How to Overclock Rooted Epic 4G Touch to 1.6Ghz! [Zedomax Epic 4G Touch Kernel]

So, I’ve compiled a new overclockable kernel off xda users’s NeoPhyTe.x360 SG2 kernel, this should give you better battery life and also performance when you needed.

NOTE: This is only for Gingerbread and very old kernel, I’ve stopped developing this kernel so please try another kernel!!! ┬áIn other words, DO NOT USE!

For those of you who weren’t getting good battery life and also wasn’t getting performance, this kernel should help.

At stock 1.2Ghz (with no setCPU), you can get your performance back, getting like near 3400 on Quadrant without overclocking.

*Note – As always, this is experimental kernel, flash it at your risk and don’t take the battery out while you use ODIN!!!


Can be overclocked to 1.6Ghz usig setCPU.
Long battery life with 500-1200 Mhz ondemand (the best to get low batt drain, should drain lower in sleep)
Lowest maximum freq blocked to 400mhz (so if you put 200-200, it will run 200-400, locked due to better performance)
Performance increases without overclocking.

Download kernel tar file here and flash with Odin:
UPDATE: Download version 2 (file name with v2) as it comes with CWM Recovery!

Download kernel


HUGE Thanks to XDA user NeoPhyTe.x360 for the overclocking code/files.

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9 Responses to How to Overclock Rooted Epic 4G Touch to 1.6Ghz! [Zedomax Epic 4G Touch Kernel]

  1. Rodsvin Caballero says:

    Works great i just want to know if i can get rid of the yellow triangle when the phone starts.

  2. Chuck Z says:

    I overclocked my Galaxy S Epic and it seems to run faster but would love to know how to properly set up the Setcpu app to get all the benefits suck as longer battery life.

  3. Kevin Rodriguez says:

    I rooted mine with the very first version and still have not figured out a way to get the yellow triangle off.. And I can not find what kind of firmware I have.. Just say 2.3.4. Was wondering if the root took off what version mine was.. Anybody have any ideas??

  4. chang says:

    Hi, Friend i just rooted my phone everything is working fine, but when reboot i keep getting the yellow triangle like other people too so. please doing something the help kill that little yellow triangle. Thanks

  5. Andrew says:

    do i have it so its set to set on boot? i have it at 1500max 500min ondemand for battery life like you said

  6. Jimmy says:

    does this version have a loss of service ? or does everything work?

  7. Cableninja says:

    I am having trouble text messaging when I am using the v3 in the range of my Sprint Airave. Every message says failed and I cannot receive. Tried to update profile with no change, then I go back to stock and everything is just fine. Weird. Any Ideas? Thanks!

  8. tyrus says:

    i got a 4872 on quadrant running starburst tom with set cpu @ 1600

  9. johnbrooks says:

    to remove the yellow triangle you need a usb jig ( ebay or amazon) or qb king will show you how to make one i got one and it removed the yellow triangle in about a minute just plug it in and it does the rest. the usb jig is device specific so make sure you get the right one

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