Epic 4G Touch FAQ

This is Sprint Epic 4G Touch FAQ that will help you root your phone, backup/install ROMs, backup/install apps, and more.

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60 Responses to Epic 4G Touch FAQ

  1. Ron says:

    Hello max,
    Just rooted my phone with the odin,worked great. i need to reflash the stock kernel back on to get rid of that annoying yellow tad on boot. i saw it once on your site but cant seem to find it.
    also, wifi tether is gone in settings?

    • joe says:

      I rooted my epic 4g touch sph-710 and when i try to flash cwm i get the android guy with the triangle and ! Point what did i do wrong i cnt get roms to download wifi hotspot still wants me to pay what can i do to get it to work

    • CiscoKydd says:

      To get rid of the yellow triangle, which appears on boot after rooting, use Triangle Away. You can find it at XDA Developers or Google Play.

  2. tim says:

    I just read about “Carrier IQ”. Does anyone know how to remove this app or see if its on the phone?

  3. Jordan says:

    Hi max lee I try downloading the stock kernel for epic 4g touch the acs eg30, what I’m trying to do is turn my epic 4g touch back stock. So I can down
    load the recent sprint update that has the signal loss fix/Radio fix
    And performance, please help I try to download it on the site you provide us .the acs side underloads I click on it gives me a error and say the site not available. Please help. Can’t find the stock no where

  4. Alex says:

    Hey max im in a little of a jam I had to unroot my phone because I wanted to get rid of a annoying animation I put on. It unroot fine but when the phone downloads the latest update and tries to install it doesnt it takes me to a screen where it shows a triangle with a exclamation point in it and a android next to it after.about fifteen mi.utes it takes me to a manual update place. Aftr that my phone wont go back to working anymore and just goes to the manual update screen please help I need my phone updated.

  5. marco says:

    i rooted my epic today, and i noticed a couple of things:
    1. at startup, i have a yellow triangle with an “!” inside
    2. wi-fi doesn’t work
    3. on your video, it shows some apps under super user, mine doesn’t
    4. i tried to un-root my phone, i was able to get the proper stock kernel. i followed the process shown on your video, but at my command promt i only get as far as

    c:\adb> adb shell
    $ su
    su: not found

    can you help me so that my phone can be either rooted or non-rooted properly? thanks!

    • amigo porfavor si logro arreglar el wifi! digame como???? que a mi tampoco me funciona y lo necesito!!

      friend please if I can fix the wifi! tell me how???? as I’m not working and what I need!

    • CiscoKydd says:

      The method I used to root my Epic 4g Touch was to go to RWilco.com and download the stock, rooted Operating System. You can find a link to RWilco.com on XDA-Developers.com
      RWilco’s site has everything Samsung.

  6. ed says:

    I Installed the zedomax kernel for the epic4g touch everything worked fine the Wifi. I tried the FXR wifi fix and Rescue nogo on fix is there a fix on next version

  7. Vezikon says:

    is it possible to SIM unlock galaxy Epic 4G touch ?!

  8. Javier says:

    i tried to put the VCS rom from team venom, it installed fine but when i went to boot it up, it got stuck on the boot screen with a little yellow triangle with a “!” inside. i cant go to download mode or recovery. what do i do??? please help.

  9. James says:

    Hello Max,

    I am having a similar issue to Marco’s above (january 4th).

    I also rooted my Samsung Epic 4G Touch using your method and I am have lost my wifi, multiple of my widgets do not work and my 3G shuts down until I reboot occasionally, and I also can not upload a new Kernel, ROM, or return it back to unrooted without a full “wipe data/factory reset”.

    I have noticed when I get into Andoid System Recovery, I am only running and not the 5.0… that you and others are using (even after I flash the ClockworkMod Recovery it in the ROM Manager).

    When it fails, the prompt states:

    –Installing package…
    Finding update package…
    Opening update package…
    Verifying update package…
    E: failed to verify whole-file signature
    E: signature verification failed.
    Installation Aborted.

    Can you help me so that I can either root or un-root my phone properly?

    Thank you!

