How to Get Faster 3G/4G on Epic 4G Touch Using MSL and Bypassing Sprint Proxy!

Want to get faster 3G/4G download/upload speeds on your Epic 4G Touch (or any Sprint Android smartphone)?  There’s a hack you can bypass Sprint proxy to get 20-30% faster speeds (when you have good signal).

Step 1. Download the free app Android Terminal Emulator from the Play Store and run it.

Step 2. Type:


Then type:

getprop ril.MSL

This will give you a 6 digit number, that’s your MSL code, write it down somewhere.

Step 3. Next press “##3282” on your phone dialer.  This will bring up the hidden menus.  Select “Edit” and enter your MSL Code here.

Step 4. Choose “Others”.

Step 5. Choose “Multimedia”.

Step 6. Change everything to as shown below:

Step 7. Reboot and enjoy faster 3G/4G speeds.  This method will also get you to access certain sites that Sprint (might) have blocked.

Original settings just in case you want to revert (Why the heck you would want to I don’t know):



What is a Proxy?
In layman’s terms, a proxy is basically a “middleman” between the internet and your phone. Sprint uses their own proxy to track, watch, and control your internet access. Sometimes, this can cause a slight delay and hinders internet download/upload speeds on your phone. By bypassing the Sprint proxy, you can have a direct connection to the internet.

You might not achieve 20-30% faster speeds all the time but you will most of the time based on my testing.

You can also watch the experiment I did with Evo 3D couple months back which proves this here:

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72 Responses to How to Get Faster 3G/4G on Epic 4G Touch Using MSL and Bypassing Sprint Proxy!

  1. carlos roman says:

    You forgot a # after ##3282 so its: ##3282#

  2. Charles says:

    Tried it on my rooted Chaulkin Gingerbread EL29. Internet Speeds FELL Greatly…. 🙁

    • seth says:

      Huh i am running EL29 and Chauklin’s latest ROM and this increased my speeds considerably…

      Kernal: EL29-CL852097
      ROM: v2.8.1

  3. neff says:

    Can’t get the secret menu to open on my nexus s 4G with ICS

    • 4N0N7M0U5 says:

      this isn’t for the NEXUS S…

      • Adam Carter says:

        well, it says “any android sprint phone” in the description.

        won’t work on an AOSP ROM. you need the stock bullshit to do it, which max makes no mention of in this post.

      • John says:

        *#3282#* or #*3282*# or #*#*3282*#*# or the reverse of that. nexus is google phone, so spring cannot load any proprietary software on it. that includes its dialer codes. google set it up with *’s and #’s. in fact the hard reset ##786# is also the *#*# or #*#*

  4. James says:

    3g: 25 k down 83 k up
    4g: 1411 k down 269 k up

    3g: 547 k down 300 k up
    4g: 5043 k down 1428 k up same host same location

  5. Hollywoodj5500 says:

    Hi Zedomax, I like to know how to flash a Galaxy Note from AT&T to Sprint. Is it possible? Do you know how? If you do? Can u do a video please?

    • ben says:

      it is possible and ive done it.

    • John says:

      this is impossible, unfortunately at&t uses GSM (global system for mobile communications), which takes a sim card. sprint uses CDMA (code divisional multiple access), which activates by serial or imei number over the air through their system. the radios used to decode a cell phone signal are based on completely different technologies. and the guy that claims he has done it is either mistaken, doesn’t understand the question, or is trolling you

  6. jason says:

    Youtube and its app no longer works after this hack. But I did notice web surfing speeds increased dramatically on 4g.

  7. James says:

    tried this on my fc18 Chauklin biuld and wow my speed died 🙁

  8. shawn says:

    Using a rooted epic touch 4g with cwm9 ics and it doesn’t give me the hidden menu just tries to dial

    • Hatefelt says:

      Ditto has anybody got any ideas?

      • david says:

        youre not going to be able to you cant use digit codes on AOSP roms

      • joe says:

        *#*#3282#*#* is the code for cm9

        • Adam Carter says:

          wow, this is incredibly helpful. using this method should allow you to access the menus necessary for activating phones with AOSP ROMs already loaded, no?

          only problem, it gets me through, but after entering the MSL, it states “modem exception occurs,” and only gives me one option to select ‘Yes.’ i then am not able to actually change any of the required values in the last graphic.


