Blu Kuban ICS ROM for Epic 4G Touch! [FI27]

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Looking for that cool “blue” ROM? Well, your wait is over, check out the Blu Kuban ICS ROM for your Epic 4G Touch. This ROM comes loaded with features like 180 degree rotation, landscape lockscreen, hotspot hack, removed Sprint proxy, and a whole lot more while all Sprint/other bloatware are removed so your phone runs faster and lasts longer on a single charge.

UPDATE 11/02/2012 – Latest version adds AROMA installer, giving you a ton of great options like choice of GS3 TouchWiz UX launcher, Nova/Apex/LG launcher, kernels, apps, and more.

Definitely give this ICS ROM a try, I think you will like this one too and let me know what you think of this ROM!

Download ROM:

Download Blu Kuban ICS ROM
Download Safe Kernel

See latter part of the video above for installation instructions!

Credits – XDA

Older review video:

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117 Responses to Blu Kuban ICS ROM for Epic 4G Touch! [FI27]

  1. TheStumblingBlock says:

    I like the sound of this one being so minimalist. However I noticed on the new AOKP one you’ve linked to you said: ” It’s also ‘milestone 5’ edition, meaning it’s a very stable ROM with 4G WiMax and camcorder working flawlessly.” I’m wondering how the Blu here is on those issues?

    • Mick Jetten says:

      I’ve been using this ROM for about 4 months now & I must say, Its the best thing since sliced bread, I love that I can totally customize my 4G Epic Touch witha huge list of boot animations as well as changing between 15 modems and kernels for overclocking its the best,,,,, Thanks Max ((:

      • iz says:

        Can I easily change boot animations from the phone menu or do I have to do it during the rom install?

        Also, there are many boot animations, is there a site that has a list of them to see so I can decide on one quickly?

        • MzMarie says:

          there’s an app in Google play. boot animation changer. it allows u to download and change the animations. some are free and some u have to pay for.

        • Iz says:

          I found out its already a function built into the phone:
          Go to the Kuban Updater
          -hit apps button >scroll to the right > select the Kuban Updater
          or hit menu > settings > select ROM Updater

          Its listed under the first column: Boot Animations

  2. samejima says:

    the ringer that blu kuban put on this phone is easily worth flashing. other than that, DSP manager doesn’t work, the volume rockers need to be tweaked so that you can change tracks with the volume, the video player needs to be tweaked because I can’t play videos with DRM or MPG4’s(caulkin’s rom’s video player’s the same and plays all files flawlessly) other than that everything works well.

  3. TheStumblingBlock says:

    Another really cool rom totally ruined for me because, for some reason, I cannot move apps to the SD card. Great.

    • TheStumblingBlock says:

      ARRRRGGGGG WHY CAN’T I PUT APPS ON SD??? Is there something I can do to work around this because I love this rom otherwise, and I just can’t believe it keeps telling me it’s unable to move the apps. I’ve even formatted and erased the SD card in hopes of making it work, and NOTHING.

      • samejimaT says:

        there’s an app in market called gemini app manager that used to strong arm any and all apps into the SD card on my olde HTC EVO. see if that will work.

        • TheStumblingBlock says:

          Wow, never heard of Gemini. Sweet app. Still won’t let me though. Not even showing SD storage as a possibility on anything. I just wish I knew why it’s blocked this ability.

          • samejimat says:

            Kuban’ll have to tweak it. The e4gt has enough memory but its the principle. I had everything running of SD on caulkin.

        • TheStumblingBlock says:

          Yeah, I’m probably going to have to go back to Caulkin too. But now that I know about Apex (which I’ve never seen before now) I can probably run it much more stable on there than I ever could Go Launcher.

  4. shadrick simms says:

    i luv how the rom is but the major bugs i had were signing in to accounts and when i use the web my 3g shut down using my epic4gt

  5. samejimat says:

    I go and start to really like this ROM. Then I goto USB download some files and the storage doesn’t work on this ROM. back to Caulkin

    • Kevin says:

      You need to turn USB debugging off then a dialog will appear when you plug in USB. You can turn USB storage on and off from phone (when on you cannot access USB storage from phone)

  6. TheStumblingBlock says:

    Okay, my previous arrrgggg about apps2sd… well, I hadn’t found a better rom to go to so I stayed put. Suddenly there was an update. I let it load. Now I can put apps to the SD, and a few other improvements came through. All I can say is, I’ve never had my phone act so amazing. And it taught me about Apex, which is smaller than Go Launcher and quite superior as well

  7. Scott says:

    The “look” gets an A+. However, I was unable to accomplish anything. Experienced SLOW response, frozen screens, inability to sign into email and gmail…

    If the “look” could be overlaid onto one of the new Android 4.0.4 roms, it would be a beautiful thing.

