as far as photosphere goes that is packed into the new gapps and is closed source so you either have to find the flashable zip of the camera or the gapps that have it packed in.

    • Daniel says:

      Same issue here. 3G doesn’t work. It blows. (Using Sprint)

  19. Aaron says:

    I’ve been messing with this ROM for a few days now and its just not ready yet for a dailystill needs some work done with it. Already talk to max about it and he agrees back to blu kuban for me

    • Christian Sens says:

      the file Max has is not the most up to date one. check the XDA link that he posted. It has an up to date version. He is still having some problems. But the only Big problem that he is having is that when the WiFi AP is enabled your OTA data shuts off till you turn of the access point.

  20. brockshad says:

    No 3G data had to revert to Goodness JB.

    • brockshad says:

      Never mind, I missed the ROM so much that I did some research. Make sure you have the latest version and that you are not using a JB modem. I wasn’t sure that I was but I installed the FI27 modem to see if that fixed the issue and sure enough it did. I love this ROM but I can’t seem to get weather working and the battery is not good at all. I get maybe 7 hours out of it with little to no use. The battery use status says that the android system is the biggest hog… Anyone have some tricks up their sleeve to get some longer lifetime out of the battery?

  21. Crisman18 says:

    lo instale y se me murio el telefono que hago ???????

  22. Crisman18 says:

    I install it and then the phone died I do???????

  23. chris terrin says:

    Can you please help me out with flashing a custom recovery on fk23

  24. Heath says:

    Just rooted for the first time and love it. However i stream music over bluetooth while I am at work every day. Since i rooted with this rom it will connect to the bluetooth speaker but will not play any music. only plays on the phone. anyone else with this issue? hopefully there will be an update fix for this.

    • samejima says:

      I second this motion! DAmn, I like this ROM a lot but no A2DP music to bluetooth kills it! Back to Cyanogenmod9.

    • brockshad says:

      Have you tried the latest version of the ROM, he is constantly releasing new versions. Go to the source page where he got the download of the ROM from. Since “Epic4gtouchroot” did the video there has been about 5 or 6 releases. I am running the latest release from Jan 20th. Everything vital works ((bluetooth). Give the latest a try. The only downers I have found are weather data not displaying on the lock-screen widget and battery life is sub-par.

      • Heath says:

        took me awhile to find it. but a2dp. works!!!

        • alex B says:

          Good to know. How/where did you find the version where bluetooth A2DP works and can you post a link?

          • brockshad says:

            The link is on this site that you are posting on. If you read the words around the video you will see that the maker of the video gives thanks to the XDA site. You can get all sorts of information from that site. That is where the guy making all this cool stuff puts the initial files and updates. This site is just a video on how to install and a review of it.

        • alex B says:

          Yep – A2DP kind of works now (running the ROM version from 1/31/13) but the audio is choppy and the artist/track info is not displayed on the bluetooth device – well, at least not in my car. Worked fine with the stock ROM and a CM9 one that I was running before.

  25. Don says:

    Is anyone else having issues with the NetFlix app after the install. I am able to login and scroll through all movies but once I click a movie it transitions to the player and just loads forever. Never playing the movie.

    • brockshad says:

      Confirmed, I just downloaded NetFlix and I have the same issue. Perhaps if we donate some monies he will fix this in the next version.

      • christian says:

        that i believe is a problem with the app not the rom. 4.2 is only officially supported on a very limited number of devices therefore devwlopers havent done much to update to 42 jelly bean. i have a modded netflix apk and that one works. i can give you link if you want it.

        • brockshad says:

          Thank you, I thought I had already posted here about that. I went searching on xda and posted there and some one told me the same thing. Thanks for helping as well it is much appreciated. I have posted the link on this site. It only seems to show up on my desktop though coming here on my phone I see a few of my posts are missing. Probably because the owner must approve the links first…

  26. chris terrin says:

    Can anyone please tell me how to flash a custom recovery on fk23 please

    • brockshad says:

      I replied to you last request which is the same. follow those tips

      • chris terrin says:

        Sorry but I didn’t get your reply last time. Which steps are they. Thanks

        • brockshad says:

          Use AGAT FK23 Custome Recovery. You can install it via mobile odin. Recovery can be found at Rwilco12’s Android Repository. Simply Install mobile odin pro/lite then when searching for the kernal navigate on your phone to where you put it and click install. This will give you a safe fk23 recovery. Iā€™m not sure CM10.1 uses the fk23 kernal though so you may want to stick with the standard 41g safe kernal (EL29). This article has it linked at the top. Good luck

          • chris terrin says:

            Do you know if it’s the same as qbking does it cause I tried his method and it bricked my phone.

