How to Change Boot Animation Splash Screen on Rooted Epic 4G Touch!

For those of you who want to get custom boot animations, you can change them easily using Zedomax Epic Touch Kernel (v3 or later) and copying over the file over to system directory /system/media.

You need to  have Zedomax Epic Touch Kernel installed or any other kernel that supports it.

If you know how to use ADB, you can simply enable your Android filesystem as read/write and copy the file over OR if you are not so inclined or simply want a faster/easier way, you can buy the Root Explorer off the market.

First find with 800×480 resolution, you should be able to find a bunch by googling. ¬†Download the file and copy over to your Epic 4G Touch’s internal storage disk drive.

Using Root explorer, find the file file you just copied over and select “Copy”.

Then browse to the /system/media directory, enable r/w (hit button at top right), then paste.

Reboot your phone and enjoy your new boot animation.

This will only change the boot animation after the Samsung boot screen.

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18 Responses to How to Change Boot Animation Splash Screen on Rooted Epic 4G Touch!

  1. BK says:

    ok, here is what I don’t get, your tar states it is for an SPH-D710..which is sprints S2, but when I push it down through odin and matter which version I do 1,2 or 3, it still boots up and states it is an GT-i9100 with a yellow exclamation at the bottom? When I google that version number alot of the things I see is that it is a GSM kenrnel not a CDMA Kernel. I also had the connection issues everyone is talking about, and when I pushed the stock back to my epic, i no longer had the connection issues.

    • Theo Akai says:

      hey I have the same problem here…Where did you find the stock kernel? This yellow mark is scaring me and I’d be safe if I had a backup stock kernel in case I screwed something up…

  2. JuTo says:

    the yellow triangle is a warning thing like the messege u get before putting phone into odin mode (volume down + power) its basically telling u that u are no longer stock and its also a way companies find out ur rooted. there are a few methods used to remove the gt-i9100 and the yellow triangle. its more annoying than anything else… im just upset V3 doesn have CWM!!

    • David says:

      I still can’t figure out how to change my open/close boot animations.. but how do you get rid of that galaxy sII logo with the triangle?

  3. roger f says:

    if you get the jig and use CWM it will remove the triangle, and after i did this the splash went back to its original galaxy s2 logo “sprint version” without the triangle, just follow the directions and you will have success.

    • mpnieland says:

      Can you explain what you mean by “get the jig and use CWM”?

      I understand CWM means clockwork mod. I have ROM manager but what instructions are you talking about? Got a link?

    • mpnieland says:

      Nevermind, found the article on this site. I had just never heard of a jig before.

  4. roger f says:

    Q: how do you change bootscreen animations on starburst rom? Adding the zip to system/media doesn’t change it, and i got the pro version of the rom toolbox which has the bootscreen change option, but it doesn’t change it. any suggestions?

    • vince says:

      im having the exact same issue

      • HaCkThEaNdRoId says:

        As I have commented below, upload your custom to the /system/media/ folder using adb (or upload it to your SD card and copy over to that area). You will need to have R/W access (Non-root need not apply). Now, rename your old *.qmg files. Now, and finally, rename that custom file you just put in the /system/media/ folder to Reboot! Your welcome.

        • HaCkThEaNdRoId says:

          Forgot, you can do this with just a stock kernel using the root process found on here. BTW, CWM should be installed and you should backup anytime you do a mod to your phone (for the newbies, we have all been there)

  5. missie says:

    ok im changing the subject.

    my problem is i have not had wifi since i rooted my 4g tough.

    what can i do?

  6. Drew4G says:

    I’m trying to flash any ROM on my SPRINT SGS2 and it always ends up “Aborting Installation”. What am I doing wrong? I’ve followed all the steps but to no avail. I’m running:
    I’ve used the ROM MANAGER (reboot into recovery via many versions of CWM and still nothing)

    SPRINT White Samsung Galaxy S2


  7. HaCkThEaNdRoId says:

    For all to know, it is not necessary to have a custom ROM for custom boot animations. Just upload your to /system/media/ then rename it to Reboot and there you go!

    • KJLaw says:

      This method doesn’t work on many Samsung phones. They have a proprietary *.qmg and don’t use, so be aware of that when looking for boot animation files online. It is located in the same directory though.

  8. Nata says:

    I have a sprint SPH-D710 samsung sg2 epic touch it has android 4.0.4 baseband version S:D710.10S.fl24 i have noticed that there is no roms to flash to the Kernel version is 3.0.15-1173404 se.infra@sep-129#3 SMP preemptkst 2012
    build numb..
    why is this so different a build? does anyone know? can i flash a different rom?
    thanks for all help

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