    • B-Rad says:

      This goes for most of the posters here: the majority of issues I’ve seen griped about here are YOUR OWN FAULT for not correctly installing the ROM!!

      You MUST use a gingerbread recovery for installation, that’s the big one. Once I figured that out, I’ve had 0 issues, everything works flawlessly. Hotspot/tether, apps to SD via Gemini, Internal and External SD storage access, fast responses, PHENOMENAL battery life, everything.

  8. J.R. says:

    I tried to update with the latest update that popped on the screen and flashed it now it gave me a boot loop. (rom Any ideas as to why this happend… I tried wiping cache,dalvic cache, and even factory data reset with no results… I had to flash back to the….???? any ideas???

    • admin says:

      Hmmm, you can try another Recovery, flash a kernel with another recovery and try a fresh install, that’s the solution.

      • J.R. says:

        I used the rougue recovery… thats the only that I know of for this phone is there another and how do i flash it?

        • J.R. says:

          I just tried clockwork recovery that didnt work either…SMH…it just stays stuck trying to boot on the rings going in circles all day long. I wiped dalvic cache and factory reset still no results!!! I guess I will stick to the

      • marc says:

        I had the same issue. Stuck at the boot loader after flashing the update ( which is too bad because the new boot loader animation fucking rocks!). Flashed original version you posted to get it working again.

        • luis soto says:

          i got that same problem does anyone know of another way of updating it.

          • J.R. says:

            OK I figured it out…. there seems to be a problem with the update file. So what I did was go to xda developers website and found the latest blue kuban downloaded it and installed it with no problems. Finally apps to SD!!!great rom.

  9. Ducksqueeze says:

    How do you install clockworkmod recovery with this rom? I was able to get clockworkmod to work in gingerbread, but it is now gone. Also I backed everything up with titanium backup but I don’t know how to get it on my phone. The google apps store is also missing. What can I do? Thanks from a newbie

  10. Patrick says:

    Hey is there any Ics roms or any way to silence the camera auto focus beep. I was able to disable all other sounds by deleting system files. any help would be great.. thanks

  11. shadrick simms says:

    Is this from a complete or still a test from cause I couldn’t get 3g

  12. hector says:

    First things first great rom .. But unfortunately it has a few issues. 1 be in apps forced to close a lot. But my biggest concern is it does not see my dual cores I’m only running on 1 core. Has anyone else had this issue if so is there a fix for it. I’m runnin this rom on a samsung galaxy s2 4g epic touch. And I’ve also upgraded to the latest version of blue cube. Any feedback on this would be appreciated.

  13. hector says:

    I’m running the rom blue cuban version 1.0 .3 .4 . Sorry forgot to mention the rom.

    • luis soto says:

      hi was wondering if when u updated to u had any issue being stucn in the boot screen?

      • hector says:

        No I had no issues with installation. I went from 12 to the latest version. The only issues I have force close and the browser sucks and can find my dule course

        • luis soto says:

          If u don’t mind me asking how did u upgrade to the latest version did ? And what do u mean by dule?. I tries upgradind to the from a window that pops up but for some reason when I update it gets stuck on the boot up. Was wondering if you can help me. Thanks..

  14. luis soto says:

    hello if anyone can help me that will be great im having a problen when i did the rom blu kuban eveything was kool but for some reason when it asked me to update to i did and it is stuck in reboot with the buke android man and a bule and green under going around and around.. so i had to download the rom all over again but it still asked me to upgrade. i tried reflashing it with the el-29–cwm-rogue.bat while it was stuck on reboot but that didnt work. can someone please help. i flashed the el-26-cwm-rouge.bat and running the blul kuban so i dont knopw if that is the problem. it also reboots it self out of the blue…

  15. Vaku says:

    I Am downloading the rom now.
    But wanted to know can i also change the CSC of the phone to india.

