Calkulin ICS ROM for Epic 4G Touch!

Calkulin, probably my favorite Epic 4G Touch developer of all-time, has released his version 1.0 of Calkulin ICS ROM for the Epic 4G Touch. Based on the latest leak FC06 (as of the video), this is a pretty darn awesome ICS ROM. It comes with Hotspot 3G/4G hacked (although I haven’t been able to get it working yet, let me know in the comments if you do).

If you have been running Calkulin’s Gingerbread ROM, you will love the new ICS ROM. It’s not perfect (yet) but it’s probably the best ICS ROM you can install on your Epic 4G Touch right now. So go ahead an flash it, let me know how it works for you!

Video tutorial on how to install this ROM:

Download ROM:

Download Calkulin ICS ROM files

Credits – XDA

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23 Responses to Calkulin ICS ROM for Epic 4G Touch!

  1. pappaboobear says:

    Just flashed this ROM. Everything seems to be running fine so far , fast and very responsive. 1 guestion from a noob, how do I install the .tar file,

  2. pappaboobear says:

    I need to clarify, I installed the modem but it dropped my reception way down I saw that the latest was the FC.07.tar modem and would like to know how to install it.

  3. jesse says:

    How do i get the hotspot working or wifi tether

    • jason h says:

      it does not work in this rom yet. you can still flash calkulin’s rom (gingerbread one) with the hotspot hack and sprint wifi tether will work well (must flash with .tar file via ODIN, as cwm is not available for ICS yet)

  4. Robert T says:

    Does it support OTG for USB ?

  5. minimumspecs says:

    Capacitive buttons work if you select settings–>sound–>check vibrate on screen tap. Will also make your keyboard vibrate but well worth it.

    Side note, is the stock ICS keyboard installed with this ROM or do I need to install the apk. Can’t seem to find it in the keyboard settings.

    As usual, thanks for what you do!

  6. amos says:

    my phone wont flash over anything ics ,wont go past lock screen ,what am i doing wrong coming from blazer rom 4.0

    • Andrew says:

      If you’re trying to flash ICS Clockwork Mod Recovery, it won’t work. Never did on am ota based anyways, just themed ICS. You can use ODIN and also make sure you use a rear panel USB port as front ones tend to be sketchy. (i/o port scheduling.) Also make sure like with your other ROM(s), you flash the correct version of ODIN to your phone. There is Windows, Mac, Linux,etc. I’ve seem your problem with exactly that, and trying to install the actual Android custom 4.0ICS ROM(s). (not what most were before which was basically gingerbread with a custom skin/theme to Mimic ICS. Hope it helps! If not email me@ aalegnani1580(@)gmail(.) Com. Remove “()” and spaces of course! Best of luck!

  7. joe says:

    ROM looks great and seems to run very smoothly, but I have one issue/question. The X and Y gyro outputs seem to have their signs flipped versus what the sensor outputs do on every other ROM I’ve used for this phone. Is that intentional?

  8. Ashley says:

    I get a constant data roaming message…anyone else have that or know how to fix it?

  9. usama says:

    everything works but i found out google navi does not work at all i really need that anyone have that issue i might have to go back to ginger.

  10. Ashley says:

    I found the fix to my data roaming issue but does anyone know if I can flash the lost kernel with this ROM?

  11. Taures says:

    I’ve had problems with the Contact names randomly not appearing in Messaging app. It will just show phone numbers. Hotspot users do not seem to get access to my internet. Also at times my WIFI connection will drop and my phone will be using 3G. I have to disable WIFI and enable it again in order for it to connect. It doesn’t seem to automatically connect to saved WIFI connections when they are available. I always keep my WIFI turned on. My battery life will last 16 hours at most. I like the fact that my google talk program is allowed to connect to more than one account. The face recognition works okay. It seems that your USB connection to computer acts as a media device now, so now you must have drivers installed for your phone on your computer in order to transfer files. You can’t use it like a true USB stick no more. I hate that, unless someone can say that I am doing something wrong.

