AOKP ICS ROM for Rooted Epic 4G Touch!

My favorite AOKP ICS ROM on Galaxy Nexus is now finally available also on your rooted Epic 4G Touch! This AOKP ICS ROM features a ton of goodies, specifically, it will give you a “pure” ICS experience added with ROM Control, which allows you to do cool things like custom carrier labels, UI customizations, battery saving mode, and even turn your phone into a flashlight by holding down the power button while the phone is in sleep mode.

If you haven’t tried AOKP ICS ROM on other Android devices, definitely give this ROM a go. It’s also “milestone 5” edition, meaning it’s a very stable ROM with 4G WiMax and camcorder working flawlessly. And let me know how it goes for you but I have a good feeling you will fall in love with this ROM and stop flashing.

Download ROM:


Download GoogleApps:

Download Google Apps

To install, wipe, install ROM, install GoogleApps, then reboot. That’s it!

Credits – XDA

Don’t know how to flash a new ROM?  Do you have your Epic 4G Touch rooted?  Please see  Epic 4G Touch FAQ if you are new to this FIRST!

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88 Responses to AOKP ICS ROM for Rooted Epic 4G Touch!

  1. TheStumblingBlock says:

    You showed off the camera. Wondering if it has the panorama capability like the stock camera does?

  2. mikeysweet says:

    Hey, I’ve been waiting for a stable ICS to try out. Here’s the deal though. When I bought my phone, I followed your other video and rooted to stock. Now I have a couple dozen apps and full of data on my phone. How do can I put this ROM on my phone and keep my apps and data? I know its a noob question, but I am a noob to Android!

    • Koye says:

      You should back up you’re apps with a program called App Backup & Restore. You should also back up you’re current rom just in case . When you do install this rom, make sure you install the Actual Rom and the Google Apps in the recovery .

    • Danny says:

      install your custom rom, once your all set download and installed SD Maid from google play, its free and cleans up all the old installs and apps you dont use.

  3. JamesEh says:

    Dude….my phone = bricked. Blue light staying on….crap. Anyway….how long does this rom take to load?? Iwaited like 20 minutes and it didnt finish? Whats going on here?

  4. luke weldon says:

    Do NOT use this rom!!! It won’t let me do anything!!! I can’t restore it because it installed a new recovery system. On top of that, It didn’t come with google play, so i couldn’t install any apps… on top of that, i finally got google play installed so i can download app, and google play closes instantly.. whoever made this rom, made it to simply piss everyone off!!!!

  5. Koye says:

    You must install this ROM manually through CWM not rogue. Make sure you do a complete wipe and back up you’re current rom.

  6. jabari jones says:

    WI’m having a problem with this rom. Once I installed this rom I tried to install the gaaps and the recovery mode said e: file could not be updated because the signature couldn’t be verifed . The recovery will not let me install gapps any other roms I want to install. Someone please help.

  7. Tyme says:

    Hey is there anyway to remove the the google search bar thats at the top of the main page?

  8. TheStumblingBlock says:

    Ahhh… I knew I’d heard of AOKP before. I’d flashed it onto my Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 and it seemed to work okay for the most part. But then suddenly nothing worked and everything crashed constantly. I just noticed the angry pink unicorn in the graphics above and realized why it was familiar. Question, everytime I tried to install this onto my GS2EpicTouch4G it kept saying installation was aborted. Yes, I was using CWM. Why is it aborting on me?

  9. A. Thomas says:

    bricked my phone too….

  10. Z. Harman says:

    Hi, i was wondering what route i would take when i already have Codename ICS ROM. It changed my CWM and now i can’t get back into CWM to install the new ROM.

    • TheStumblingBlock says:

      Go to the Market and find an app called Mobile Odin. It costs about $5 for the pro version but if you read the app’s info there’s a link for you to go to, and at that link will be a download for Mobile Odin Lite, which is free (but not from market, so make sure you have unknown sources checked. There’s a YouTube video that’ll show you how to use it, what to install, and how to get out of Codename and into the stock rom.

      However! I do not recommend you try to flash this. I left Codename using Mobile Odin and… let’s just say I hope I can get Asurion to send me a new device now. It’s best to just go back to stock and stay with Gingerbread for now. No ICS rom is stable.

  11. TheTank says:

    Didn’t work for me either using both methods

  12. Tyme says:

    with gingerbread there was an easy and accessible stock voicemail app, has that gone the way of the dodo in this ROM!?


    • ViciousD says:

      What I did was grap the vtt-sprint.apk from another ROM’s zip file and copied it into the AOKP zip file…then uploaded it to my cd card and flashed it. When the phone rebooted I had the Sprint Voicemail App installed and working *tested*. You can find the apps in the \system\app\ folder. You know it works when after a few minutes of booting into AOKP you get an sms from Sprint saying “//ANDROID:Provisioning successful”

      The only annoying thing is every voicemail you get you will get an sms message stating that…but at least the app will work, too.

  13. Mohamad says:

    This thing is a POS… TOTALLY messed up my phone can’t install market and can’t install CM Recovery.