  16. joe says:

    i love how theres a new update for the blu kuban rom but when i try to update it the MD5 is wrong and when i flash it using rouge recovery my phone gets stuck on the second boot screen so how do i use the new blu kuban rom…because im still using the old one1.0.3.2 but i wanna use the a little help would be nice

  17. Alex says:

    I love blu kuban but the only issue I have now is that my browser will not open up. My internet browser won’t open and can’t get on internet. Can someone help me with this issue? Thanks

    • lpthomicdawg says:

      I don’t have this problem. I however don’t use the stock browser. I use ICS Browser plus. It’s free from the market. It’s the stock browser with lots of goodies added.

  18. Alex says:

    Also, get this message sometimes “unfortunately, exchange of services has stopped”. Can someone tell me why and help with this issue too? Thanks

  19. shadrick says:

    I tried the kuban rom again and updated it bit still no 3g for internet does anyone know how to fix this issue

  20. richard bonilla says:

    this rom consumes too much battery for some reason. i kill all the apps constantly, and still. i have had issues lately with the screen going bezerk when i wake it up. sometimes the volume is mute when it rings. and a few other things like, the update notification, i try to update the rom and it gets stuck on the start up screen. anyway, going back to stock rooted till something more stable, the aokp had no music bluetooth streaming to my stereo.

    • PYTMarie says:

      ok i thought it was me. I’ve had this rom abt 2 days and it is sucking the life out of my battery. i’ll more than likely have a new rom this wknd because of that alone. everything else is great!

  21. jeschelweck says:

    I love the rom but there is one thing that I haven’t been able to figure out. How the hell do you take a screenshot on this rom? Haha! On an unrooted Epic Touch you just hold the home and lock button, but I haven’t been able to figure out if you can do it on here. Anybody know?

    • lpthomicdawg says:

      Screenshot is on the Power Menu. Press and hold the Power Button, and choose option for Screenshot. I like this one better because I don’t have to go to the gallery to search for it. It shows up on the notification bar.

  22. Seth Glading says:

    qbking 77 warn not to flash if you have 4.0.3 in about phone it does show that
    am I not able to flash blu kuban

  23. TheStumblingBlock says:

    After using for a while it became obvious the only thing that my phone was reduced to was a $500 random malfunction generator. I grew sick of no USB recognition, constantly telling me my battery was interrupted from charging because of incorrect voltage (when I wasn’t charging it, which btw, it wouldn’t charge fully anymore and ran out too quickly), no browser doing anything but crashing, no app doing anything but crashing…

    So finally when I had time I tried flashing back to another rom and what I find out is that no matter what I do, even though my computers both have the Kies loaded and drivers installed, it will not let me do unroot or anything because no computer will recognize my device. I have no idea what to do, but I know that this rom has proven to be the worst disaster of all things I’ve ever experienced phonewise, and I used to have the Samsung Behold II, so that says everything.

    In fact, I’m thinking Samsung will never get my business again. Whole reason I wanted to flash to an ICS is to try out Google Chrome on my phone, and it’s never done anything but crash or freeze up, so that was a huge waste.

    • admin says:

      hmmmm one of the ics should work.

      • Levi says:

        I was having similar issues, but it turned out to be that my battery had been fried! I replaced my battery and The Blue Kuban works great! I did find that the updater will keep downloading and update, but the install doesn’t work. It goes through the steps but continues to download the same update and the weather will only display in Celsius, Other than than that, great Rom!

      • gina says:

        I so need help. This is the first time I’ve done this n I’m not sure what I did wrong. I love everything about the rom but my screens keep freezing up, its lagging. It always say my exchange service has stopped. I cant even set up my email n it says my play store has stopped. Please somebody help me!

        • gina says:

          Now its doing this weird thing, when it rings it takes a min for the screen to come up so I can answer it. PLEASE somebody help me

  24. Twitch223 says:

    Love the Kuban so far but had a problem with apps vanishing from home screen, installed the stock ICS launcher from rom updater and NO problems since. Everything works great, wifi, camera etc. Battery life isn’t as good as some other roms but still pretty decent. Thanks for all that you do Max!!