    • Drew4G says:

      Same thing going on here but my Wifi is working and that YELLOW TRIANGLE is just an icon telling you that you are on a rooted Phone. Nothing bad, unless it annoys you there’s a way to remove it. (GOOGLE IT)

      Here’s my problem.
      I’m trying to flash any ROM on my SPRINT SGS2 and it always ends up “Aborting Installation”. What am I doing wrong? I’ve followed all the steps but to no avail.
      I’m running:
      I’ve used the ROM MANAGER (reboot into recovery via many versions and still nothing)

      SPRINT White Samsung Galaxy S2


      • love my e4gt says:

        You need a repackaged kernel agat 63 recovery …. And this fl24 or the newest gb27 … Currently can be found rwilco12
        $ite they have everything from a two z to help u out with unrooting to rerooting .. To factory full restets tar zip and exe your choice …..

        I my self at one point had 87 custom binarys flash on my d10 but now the count has been rest to 0 I’m rooted running White Samsung Galaxy S2

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  10. Ricky says:

    I rooted my phone and it all went as shown until I tried to continue the clockmod and I can not open the el29-cwm-rogue-bat when I double click it flashes for a split second and will not open. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

  11. Jeff says:

    Just rooted my galaxy s2 epic 4g wanting to get the tether app but can’t find one what do u recommend

  12. Joshua says:

    Hey max,
    I have a rooted epic touch 4g on stock version 2.3.6. All the SGS2’s have annoying and loud shutter and focus sounds. Is there any way to turn them off or just remove them from the Android system? I’ve seen forums on the for the same problem but I think they’re for original Samsung galaxy s II. I’ve been on this problem for Weeks and can’t get it.

  13. kuedah says:


  14. carlos says:

    hey max i first wont to thank u for all ur help ill tell u bro u r doing such a good job. you have been a lot of help to me and to others. I have a guestion to ask u bro were can i download the clockworkmod recovery touch for the epic 4g touch i subscribed to ur website and i get updates but i cant find the links to install the clockworkmod recovery touch bro if u could pleas help me cause im living to school next week and i wont be able to do it thin. if u could pleas help bro thank u.

  15. evan says:

    After rooting my phone, the Search hard key no longer works. That was the button I used as “enter” when in the clockwork mod tool. It doesn’t allow me to select anything. Any ideas?

  16. evan says:

    Disregard my last post…it started working after I opened the Google Search app. That was weird…scary too.

  17. Od says:

    I have Sprint Galaxy S2,,,, how to root!!, how to use with different carrier in USA????

  18. Tuan Vu says:

    Hi Max im one of your many fans with a question

    so my aunt has ATT and when you uploaded the video about ATT throttling their data can she cancel her contract if she doesnt have the plan you talked about in your post?

    shes having a lot of problems with att and she wants to switch to sprint this info would be very helpful information thanks for your help

  19. Chaz says:

    Aloha Max..I downloaded ics Cm9 to my epic touch . And it works awesome! The question I have is how do I tur n off the vibration… when I Tex or send email..the keys won’t stop vibration.. I tryed everything I know in the settings.please help when you can..I know you are a busy guy. Mahalo!!

  20. Chaz says:

    Aloha again Max!!
    I noticed that my clockwork is not working right..to back up or put a new from on my phone..it won’t let me “epic touch 4g) I want to try new rooms but when I use from mgr…(I have the free and paid from mgr) it just won’t let me save from or do a back up.. nothing… help when you get a chance. Aloha and mahalo for all your kokua

  21. Matt tekniq says:

    hey house line if you could help me? I was able to root my phone on my mac with the help of your video. I would like to be able to un root my phone on my Mac as well but have not seen a video that shows this clearly. I like it rooted but there are a lot of problems like my wifi and service go out or are out permanently. I also need to return my phone for on related problem(to Sprint). if you could please show me how to un root my phone on my mac back to totally stock. it would be greatly greatly appreciated I’ll even donate again no problem. You put in a lot of hard work like these guys said.

  22. Jon says:

    Hey guys i have a question. i have Calkulin’s ICS rom which i want to get off of. if i am going to switch roms do i have to do the wipe before hand? or do i just follow the install procedure for installing a new rom?

  23. Trevor says:

    Hello Max,
    After flashing some roms my recovery changes and I have to go back reroot it and flash the recovery. I don’t think that should happen so HOW DO I FIX THIS??? Love the great roms!


  24. Kim says:

    Max while unrooting my samsung galaxy epic 2 in the middle of the process, my laptop turned off. Now my phone is stuck in the use kies to recovery firmware mode. Please help me!

  25. charles says:

    Hey Max!

    Awesome site your tips have and reviews are GREAT! How do I get my screen time out like yours? By that I mean how do I get my screen to do the crt monitor burn out when the screen off time is reached? I think Motorola phones have that mod built in. I can’t figure out how to put it on my phone. Please help… THANK YOU KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!

