Zedomax Epic Touch Kernel v3 – Updated with Custom Boot Animations, CWM USB Mount, SU 3.0!

So, I was going to wait until I had the stock boot screen changed but since it’s taking me forever and today I spent all day long fixing my broken car (cost me $1000 WTF), I am just going to post Zedomax Epic Touch Kernel v3, which includes everything I’ve added so far.

First, I wanted custom boot animations for my new ROM (in the near future) so I’ve added support for custom boot animations.  You can simply put any bootanimation.zip (800×480 resolution) in the /system/media directory and reboot.

Second, I’ve updated the kernel with the latest Superuser 3.0 and su binary files.  I know some people were flashing a bunch of different kernels and previous version had some symbolic links, causing havoc.  With this new update, you should have no more of that.

Third, USB mount is supported in CWM, you can mount your Epic 4G Touch as USB disk drive in recovery.


Download here:

Download Zedomax Epic Touch Kernel V3 tar file for ODIN

Download Zedomax Epic Touch Kernel V3 zip file for CWM

What I am working on now:

I am trying to work on getting a stock kernel, as soon as a stock boot splash can be made, this should be possible soon.

I am also going to compile CWM from scratch so you can mount both your internal storage and external SD card.

Other than that, some people are having LOS (loss of signal) issues but it seems like this is a bug on Sprint’s towers and/or Samsung’s code.  We will all get this figured out soon or later so stay put but the kernels are NOT causing them.

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42 Responses to Zedomax Epic Touch Kernel v3 – Updated with Custom Boot Animations, CWM USB Mount, SU 3.0!

  1. Cam says:

    Has anyone else had any issues with 3G connectivity with this? I’m sorry if this isn’t the best place to ask…but I get 3G when I first start/restart my phone and then after running for a little while I can’t send texts and 3G icon disappears from the top…also having trouble when I try update PRL and update profile in the about section of settings…

    • Cam says:

      Oh my gosh…wow…nevermind…maybe I should have read the whole post where it says “some users are experiencing LOS”…has anyone else figured some kind of workaround or some way to keep signal? it’s kinda frustrating having to reset my phone to text…

      • Rod says:

        That LOS problem must be sprint, my phone is not rooted yet and I have the same freaking problems with the 3g and text issue!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Ralph says:

        In addition to the text/data issue, sometimes I’m losing the mobile signal. The phone then starts looking for signal and eats up the battery.

        I get the message:
        “Mobile network not available”

        Not sure if it’s a root or sprint issue, but I’m thinking about doing a factory reset while keeping the root to see if it helps. Any new insight on this issue?

    • Brandon says:

      I am having the same issue, i have had this phone for 3 months now and have had no issues with 3g or service but i just rooted my phone and installed version 3 of the zedomax kernel and there is definately an issue with losing connectivity. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

  2. Theo Akai says:

    So this is the latest version of your rooted kernel? AWESOME! Now, before I load this using Odin, do I need to do a full system wipe or can I just load this on top of the old kernel?

  3. Andrew says:

    Hey i am going to root my phone but on the first page it says to download this epic4gtouchrootv1.zip file, if i am wanting to use kernel v3, would i still use the first .zip file or would i switch it with the Zedomax Epic Touch Kernel V3 zip?

  4. Andrew says:

    Or am i supposed to root with the epic4gtouchrootv1.zip file then once i am rooted get CWM and flash the v3 kernel?

  5. Cam says:

    So…after using v3 of your kernel and having issues with loss of service, I switched back to the stock kernel and haven’t had any of the LOS issues since…unless Sprint/Samsung fixed something at the same time that I switched back to the stock kernel, I feel like there may be some issue with your kernel causing some of these issues…

  6. Miguel says:

    Here’s my experience. Was on Zedo since V1. No significant LOS (maybe 2 or 3 during the 2 weeks). Then this past Friday, non-stop LOS while on V3. Switched to V4.1. LOS continued non-stop. Phone almost unusable. Wifi still worked great. Switch to stock kernel on Saturday afternoon. LOS continued unabated. Losing my mind slowly. This morning, switched back to V4.1 just for the heck of it. Not a single LOS all day.
    NONE of it makes sense.

  7. Andrew says:

    it has to be sprint. cuz at college i had some 4g service, no LOS, but once i get home with is 20 minutes away its constant LOS, im using v3 but i dont think it has anything to do with it

  8. Jack Ford says:

    I’m using 4.1. How does it differ from 3.0? When will you release 5.0? What will it add?

  9. D says:

    I was on v3.1 and was getting LOS at least 5 times a day. Went back to root and I have gotten LOS maybe 2 times in 4 days. the crazy part is it happened while I was on the phone talking. Will try 4.1 and see.

    • Andrew says:

      let me know what you find about the LOS with v 4.1

      • admin says:

        Seems like LOS issue is device related but I’ve had less LOS (maybe 1 last week) on v3, v4,v4.1 vs. the new stock one I made, which got a bunch of LOSes. I think I will stay with v3 for now or v4beta.