  25. GREG says:

    Im on the latest update to this rom and the only thing i can see that im having trouble with is that my phone wont connect to my wifi. Is there something im not doing. It trys to uptain the ip address but never acctually connects. Can someone help me out.

  26. Josh says:

    Absolute worst rom of all time, little to no internet activity, basically refuses to sync google account, no wifi connectivity due to no networks screen, built in rom updater useless, turn your phone into a fancy useless blu pile! Currently running (or not running depending on how you think about it) version Will be switching back to Blazer, simply cant tolerate ICS’s reliablilty and power consumption issues. Sprint Epic 4g Touch.

    • Esoteric68 says:

      Personal opinions aside it sounds like you probably didn’t start with a clean install. I’ve been running this ROM since the day it dropped and never experienced any of the issues you report. It’s a shame you had such a bad experience. Each update of the ROM brings better results and once source drops it’ll be the ROM to beat.

      With the except of the latest update (for some reason the Updater didn’t like switching numbers from to the ROM Updater is a fantastic tool for allowing you to customize the ROM to your personal tastes. You can flash different kernels, modems, lock screens, battery icons and so many other things.

      Of all the ICS ROMs I’ve tried, and I’ve tried quite a few, this is one of the more stable and better performing out there plus it has incredible development support. Rujelus is always updating and he encourages people to let him know when something isn’t working so that he can look into it.

      Don’t give up on things too quickly or throw them away as crap, sometimes it comes down to a bad download, hardware issues or conflict with other apps.

  27. dave says:

    ok i dont like it so how to get the original rom back i try to wipe data but it still show Blu Kuban. just want sprint rom back

  28. Jakkie says:

    The rom looks sweet but when I tried to update it its like my phone got stuck in this loading mode.Plus before that applications I opened would stop responding.I tried rebooting it but it took me back to the loading screen. Then my phone got really hot so I took the battery out for it to cool down.

  29. dudeyeah says:

    I love this rom. But when I try to update it from the phone it says md5 check failed. Someone please help

    • Esoteric68 says:

      The newest update to is located in the OP over on XDA.

      If you are already running then you can just flash the update, if you want to start fresh then grab the full ROM. If you’re having trouble downloading to your phone then download to the computer and copy to sd card.

      The newest update is fantastic and he’s getting ready to start work on upgrading the framework to FF18.

  30. B-Rad says:

    As stated in a reply above, I’ve got everything running beautifully, using the hotspot to post this actually. I just had a question. Maybe an admin would know, or know how to contact the developer, but which modem should be the best? Running Blu Kuban FE10 with Sprint service, currently in Los Angeles area.

    • Esoteric68 says:

      Modems vary depending upon your location. The best thing to do is take the time to flash different ones, always remembering to update profile/PRL and then give it time to settle in. If that particular modem doesn’t work then flash another, update profile/PRL, let it settle and test speeds.

      Unfortunately there’s no easy answer to which modem works best, I myself always run the most current modem release.

  31. dave says:

    Ok I retried it I liked it. Max your Alsome thanks.

  32. Sk0rp10n78 says:

    Been using the Blu Kuban Rom since the first release and have not had any issue everything has worked great. did the remove ads mod and works good on most apps that have ads some still come through. Love the customization you get with the ROM. BEST ICS rom i’ve tried

  33. erick says:

    when are u gonna put some new roms on here these ones are getting old i would gretly appricate it thanks again

  34. Timothy Jr says:

    Please come out with a new rom soon the anticipation of waiting is dangering my health. Lol.

  35. Mike says:

    what about swype? i tried to download the apk but even when i install it the option on the keyboard isnt there. when i go into setting it shows and even if its the only one selected it still on shows as the original keyboard when typing.

  36. Michael says:

    Search for 4.0 this is an old version

  37. Martin says:

    DUDE, I just tried to install this and the other recent rom and both gave me a signature failed message. My phone will not boot at ALL. HELP!!!

    • B-Rad says:

      DUDE, do some research and read instructions before trying shit, and guess what will happen….IT WILL WORK!!!!

      • Martin says:

        Could you try to be helpful? I had already successfully installed a previous ICS ROM. Any helpful suggestions as to why I’m getting a red signature failure when trying to flash new ROM?