            • brockshad says:

              If you had a safe recovery on your phone already and then flashed the one that (41g) Max recommends you should be fine. Now that said if you flashed the recovery and then clicked reboot “system” now and not just reboot “recovery” the 41g recovery may not load your current ROM. Try holding the volume up and power button and see if you can get into the 41g recovery you flashed. Or any recovery. If not can you get into download mode by holding volume down and the power button?

              • chris terrin says:

                No I don’t have a recovery yet just rooted but give it a try and see what happens. Thanks

              • chris terrin says:

                So EL29 will work on jelly bean 4.1.2?

                • brockshad says:

                  Use the one the xda page recommends or the one the page you’re on recommends. I used chrisg41 safe recovery for cm 10.1 android 4.2.1 and it works fine. But the kernel is not shown on my phone so I’m not sure that CM 10.1 is based off of fk23. So play it safe and use the recommended safe recovery on the site you are following.

  27. chris terrin says:

    Will this work on agat recovery?

  28. Odee says:


    Yes, it will work with Agat recovery. I booted into agat recover 6.8, which I had on my phone and then flashed the safe recovery and then booted into the safe recovery and flashed the ROM and google apps and everything worked fine.

  29. chris terrin says:

    Can I flash the safe recovery via agat recovery?

  30. brockshad says:

    YES! If you have a safe recovery (agar, cwm, twrp…) Just try flashing the other recovery all you need is the zip file. Worse that could happen is it fails.

  31. martin E says:

    everything was installed correctly with no problems or issues. But my phone is stuck on the boot animation, and sometimes for about half a second shows the lockscreen then goes back to boot animation and repeats. anyone else get that? ill try to redo everything see what happens but if anyone can help out..

  32. Chris Terrin says:

    Does anyone know how to get 3g working?

  33. Chris Terrin says:

    What repository? And do I just flash it in recovery and boot back or do I have to wipe or anything?

    • Brockshad says:

      Dude try Google before just posting. I would post the link but I don’t think this site allows it. I just googled “sph-d710 repository” and it was the second link. You don’t need to wipe or anything just flash the zip.

  34. Chris Terrin says:

    Sorry bro for being such a noob but I did what you said but I can’t find a modem called fi27 and none of them on xda specify If there ICS or anything

  35. alex B says:

    How do you guys, running this CM 10.1 ROM), handle [visual] voice mail?

    • Christian says:

      Either use Google voice or look on xda for the actual sprint visual voice mail apk file

      • alex B says:

        Thanks Christian.
        I did that actually on CM 9 (use the stock ROM vvm app …) but you are still getting the stupid Sprint text message (from # 9016) and not a notification.
        Does that actually work in the ‘official’ CM 10 release with Sprint phones … ?
        Thanks and Cheers,

    • brockshad says:

      youmail is pretty good, you can personalize for each caller too

  36. Chris says:

    Can’t get wi fi tether to work. Tried both the sprint hack and wifi tether for root users

    • brockshad says:

      Did you flash EL29 safe kernal? Then wipe data, cashe, dalvik cashe, and format system? Then did you flash an ICS modem? Then did you click the hyperlink attached to the “XDA” is this post and download the latest ROM release? Then did you flash gapps 20121212? If you do all those steps in order assuming you are rooted and have mobile odin everything works great on this device. WiFi teather works flawlessly, just go into settings under wireless&networks click more and click on tethering & portable hotspot. It is built right in. Let me know if you have done all that and it still does not work.

  37. Pingback: cm 10.1 - Android Forums

  38. Jeremy Taylor says:

    I have been trying this all day long and all I get is the dead android. I tried to switch to clockwork but the power button is unresponsive.