        • Bo says:

          im using a rooted epic 4g touch with CM10 Jelly bean and phone dialer code doesnt work either. do you know how to make this hack work still?

          Also since installing the new CM10 rom my data doesnt seem to work and cant update profile or anything it just calls a number and goes to a verizon recording… i have sprint… im new at this stuff and need help. thanks

        • Bo says:

          im using a rooted epic 4g touch with CM10 Jelly bean and phone dialer code doesnt work either. do you know how to make this hack work still?

          Also since installing the new CM10 rom my data doesnt seem to work and cant update profile or anything it just calls a number and goes to a verizon recording… i have sprint… im new at this stuff and need help. thanks

  9. John says:

    I did this about 5 minutes ago on my new Epic 4G, and the speeds at first where horrific, but a few tests later, they increased and decrease.
    All in 3G
    Ping: 1392ms
    UL: 143kbps

    Ping: 803
    DL: 138kbps
    UL: 24kbps

  10. Eddie says:

    I was able to get much faster speeds using the original settings.
    Original down: 368kbps
    Up: 124kbps

    The data is so ridiculously slow on this phone.

  11. Coop says:

    I got my MSL I put in hit enter the password asterisks just stay there. I back out go to others multimedia and I click the ip address but it doesnt allow me to edit them. I just busted my old Galaxy 2 and it worked fine. I rooted my new one that I got today and it doesnt work now only difference in the 2 phones is I was using Cakulin ROM previously and now im using MIJJz on the new phone. Im bout to flash Cakulin back and see if its the rom.

    • Coop says:

      I’m a tool disregard lmao this damn MIJJz rom had the OK blacked out and I didnt notice it at first I feel like such a jack ass right now lol it works!

  12. Bud says:

    This is awesome. It makes wireless tether work like it’s supposed to. I’m getting 10 mbps down and 1.5 up when with out this hack I was getting 1 mbps down. Thanks for this.

  13. Joe says:

    After doing this hack I can not get back into the MSL menu to chage back.
    Any ideas?


  14. B-Rad says:

    Well, I used the above method (once I figured out you need another # after ##3282 that is) both on the stock rooted EL29, as well as on the MIJJz Blend ROM I’m currently running, both with similar results. The ping time dropped by approximately 10-20ms, which is good of course, but download/upload speeds dropped as well. These tests were done with the phone in a fixed location, unmoved between or during tests, at a full 6 bars of 3g. The first test, without the proxy reset, was as follows: 114ms ping, 1148kbps download, 740kbps upload. The following three tests were all done after the reset, and produced 93-102ms pings, 491-1098kbps downloads, and 636-765kbps upload.

    Anyways, just thought this might be useful to some people. If not, just smack me later! 😀

  15. david says:

    lol i hate sprint so bad… it literally did nothing for me not slower or faster…. if it wasnt for sprint plans being so cheap id SO be with verizon sprint (i think anyway) easily has the worst network i hate it so bad

  16. Mingo says:

    Hello Zedomax. I have ICS 4.0.3 on my SGSII (rooted), but can’t figure out how to make my home screen wallpaper “pan” from left to right. Is there a hack for that?

  17. ImJustMyan says:

    Went ahead and followed the Easy steps to the T.

    Download 5.25mbps / Upload 0.12mbps

    Download 8.22mbps / Upload 0.75mbps

    Thank you for this awesome tip!!

  18. leo101827 says:

    Hey i type su and it says not found what should i do (samsung galaxy prevail

  19. Twitch223 says:

    My settings were already set to all zeros, I’m guessing the Blu Kuban rom I’m running may have done that???

  20. TheStumblingBlock says:

    I’m on the AOKP ICS ROM and wondering if it’s possible to do this on that rom? I see above that there’s another code for a different phone. Hoping that’s the case. Anyone know?

  21. iCARSON84 says:

    Man after i did this my speeds got worse and now i barely get any service for my phone…. is there any way i can get my phone back to normal?

  22. Eric G says:

    I see absolutely no difference. with an average on three tests using my results:
    download before: 545
    upload before: 687
    download after: 623
    upload after: 642

    Actually had a lower upload speed and hardly noticeable difference either way.