        • Andrew says:

          well with v3 i was getting LOS almost 10 times in maybe an hour, but i uninstalled the kernal and am using the stock root and ive gotten 1 LOS all day, but it only lasted maybe 2 minutes, so i think something might be wrong with v3. But it could just be my phone

          • Jamie says:

            Sorry for a dumb question, but what do you mean by stock root? Do you mean you unrooted and went back to the stock kernal? I am experiencing serious LOS even in the middle of calls, and need to somehow fix it, even if it means losing the wireless tether. What should I do?

  10. AntikytheraTech says:

    Just rooted and now running Zedomax v3 with absolutely no issues, save 1…
    I downloaded wifi tether for root users out of the market and it broadcasts the signal fine, no force closing and the log says all went fine but… when I try and connect to that network with another ddevice it does not show up in the list of available networks. Anyone else having issues with this?

  11. EVER says:

    I also was having LOS issues due to the root. thank god i found a way to unroot my phone. It works good now, ill just w8 till that issue is solved then ill root it again. when i lost signal it would happen like every 2 or 3 hrs and to get the signal back i would have to power off my phone and turn it back on

  12. Jimmy says:

    i have v1 and i get like los 2 times a week, and i dont have clock, i want to install it without updating to version 2, how do i do that zedo?

  13. techjunkie860 says:

    I’m having overheating issues with v3 temperatures hit 118 degrees f front and back feel like they are on fire. Any suggestions??

    Is it bad to keep flashing different roms? I’ve noticed they keep a count I’m @ 5?

  14. EVER says:

    hello i was wondering if i can use this for the sprint galaxy s2

  15. Mike M says:

    Max, your kernel is causing LOS “mobile network not available” with v2 kernel . I have unrooted back to stock kernel and my sprint galaxy 4g touch is no longer losing network… !

  16. Tony says:

    How do you revert back to the stock kernel? After the update I’ve had LOS issues as well. Please tell me where I can find the original kernel for the Samsung Epic Touch. Thanks

  17. U2elevation says:

    Is there or is anyone working on a rooted variant of the stock kernal to address the LOS issue?

  18. EVER says:

    rooted my fone installed clockworkmod and havent had an issue with my fone yet great job and thank you for sharing

  19. Mbishop48 says:

    I had that issue with the wifi tether, I switched it to Open Garden and it worked fine.

  20. Mbishop48 says:

    For all those not reading ahead of time, the LOS issue is a sprint and Samsung issue. The effects seem to be random as it is happening to rooted and stock users. I’ve had the issue before I was rooted and after. Been using v3 of zedomax and I do get a LOS on an infrequent and random basis but no different than when I was stock. There is a lot of info out there about these issues and the cause and cure have not been established yet. My bet is that it will be people like Max who figure it out first.

    Keep up the good work Max!

  21. Erick carter says:

    How do i get my Galaxy S ii in download mode while running clockwrd recovery

  22. Brandon says:

    The LOS is not a sprint issue, it is an issue with the kernel, i have v3 on my phone and have had several LOS issues during the day and never had any since i have had this phone, which has been over 3 mos now.

    • Andrew says:

      Yes, LOS issue is not a Sprint issue, but with the kernel. I did not have an connection problems before root, then I had it after. Now I’m unrooted again and no issues. So has anyone resolved this so I can go back to getting a rooted phone?

  23. Mike says:

    I just got the EK02 from sprint/samsung that is suppose to be fixing the LOS issues. I have been waiting for this update before rooting, my question is: is this kernel going to be stable with EK02 or should I be waiting for an updated one? Thanks, -Mike

    • Brandon says:

      I have the same question as Mike, will i have to re-root my phone if I install the new update that is suppose to fix the LOS issue?

      • Mike says:

        I am still new to this but from what I have read a general rule is that OTA updates and rooted phones don’t mix. The typical solution I have seen is either un-root your phone, install the update, re-root your phone; or get the update file from one of the root sites and manually update it. Not positive though, like I said new, so I would double check.

        • Brandon says:

          Thanks Mike, i am new to this as well. Im still doing research to figure out the best way to get the update, ill update you if I find a way that works.

  24. Thomas says:

    Hey I tried the kernal and it looks great but I’m putting back the stock kernal for now because my wifi will turn on for about 10 seconds then it turns off by itself.

  25. Hananiel says:

    i am also having the wifi issue… i just rooted and wifi wont stay on. is there a fix to this as i don’t have 4g at my home and heavily depend on wifi for faster data speeds!

  26. tykisson says:

    I tried to load this and every time it bricks my phone. i had to load back the safe kernel and then it would boot up again. what could be the issue???

  27. mr Q says:

    for some reason i get stuck on boot image with yellow tri.
    i have tried going back to stock.. re rooting.. bla bla bla.. can anyone help me? my phone preforms like crap and i have horrible batt. life.. i get 2000s or less in quadrant on performance…
    im on ff18..
    AOKP milestone 6

  28. MeMyselfAndroid says:

    I flashed AOKP Milestone 5 on my Epic4GTouch and for whatever reason cannot access my INTERNAL SD and my CWM seems to not have the option of restore or backup anymore. What can I do to fix this or did I do wrong?
    It’s barely legible when in CWM. (black background/blue font)

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