  39. tryggerone says:

    Anyone having audio issues with the video recorder? I flashed this ROM to both my phone and my wife’s; mine was already running a Jelly Bean ROM, though hers was running the Blue Khuban ICS ROM. On both phones it seems the stock video recorder is not recording audio. All other audio (ringer, mp3 playback, games, apps, etc…) seem to be working fine and I’ve triple checked audio settings to make sure nothing is muted. Otherwise this ROM has been fantastic, but I was wondering if anyone else was having this issue and/or knew of a fix? Thanks in advance!

    • Brockshad says:

      Make sure you flash the latest ROM release from the xda site. Wipe everything. Only issue I notice is Bluetooth streaming glitches. I wouldn’t flash the 4.2.2 release asit was very glitchy for me.

      • tryggerone says:

        Yeah, it’s the 4.2.1 ROM, and I made sure to wipe data/cache/dalvik, everything… twice even. I’ve learned to do that every time I flash a ROM that’s not an update, and often even when it is an update. In this case, I was flashing this ROM for the first time, so I made sure to wipe everything. I flashed the ROM, then Gapps, and then rebooted the device. When I discovered the audio glitch with the recorder, I even rebooted into recovery, re-wiped the device, and re-flashed the ROM. I rebooted and tested the video recorder before I restored anything to the phone, and it was still recording *video* fine, but with no audio. Like I said, the rest of the audio on the device works fine, so I know it’s not just a playback issue. I’m not saying the problem is definitely the ROM, just curious if anyone else has experienced it.

        • brockshad says:

          What dated version release did you flash? I would use the release from 2-15-2013. I am currently using that one and video recording works great. Only issue is the Bluetooth streaming glitches, it works there is just a glitch ever few minutes. the 2-15 release is the most stable. If you flash the one from this site it is quite old and a lot of fixes have been made including your audio issue. Click the XDA link and go download the 2-15 release. I will update you when I try the new 4.2.2 release from the 22nd but as of now I don’t know of what is working and not. You can always read the forum.

          • tryggerone says:

            Ah, I see, yes my release is dated 1-15-2013. I’m checking out the forum page right now and I’ll try out the 2-15-2013 release when I figure out where the download link is ;o) I’m not too worried about BT as I rarely use it. I’d rather transfer things over wifi, and I don’t use any BT accessories. Kudos on the overall ROM though, and thanks for the help!

  40. Levi says:

    Okay, just installed the “Wild-for-the-night” port of the Jelly Bean Rom, and everything works great except my stereo bluetooth headset, which pairs up fine, but I am unable to get the audio to play through the headset. I factory wiped and wiped the cache a couple up times and re-installed the rom without success at getting my stereo bluetooth headset to work. Ideas? Questions? Answers?

  41. Levi says:

    Another strange bug which started happening after I installed Wild for the night rom. I can only receive mobile calls, no land line calls will come through, there is an immediate return signal. I’ve called sprint and had them check my service also and nothing appears to be wrong, but I still can’t recive calls from any land line.

    • brockshad says:

      What ROM did you have before you installed “Wild for the Night”? If you came from a JB ROM then make sure you flash an ICS modem. You can get all the modems from the repository. I am currently using FI27 and calls work fine.

  42. Cwalden21 says:

    Anybody know about any mms issues???

    • Christian says:

      did you flash the version that max posted here if so that was a common problem with this version of the rom if you go to the xda site he linked there is an updated version he has pretty much everything fixed and sorted out. He even updated to 4.2.2

  43. aaron says:

    There is no use debugging

  44. Tryggerone says:

    Yes there is, you just have to enable it first. It’s the same on my Nexus 7.

  45. Moon Song says:

    Download link not working.

  46. Levi says:

    Well Guys, I found that the CM10.1 port of the JB Rom, worked flawlessly after I Wiped the Cache, Wiped the Davlik Cache, and Wiped all data and tried installing again. No flashing of the modem was necessary, thanks!

  47. Scott says:

    Does the 3g/4g wi fi tether work on the 10.1 rom ?

  48. Mike says:

    i’ve installed this and among other things i didn’t find quite right has been the auto screen rotate. after installing 10.1 in order for the screen to rotate i had to rotate my phone but also tilt it toward me just about all the way and then it would finally switch. i then decided to go back to stock and although i cleared cache, dalvik, did a factory reset, plus calibrated from settings the issue carried over and persists no matter what i try. any solutions for this?