  38. Bobby says:

    Wow! I just got this ROM installed. It is blazing fast! I’ve been looking to get rid of all that extra sprint $hit, and this did the trick! Oh, and did I mention how fast this ROM is?? I seriously have absolutely no desire to upgrade this beast anytime soon, even with the GS3 out now. I really can’t say how awesome, and clean this ROM is….oh yeah, and FAST! haha Thanks so much for the step by step instructions!

  39. Tom says:

    Ever since I upgraded to these ICS Roms, my 4G speed is actually slower than my 3G. I have tried different modems, but nothing seems to get my 4G speed back up (I am running 100-300kbps). Did I just get unlucky with Sprint doing updates or is it the ROM? I am seriously considering going back to Gingerbread Calkin. ICS is way overrated for the 2-3 features.

    • Tom says:

      I just reflashed back to the EL29. Sure enough, my 4G download speed is back up to 2-3GB while my upload speed seems a little bit slower. . I am not sure what to make out of it, but I think I will wait for the official Sprint ROM update

  40. Dan says:

    I’ve recently updated to the official FF18 from the official EL29 and I don’t need to say how disappointed I am as everybody knows about that. Now, I am impressed by what the Blu Kuban ROM has to offer. I don’t know how get it on my phone though. I am an absolute noob when it comes to terms such as kernel, ROM, Recovery, Root and Flash. Can anyone please enlighten me a bit about them ? Also, I heard something about bricking which is needless to say that I have no clue about. I just figured that it is something that happens if I try to install a custom ICS ROM on the official ICS ROM. So, I am assuming I need to revert back to the stock GB and then install the Blu Kuban ROM on it. Whether that is right or not… can anyone guide me to the cool Blu Kuban destination? 🙂

    • B-Rad says:

      All you have to do is go to the top of the page, find the tab that says “Epic 4G Touch Root,” click it, and the resulting page is loaded with step by step dummy-proof written instructions, as well as a step by step dummy-proof “how-to” video, which can also be found on youtube. Everyone is a noob at some point, but PLEASE do your homework first and then ask questions if you get stuck, instead of just jumping right in and begging people to hold your hand through the whole process, especially since with this particular phone, it is virtually impossible to hard brick meaning everything can be fixed if you screw up.
      (Hard Brick=phone will not boot into operating system or recovery/download modes; Soft Brick=phone will boot into recovery/download modes but not into OS)

      And believe me, this is SO MUCH easier than rooting an HTC Hero or similar phones, using DOS prompt commands from your pc, which I managed to do a couple years ago with absolutely no previous experience. If done properly, following the guide step by step (read/watch the entire instruction before beginning), once you have all the required files downloaded and placed where they need to be, it will take less than ten minutes to have a stock rooted phone ready for custom OS installation, with only one click of the start button in the root program.

  41. Alan says:

    So far this is the best ROM I have tried. Even better than Universe ROM, which is slow and extremely buggy. Looks way cool though. Though I have ran into the issue of 4g connections being slower than 3g data connections. This is an issue with the modem and why they put such a shitty modem in this great ROM is beyond me. Anyways I downloaded the brand new FI25 modem and after flashing saw a 61% increase in 3g speeds. I haven’t had the chance to check 4g yet. Also make sure you root back too el29 and install clockwork mood and flash the ROM through a gingerbread based recovery as that is what is recommended. The ROM has also been updated top run off of the ff18 framework and now there is only one file to download..

  42. gary says:

    i have blu kuban and the fh13 modem wasnt doing me any good for service so i downloaded the fi25. clicked reboot and install and the phone during boot screen shut down so i plugged the phone in and went in manually into the blukubandownload folder and manually downloaded it and it says everything downloaded correctly. however, when i go into the blu kuban updater, then to modem and look at fi25 is shows downloaded but says “installed: no”. my service seems better so i am wondering if it says no on the install because i manually installed instead of the automatic reboot and install after download….. thanks

  43. Ben says:

    I’ve been using this from for about four months and I love it. just updated to version 1
    .0.5 and can’t download any apps from market. Always gives an error anybody seen this or anything I’ve done wrong. Thanks for any help

  44. Roberto says:

    I have to say I have changed my ROM six times in the past three days and this has been the ALL AROUND BEST ROM I have tested.. If it was a car i’ll buy it.. So much to tweak and so little time.. Great ROM

  45. Jack says:

    Hmm, I’m new to roms, I think… What I mean is that I have used rooted roms, but I have never tried anything other than stock rooted roms.