    • Nick says:

      Dude the rom works fine. You have to odin flash el26stock, then install cwm and update cwm, do a factory wipe in the newly installed recovery. and the flash the rom twice to be sure it takes. And then finally the g apps. This method is flawless, i bricked my first phone before i found out.


  14. chris says:

    5*s FLASH SUPPORT!!! (after manual installation), installed from Calkulins E4GT 2 rom using rouge recovery. Thanks Zedo! P.S. If anyone is coming from another ICS rom with stock recovery, I odin-ed mine back to the stock rom and reflashed cwm recovery.

  15. Danny says:

    To install this rom you need to do exactly the following put your phone in download mode, install EL26 gb via odin, install CWM for el26 (non rogue), in cwm do factory reset, wipe cache, wipe dalvik, install rom, install latest version of gapps, if you have it install phantom voicemail fix, reboot and enjoy! THIS ROM IS SICK!! its the best one out right now. For GPS fix install AGPS from google play. been on this rom for the last month its great. Dev also stays on top of updates. Im on latest FE07 release with this rom, great battery life and very stable.

    • Danny says:

      Also to add, this rom comes with just the bare minimum leaving the user to decide what apps get installed. for voicemail download google voicemail or find the sprint apk if you must have sprint.

    • Bud says:

      OK, I can ODIN the EL26 with the CWM recovery but I rooted following the instructions here and installed the Rogue ET Recovery 1.1.2 now when I go into recovery the right “OK” button won’t work. I’m back now to EL29 and Rogue ET Recovery and it’s working but I can’t figure out how to get Rogue out so I can install plain CWM. Any ideas?

      • Danny says:

        when you go into CWM el26 using the volume buttons press Up Down up Down it enables the “ok” button.

    • luis soto says:

      how do you install EL26 GB on odin and CWM for el 26

  16. Danny says:

    you need to install EL26 not 29 then flash EL26 CWM, then flash away but as I stated above.

  17. Luc says:

    This ROM is great and I have been flashing it for about a month now, but I still have issues with the SD Card mounting to read files, but more importantly the inability to find my music. The other big issue is that GPS navigation doesnt work, it gets stuck on finding satellites. Which is strange because its using the gps to find my location to update on google maps and for weather. Is anybody else there experiencing these same issues even with the latest Milestone Build 35 update that suppose to be “bug-free”?

  18. ViciousD says:

    I am having an issue with this ROM where if I am on 4G/WiMAX, any pictures downloaded on a website are distorted and if I try to download and install an App from the Play Store it gives me the “Package File is Invalid” error…I’ve gone back to GB and it all works fine there. I’ve updated to the EG31 modem and still the same issue…any known fix for this? Thanks!

  19. JC says:

    updated CWM, flashed the ROM. I’m ready to get rid of yet another ‘not ready for prime-time player’ but when I start in recovery what do I get, CWM? nope, Android system recovery, nice

  20. chris says:

    External sd display won’t mount and AP tetheing kaploot, other than that great rom.

  21. gezeo750 says:

    My SD card won’t mount, and I can’t seem to install CWM. Every time I boot into recovery I end up in android recovery, not CWM. How do I fix this?

  22. Jorge says:

    Love the rom, simply ICS but I have my E4GT flashed over metroPCS with 3G speeds but the internet wont connect with this rom… it will connect just fine with any other ROM.. made sure 4G is off and data and roaming are on but still no internet…..pretty strange

  23. luis soto says:

    so i finally got it to work i believe but i cant get the 4g for some reason dont know if i did some thing wrong. please help. im a newbie to the rooting game lol

  24. wam3 says:

    After a few attempts, I finally got this ROM to work with gapps and all… The ONLY problem, which is a BIG one, is whenever I attempt to make an outgoing call I receive the message “Voice calling not supported”. All incoming calls are sent straight to voicemail. Texting works. Internet works. Network claims it is connected. What’s the hang-up???

  25. burton1976 says:

    Every single time I try to flash this, using the exact instructions in this article, I get “Installation Aborted”. What could I possibly be doing wrong? Any help would be great. Thanks!

  26. Evan says:

    So i installed AKOP rom and now i lost clockwork and i cant change roms! When i try to do an update from the recovery screen it just has the little android guy laying on his back with an exclamation point above him, someone please help me get out of this rom so i can try Caulken!!!! Thanks!

    • Nick says:

      You are going to lose CWM its happened to everyone. oddly enough be thankful doing a wipe in cwm while using and leaked ics will brick the e4gt, you need to take the time and reodin from the start.

      source: my bricked phone i tricked sprint into servicing.

  27. Winnie2101 says:

    Have been running this rom for weeks… loving it..
    Tried many roms and i sure love this one… everything seems to work
    And i havent had an issue with it…

  28. MAT says:

    Hey im having some problems on my Samsung Galaxy S2 (sprint) (sph-d710) hoping anyone here can help me out. I followed the root process through odin flashed a few roms no problem and than i decided to try this one out the aokp ics rom. Im using rouge recovery to flash the roms however once i installed this rom i decided not to keep it and went to flash a different rom and rouge recovery didnt come up. now android system recovery comes up and i can no longer switch roms. im stuck with this rom and liking it and would really wish to change it……SOMEONE PLEASE HELP!!