  12. Jtagmaster says:

    Great ROM. Everything works (wifi hotspot, gps, wifi, google voice app, basically all apps inc. netflix). I have only found one app that does not work… Crackle (this may be an ICS issue). Google video as usual will not work… which I found out the hard why when I first rooted. After you pay to rent something it will tell you that it will not let you watch it on a rooted device. So then you have to go to your PC and watch it online. Obviously, this is not an issue with caulks rom.

    Also it is very stable, but the battery life is at least 15% worse than Calks GB rom, which is still about 10-15% better than the stock GB rom. If you are looking for the best battery life I would stick with Calks GB rom.

    Also, don’t use the android wifi tether app with this rom, it will crash your phone. Use the sprint wifi hotspot… it works flawlessly with this rom.

  13. TheStumblingBlock says:

    Done. And first I must say I’m impressed with how easy all the instructions on this website are. First time I’ve ever been able to root a phone, and I’ve had several.

    So I’ve rooted and done all of the above, bare bones and everything. Only problem I’m having is that I’ve noticed I absolutely cannot install apps to the SD card. Is there something I can do to fix this? Haven’t tested hotspot out yet but will. Oh, and that hack that bypasses Sprint proxy? LOVE!

  14. Jade says:

    So I flashed this rom and had it going for a while and I LOVED it! But then once the Alpha build of CM9 came out just a few days ago I wanted to try and flash that, I backed everything up in my custom recovery and then tried to install the zip and it wouldn’t work, so then I flashed clockwork recovery and when wiping my data and cache it froze, so I did a hard reset, and ever since then my phone has been soft bricked, and won’t go past a start up screen. I can still get into odin mode thankfully, but when I’ve tried to flash stock rooted EL29, it almost completes but stops at 98% and never goes further. Do you have any help for me?

  15. Damion Miller says:


    I flashed this ROM and had problems. My phone got very hot and shut down. It wouldn’t even turn on without removing the battery and then booting. I tried flashing the cm9 rom and it was doing the same thing. So I flashed back to the EL29 stock rooted rom and STILL having this problem. NEVER happened until I flashed the Caulkulin ROM. Please help. I definitely like the ROM but wish I could fix the shutdown problem. I tried the Airplane mode trick but didn’t work for me. By the way, I flashed the different modem you listed. Is this the problem?

  16. calebisstupid says:

    This ROM had GPS search for my location for hours. I had to reboot to kill the service.

    Also it is not ideal for battery life (could be a bad config on my part).

    Either way, it was an enjoyable experience as my first rooted ROM install.

  17. Uh60donjr says:

    I gave this Rom a shot, and at the beginning I loved the look, feel, and speed of ICS. It makes me really look forward to a stable ICS rom because this ain’t it. Whether its an ICS problem or the fault of this rom, the inability to move apps to the SD card, in addition to not being able to use/install an app that requires the use of the card, forces me overall to not recommend this Rom. I read on XDA that there is a workaround, but it requires multiple flashes, and it looks like its based on a stock kernel to be able to move apps to the card, and those steps involved are not worth my time when I’m flashing roms to my primary and only phone. Why pick a kernel that is flawed for a rom base, I won’t probably figure out. while running a log while using this Rom, there were constant errors… maybe 30 in 2 seconds… something about SkPaint-getMeasureCacheProcIndex:2… meaning there is probably something wrong. AND the very random force crashes that seemed to happen every time the screen turned off. I set the Damn thing for 10 minutes thinking the short time. out (1 minute) could have been the problem… nope… it just becomes unresponsive as soon as the screen goes black; forcing a 7-second power-button off cycle to reboot, because the phone will not wake up from these apparent random deep sleep crashes. I wanted to stick with it, but these 2 MAJOR flaws forced me to go back to Caulklins GB Rom because there are NO problems with that. This Rom makes. me wonder if an upgrade to ICS is worth it… this Rom definitely isn’t, and I wouldn’t normally be this negative (lot of hard work gets put into. building roms… I understand), but this Rom was sold as being stable, and maybe should have been tested further before claiming that.

    • Jtagmaster says:

      Try the 1.4 update all issues are fixed except blank screen on Crackle app. The sleep crashes are fixed with 1.2 and the app to sd issue was fixed by 1.4.

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