    Is the process the same, just download executable and run it, or do I have to do something different? Sorry for the noobie questions, I just want to be absolutely clear so I don’t bork my phone.

    • Jack says:

      Hmm, i worded my previous question wrong, I did watch the video and know I install it through the safe kernel. What I mean to ask is whether I can completely restore all of my apps using Titanium Backup, including setting and other files, etc. or will I have to adjust all setting and files when I install this? I just don’t see how people who try out a different rom every day or other day have the time to do the later if that’s the case. =/

  46. Mike says:

    I am getting an error after doing the safe kernel installing the Rom. error is clearing cashe fprmat expects 4 args got 3. E: error in /emmc/download/ROMS/the status 7 instillation aborted. then have to recover back to prevous version

  47. marcelo says:

    First I would like to thank you for such nice video and everything well explained ! I had Universe rom for 2 weeks and never saw something so bad as was, dont even want talk about the issues.
    I did install Blu last friday night and so far works so well and not only that but all the options it gives to me make this rom the best so far. I do have one issue which I dont know what is creating it. Battery life is terrible but still way much better than was with universe. This morning something very weird happened. I left it charging over night and at 6:30 i removed it from the charged and did some web navigation, nothing so hard. Drove my kids to school and when right after dropping them on the school, I turned my navigation on since I had to find a location. GPS got stuck and it kept saying looking for GPS (battery was 86%) I drove for about 10 minutes turning GPS on and off to see if would ever get fix. At one point it start working and the navigation then started, right after 2 minutes it frozen and when I try to hit return key the phone turned off. I try to reboot but at the middle of booting , low battery sound came off and it never booted. I came home plugged into the charger and showed 1/2 battery. Normally after it dies I plug on the charge and it show less than 10%. I cannot understand what is going on. Any body there with the same issue ?

  48. luis S says:

    hello everyone i have quick question im trying to change my launcher on this blu kuban rom but i have no idea was wondering if anyone knows. i would appriciate the help thank you

  49. B-Rad says:

    Having some difficulty with the install. At first I thought it was because I had a brain fart and didn’t do a wipe and recovery reboot before attempting the install, but after I went back and did that I still got “installation aborted ‘bad.'”
    I DID notice an error on page notice on the download page however, perhaps that had something to do with file corruption? Anyways, gonna try re-downloading the ROM and go from there.

    Flashing from Codename-Android Jellybean ROM using “safe kernel.”

    • B-Rad says:

      By the way, I ALSO noticed that for some reason, on the download page in the file description it says the file is 497.2Mb, but the actual size of the file I downloaded from there is in the average size range for ROMs at 154Mb.

  50. Iz says:

    I can’t seem to find how to change the pulldown shortcuts. I know I saw it and actually used it once before but I can’t remember how to get back to the option to change/select what is in my pulldown menu. Can someone post it so that its here to find? Thanx

  51. Alex says:

    This is a killer ROM. I switched over from Universe using the safe kernel, and this is by far the best ROM I’ve tried on this phone. Everything works, it’s stable and lighting fast, and there’s no end to all the customization. My only slight complaint is that I’m not so much into the black inverted theme in the modded apps like Gmail. I tried downloading the standard Gmail from the market and it said it wasn’t compatible. Is there any way to manually replace Gmail with the standard AOSP version?

    • Jack says:

      I agree, I would like a way to get the standard version of gmail, etc. or be able to change the background color, I can’t see some things until I click on them because it’s black on black.

      • Alex says:

        I was able to uninstall YouTube, Google+ and Twitter and replace those with the Market ones, but it won’t let me swap Gmail for some reason. Oh well, I can live with inverted Gmail and Messaging if I have to. Everything else kicks ass.

  52. ben says:

    whenever my screen times out my wifi shuts off. anyway to leave wifi on always for this rom?

  53. Chris says:

    I’m having an issue with randomly unmounting my SD card. If I turn off, pop the card out/in, and turn on, it works fine, but then it just does it again. Also, I’m only getting so-so battery life, even when it sits at home with wifi connected.