  26. matt says:


    I was wondering how I would go about updating my ROM. I have the AOKP ICS ROM for E4GT. It says its on milestone 5 but the latest is build 40. Can you explain how to put that on?

    Thanks 🙂

  27. Matt says:

    Hey Zeedo I was wondering if you have anything on the new Android Os 4.1 “jellybean” ???

  28. toby says:

    I updated to ics 4.04 on sprint galaxy s2, the official ota update, now i want to root, how do I do or can I do it yet?

  29. Dominus says:

    How do I set-up dual-boot option on my Sprint S2?

  30. arya h says:

    i have fh13, and when i download the root file, it has to extract itself first, then it will run. it is saying that it cannot open the file. i was wondering if i can use ff18 root to root my phone on fh13

  31. Lionheart says:

    New to “ROOTING” but like to learn new things always;) my ? Is can one root sgs2 epic 4g (sprint) to use t-mobile, verison, or maybe at&t? Please let me know ty!!

    • admin says:

      Epic 4G Touch can only be used on Sprint. There may be ways to flash to bootmobile but definitely never Tmobile or ATT.

  32. Lionheart says:

    Oh, sph-710 GB….thankx for ur response.

  33. Ross says:

    Can you give instructions on how to flash ROMS using Odin Mobile? I’d like to flash Paranoid ANdroid but I’m very confused by all of the instructions.

    ODIN Mobile apparently requires tar or tar.md5 files for rooting. There isn’t a Paranoid Android archive in that format. It’s only available in .zip.

  34. Ricardo Barrera says:

    Hi, how I can enable the USB OTG mode in the Samsung Galaxy S2 Epic 4G…

    I Already flash the Blu Kuban ROM, Install the USB HOST from the Play Store, and It says

    “USB Host Controller
    Version number: 0.44

    S3C USB Host driver NOT found!

    Root hub is not present, USB Host mode not active or not available!

    What i can do…


    • perris says:

      it’s the hardware not the software that prevents otg on the epic touch, sprint had nothing to do with disabling it, samsung blew it by putting in the wrong port

  35. Aaron says:

    ok i just recently tried to root my galaxy s2 epic touch and when it rebooted i get to the screen where it says samsung galaxy sII and now its stuck on that screen with a yellow triangle at the bottom it wont get past that screen can anyone please help me with this.

  36. ju66er says:

    Dude, your tuts are sick. Hope you have fully recovered from your accident. Any chance you can point me to a video tut on how to flash Sprint Epic 4G Touch to Metro successfully? Thanks in advance.

  37. Broxton says:

    I just received a request to install the new update FL24 on my E4GT. Will This update kill root ?
    Any help will be appreciated.

  38. Mat says:

    Hi just installed kuban rom to my sph-d710, all went well, however i am continually getting a system update message. It wants to update to fl24. How do i disable this or if i allow will it mess up the kuban rom and kernal?

  39. luis says:

    hi max i was hoping you could help me out im trying to use the usb mass storage on my epic 4g touch but i can no longer do it is there any way to do this is there an app or do i have to root my phone and and i think i have the ics because ive tried going to settings developer options- usb debugging but it only works on my computer and would like it to work on my car or home theater system .hope you know something that can help me out whit that please help thank you for your time

  40. Cj says:

    im unrooting my phone and its been about 40 minutes and still isnt done. its currently at the modem part and has been for about half an hour. what do i do?

  41. khaled says:

    My e4gt is running android 4.1.4 on ff18, how to upgrade it to anderoid android 4.2.2

  42. jazz says:

    i have a sprint e4gt sph-d710 eg30 i want to root..can you hepl me out

  43. mike says:

    I think I bricked my phone. I went into mobile odin to flash kernel el26 with cwm recovery. I checked off wipe cache and I think data in the mobile odin setup and th Samsung galaxy s2 screen comes up and the phone does nothing. I pull the battery and boot up in cwm recovery and I can chose any of the selections. is there anything that I can do?

  44. Cis oKydd says:

    Help! I have a Samsung Epic 4g Touch on Virgin Mobile. Is it possible to install Kit Kat on my phone. It was made in 2013 & came with stock Android 4.1.2. Also, is it possible to get the Kit Kat ROM as a tar file for Odin install? I can’t find it anywhere! If not Kit Kat what is the latest, fully working ROM I can install on my E4GT? I try to follow you as mu h as possible but you’re all over the place! Thanks for all of your great work!

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