    • Jerm says:

      The exact same thing happened to me, i tried researching it up but eventually i came to no successful conclusion. I would love to know if you have figured it out by now from when you first posted about it.

      • brockshad says:

        You can search this on XDA. This version that is on this site has gyro issues that were fix in later versions. This version is very old and I would not recommend using it.

  49. endlesstalkwireless says:

    I notice that the mic for the camcorder is not working. i was wondering if i made a mistake when i flashed the rom. Is that so?

    • brockshad says:

      What version of the ROM did you download and flash? If you flashed the one linked to this site it is way outdated and many have already asked your exact same question months ago.

      • endlesstalkwireless says:

        LOL were should i get the latest update?

        • brockshad says:

          If you go up and READ where he got all this information from you will see he gives credit to the guys on the XDA forum. BTW the XDA forums are usually where all this stuff comes from. Click on the link and if you can’t find it there I can’t help you.

  50. Dave says:

    So far it has been a pretty good rom, although I did notice video recording has no sound, 3g data is very low unlike other roms before I had no issues with reception. Battery life I must say is a fail, by noon the battery is already at 1/4 with gps off. It does need a little more work to be a daily driver.

    • Brockshad says:

      What version date is on the ROM you flashed? All the problems you stated may have existed when the ROM was first released. The latest ROM works great and was released 3-15.

      • Dominus says:

        where is the 3-15 ROM?

        • tryggerone says:

          Use the XDA forum link posted near the bottom of the video (I think). I had the exact same video with no sound problem that you are reporting, and I used the solution he is proposing that you do here and it worked (and has worked) like a champ. I can’t speak for battery life, because what you describe has been my normal battery performance across several ROMs, but so far this has been the best Jelly Bean ROM I have come across for this phone.

          • ender says:

            i need help i have the same problem but cant fix it. plus where do u find the link to the xda forum bec i cant find it at all.

  51. mike says:

    Cant it just be flashed through odin?? Never installed mobile Odin or any recovery juat flashed 4.0.3 from my laptop without issues. Also mine was flashed to verizon so has diff modem prl n few other items. I know all will likely have to be reprogrammeb but will thia app still be worth my time? Thanks

    • brockshad says:

      odin and mobile odin are the same thing. The full mobile version cost money, the free version you can only flash kernels. It is preference. If you don’t have a computer and just use your phone now there is a solution for you. If you have root and custom recovery you don’t need odin for anything. All you need to do is download the latest ROM and GAPPS and then wipe all and flash. You do have to at least be on CWM I have used other recoveries as well and as long as you are on a version that is not more than 6 months old you should be good. It’s all mostly ICS compatible. If you were on a previous JB rom and want this one then just make sure to flash an ICS modem and you will be golden.

  52. batista says:

    after i install this from wild night my 4g and 3g speed drop is there a fix how can i fix it to get back my stock speed

  53. thewiz says:

    Does it work on galaxy s2 virgin.

  54. hec says:

    Does this rom work on virgin galaxy s2…or boost galaxy s2…

  55. 457 visa says:

    Hi there, You have done a great job. I will certainly digg it and personally recommend to my friends.
    I’m confident they will be benefited from this web site.

  56. Emmanuel says:

    it is the very best rom available seriously but one concern. phone calls, when i call somebody they cant hear me. when they call me they can. Dont want to move back to another rom pleass help!

    • Brockshad says:

      This is a known bug. It’s called the “echo bug” last I found there wasn’t a fix. I had to switch roms because I run a business from my phone and can’t have that.

  57. laz says:

    I was wondering are there any new Touchwiz based Roms for the Galaxy S2 Epic 4G touch? I wish I new how to develop roms to keep the list growing. All the videos out there don’t really show how to do it do to the lack of details. They assume we will know of rip what they are talking about. If you are showing some one how to create a rom you need to brake it down.

  58. nick62 says:

    Thanks alot for the great job u do.

  59. Robert New says:

    will it still work with 3g network

  60. KingWillis says:

    Is this rom deodexed?

  61. Andy Edits says:

    Anyone get USB OTG working with this ROM?

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