    Any thoughts?

    • Chris says:


      I updated to, but it still doesn’t recognize my SD card as being there, even though I can access my apps. Anything on the SD card doesn’t show up in the app drawer. I’m on FI03.

  54. Alex says:

    Ok, I left positive comments last week after I had it installed a few days. The ROM has worked fine until just today, and now suddenly it’s unstable and keeps freezing, and a lot of my apps are force-closing. It’s especially rough with Messaging and Google apps such as Gmail and Google+, they FC almost immediately after opening. I have no idea what could have caused this, I haven’t done anything differently since I flashed this ROM, and this is a new phone. So disappointing and frustrating – I was really loving this ROM too.

  55. Lay says:

    May not get this one a lot, but how can i get the bloatware back after flashing this rom?
    I really just want a few of the stock apps like clock, visual voicemail, etc. It doesn’t seem to be posted any on xda.

  56. Chris says:

    Does anyone else have an issue with your SD card randomly “unmounting”? I can’t find anything/anyone with a similar issue.

    • Dan says:

      I had some major SD card issues on my previous phone that turned out to be a bad SD card. I pulled my hair out for days trying to figure out what it was.

  57. Dan says:

    Does anyone know a way to change the basic Phone function on this ROM. I have really gotten used to, and like the phone/contacts/recent calls/favorites that was on Caulkins ROM? This ROMs phone function separates the contacts list out which is extremely annoying. Any info would be appreciated.

  58. Aaron says:

    I am trying to get the blu kuban rom on my phone but i am not sure at all on how to flash the safe kernal and the blu kuban rom over to my phone i have the rogue recovery but dont know how to flash them over if anyone could help me as soon as possible that would be greatly appreciated

  59. Jack Gay says:

    I can no longer download/update any apps from the app store, anyone know why this might be?

  60. Aaron says:

    ok i am having trouble downling the blu kuban rom onto my phone i have the safe kernal but everytime i try to download the rom it only goes so far then it says the download is complete but its not the zip but but its a .htm file does anyone know what is cauing this and what i can do to fix it?

  61. Broken says:

    Love it but Theres one problem and I’ve checked all over the internet for a fix with no luck. On more the one phone number when i dail it i get “Sorry xxx xxx xxxx is not a recognized mail box code 41 2” on other phone numbers there no problem.
    Dont have a clue on how to fix it.

  62. Flatline says:

    Resent Sprint update started the Sprint ID crashing all the time. Today I rooted and install this Rom. First try was total garbage. Outlook crashed all the time constant hanging.

    I got home tonight and re install the safe kernel, the cleared everything I could, re installed with minimum install option and this thing is on rails now.

    Faster than my sons S3 and more things to play with.

  63. Mario says:

    So I rooted my E4GT and then flashed with the Blu Kuban. I haven’t been able to get Kies to recognize my phone so I can recover all my contacts and sms. Anyone can help? It just says ‘Connecting’ forvever and it never does. Tried uninstalling, rebooting, and installing again on my pc. Nothing.
    Gonna try using SPH-D710_FI03_CL1083465_Rooted_Nodata_v2 again and see if it will work then.

  64. Kaz says:

    Has anyone upgraded to FL24 on the Epic 4G Touch? I’d been running Kuban since the fall and about a month ago started getting prompted to update to FL24. I tried installing the most recent version of Kuban ( and noticed some glitchy behavior, but not sure if this is due to a corrupt install. Either way, on XDA it looks like Epic 4G Touch is only supported through Kuban I went back to and the same prompt to upgrade persists. Any suggestions?

    • Efrain G. says:

      Yea me and my brothers cell get the same thing too on our phones . Only thing is since it doesn’t install right it ask’s me to upgrade every few weeks .

  65. Ed says:

    I’m on a ICS fl03 root, and whenever I try to install the kernal/rom it just doesn’t work and shows an error sign, with the android in a lied down position with a triangular red exclamation….what am I doing wrong?

  66. chal says:

    Does the hotspot hack work? Is it wifi or USB?

  67. Danny says:

    this ROM is garbage….The Dark Angel Rises Final is by far the best ROM out for the E4gt…

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