    • MAT says:


      • admin says:

        you just have to flash a kernel with custom recovery such as rogue.

      • MAT says:

        Hey zedo i downloaded one of your kernels with the custom recovery and when i went back into the recovery to install the kernel from the sd card it started to load than it showed the android character laying down with the chest area open and a exclamation mark above it in red and said this

        E:signature verification failed
        installation aborted

        what do i do? im trying to get rid of this rom intirely and go back to the codename rom

  29. admin says:

    You need to install a kernel via ODIN or try the root method again.

  30. MAT says:

    how do i do this if my computer is no longer recognizing phone?

  31. Louis Maria says:

    I followed your steps to root and I also flashed rogue cmw. I tryed to flash this rom and it keeps saying installation aborted.

  32. Jakkie says:

    I haven’t had a chance to test this rom because im a little stuck. My password inst working to get inside my phone and I don’t know what to do. I know its right because I always use this password. Can someone help me.

  33. luis says:

    The rom is perfecy. but the sd card does not work

  34. Ashley says:

    I read all the above comments instructing to flash this ROM through odin but can someone explain how to do that? I rooted my e4gt using the videos on this site so I have CWM Rogue Recovery and I know I can’t use that to flash this ROM and I do not know what odin is or how to use it. Help please. Thanks!

  35. TheStumblingBlock says:

    Do NOT go to this from another ICS rom. Flash back to stock EL26 (not EL29) using an EL26 OneClick Odin program (they’re out there and easy to search for.

    Wipe like freakin’ crazy your data, several times, and do this to your caches and battery as well. Then in the E4GTauto file, doubleclick and install the EL26-CWM installer that is WITHOUT Rogue (and notice nobody anywhere can seem to spell Rogue correctly? Rouge is a cosmetic, people). Now don’t panic when you go into recovery and find the power button doesn’t do anything. The volume still moves selector up and down, but it’s your home button that you’ll use for select (and even the “go back” button can be used for going back a step).

    NOW flash this rom and the gapps. And yes, I find it very ridiculous that these steps are not made clear on here leading people to brick their phone. But once you do these things, you’ll find that this is the most stable ICS rom we have right now. And to my great pleasure, the GV Integration app that I paid for, that won’t work on any rom at all except the sandtrap that is called Codename, also works on this. My phone’s never been so perfect.

    But it must be done right, and sites like this really should be more thorough on such things.

  36. rockstang says:

    Don’t update to this version. Many features do not load properly. Download latest version (ver 40 as of today). Major fixes to camera, usb connect, 4g toggle are all included. Download the newest version at xda developers. No offense to this site but the links should be updated.

  37. Timothy Jr says:

    Is there any way to get this rom to read my sd card

  38. Simon says:

    YouTube vid is dead. Says account terminated. 🙁

  39. carlos says:

    1)This rom does flashes without a cwm kernel. Sux if #2 happens
    2) when you shutoff and restart the phone the carrier info somehow disappears and your process stops and you can’t turn it back on, so you won’t make/receive calls or SMS or 3g4g data.
    Since the from flashes no kernel you’ll have to reflash el26 kernel thru mobile Odin.

    I like it when developers create proper roms. I hate it when roms are poorly built. Any rom that flashes with no kernel sucks. The dropped carrier makes this rom a horrible one.

  40. bullsmith83 says:

    WARNING: If you flash this ROM you will lose your recovery. Thus if you decide that you don’t want this ROM any more and you either want to flash a different ROM or restore from backup, you will have to jump thru some hoops to restore your recovery so you can get rid of this ROM. This is what I noted about the ROM, it doesn’t not mount your external SD card, turning on 4G is a pain in that there is no power menu to turn it … you’ll have to get a widget or use settings menu to turn it on. I’m not a fan.

  41. mark says:

    which kernel works the best with this rom atm im using CWM5-Safe-TW.

  42. Farid says:

    Does anyone know how to revert back to a gingerbread rom, i tried the odin method from this site used originally to flash a custom firmware but it keeps failing during the download… im really stuck with this and its terrible since i use my phone so much for work. battery life is absolute crap. thanks in advance to anyone that can help out

  43. MeMyselfAndroid says:

    I flashed this ROM and seem to have it all screwed up. I don’t see my internal SD card and can’t restore from a previous NANDROID backup. What’s wrong and how do I fix this?

  44. MeMyselfAndroid says:

    I want to flash a totally different rom and can’t seem to even place it in my EX SD card. This rom is definitely not what I thought it was par up to. THUMBS DOWN (no offense but yeah)
    How can I fix this problem, because I can’t even restore to a previous Nandroid backup.

  45. taz doyle says:

    wifi/3g not working so i cant download cwm to install a new rom please help

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