  23. Eric G says:

    ^ that was using a rooted samsung galaxy s2 epic 4g touch on android 4.0.4

  24. Sheldon says:

    Does this work with Caulkins Rom v1.6? Same one featured on your website. Don’t really want to do this unless I know it works. From what I see sometimes it does sometimes it doesn’t. Just want to know.

    • admin says:

      I think it does, pretty sure, just try the first part if you can get into the menus it will work. Otherwise you have nothing to lose.

  25. Philip says:

    When i type the word su it says su: not found. what gives?

  26. sal says:

    does this works for any rom?

    • admin says:

      No will not work on all ROMs, most Touchwiz-based ROMs will work, usually no CM9 or CM10. Some custom ROMs come with this hack enabled, you will see it set already.

  27. Ricky says:

    I tried this on my e4gt and speed increased, but Pandora wont work, it just skips songs and wont play. any ideas?

    • admin says:

      Try uninstall/install pandora. 😉

      • Kendall says:

        I’m having the same problem and cant find a way to get around it. im running jellybro 4.1.1 on my E4GT, I believe its an CM10 rom. any help with this would be greatly appreciated

      • Rick says:

        This doesn’t work unfortunately (uninstall/install), any other fix you can think of?? And Pandora just had a bug fix update, but it still skips. And in fact, Pandora would only work on 4G at first, and now after their recent update, neither 3G OR 4G will play Pandora songs!! :/

  28. Mit says:

    When trying to enter the MSL code I get a modem exception. Any ideas of how to fix it?

  29. Nick says:

    I’m running cm10 nexus s 4g and code works

  30. Lococuban218 says:

    Can’t get MSL on my epic touch running code name jelly bean

  31. John says:

    I followed the instructions to retrieve MSL but nothing happened, I have a rooted epic 4g touch, the anddroid emulator screen looks different. when I open the app it reads
    app_123@android:/ $ su
    app_123@android:/ # getprop ril.MSL
    app_123@android:/ #
    does nothing, no # displayed

    Please let me know what I’m doing wrong

    • Bob says:

      I have the same issue. It asks me to allow superuser access, but does not display anything after doing getprop ril.MIL

    • Jesse says:

      Would you happen to be on FI27? If so, I had that same problem so what I did was go back to EL29 stock and then root that, get the MSL number using this method and save it somewhere, then go back to FI27 and reroot. It took about 10 minutes for everything and I was able to access this hack. Now, I don’t know if there is an easier method than what I just explained but I just wanted let y’all know what I did and it worked perfectly.


  32. Sean says:

    i have the same problem. there is a tool box flash that is supposed to fix it but i can not find the link to download it
    I have also read that the Blu Kuban ICS rom come with the bypass but i would rather fix it from terminal that flash a brand new rom. can anyone help with this problem

  33. Dip says:

    Got an epic 4g touch not rooted.. does not work when i type in SU.

    • dave says:

      it will not work when you type in su if you are not rooted, they have 1 click rooting that will not effect you phone other then add the superuser app and allow you super user rights, makes it really easy.

  34. TeeJay says:

    When attempting this method on my rooted D710bst (Boost), i get nothin…

    u0_a130@android: / $ su
    root@android: / # getprop ril.MSL
    root@android: / #

    That is all i get….nothin…

    any help would be greatly appreciated…

    Thanks in advance.

  35. Irrawaddy says:

    What would happen if my cell’s MSL is different from Sprint’s registered MSL? I’m getting only 10kb/s. I know it is not 3G, it is only 1x. Does the different MSL cause the problem?

  36. Ryan Gardner says:

    I did this because I found it on another site while looking for a solution to my problem with videos playing on 3g and Wi-Fi, but not 4g. I did this with my optimus g, and not only did it fix my issue, but my Internet speeds are much faster. On average I was getting about 6-7 mbps, but now I am getting about 13 mbps download and 3 mbps upload! I’d why it isn’t helping some people, but I absolutely love it.

  37. Danny says:

    wont give me my MSL…

  38. tim says:

    its an off topic question, but is there any documentation on how to change my sprint PRL to Verizon?

  39. GANESH PATIL says:

    whenever i run this command it doesnt shows anything. plz help.

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