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ICS ROM for Rooted Epic 4G Touch Galaxy S2! [SPH-D710]

Want to get a preview of ICS coming to the Epic 4G Touch?  Well, there’s an “alpha” version floating around and this one allows you to fully experience ICS minus camera, wifi, 4G, bluetooth, and couple other things.  But you can make calls and get 3G data, which makes it slightly usable.

For those of you who want to try it out, simply make a backup of your current ROM, try this ROM, then restore back.

Download ROM:

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MIUI ROM for Rooted Epic 4G Touch Galaxy S2! [SPH-D710]

So, you want to try a new ROM that allows you to change unlimited number of themes on the go? Perhaps you want to show off to your friends that you just got ICS or maybe even a Windows phone running. Well, MIUI ROM allows you to customize your theme so much that your Epic 4G Touch will look like a completely different phone.

This ROM isn’t for everyone (including myself) but if you don’t mind having no 4G WiMax (perhaps you live in 4G dead zone) and you just need to have a ton of themes on your phone, try the MIUI ROM.

Download ROM:

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A Note on Epic 4G Touch EL29 OTA Update!

Here’s a quick note on those of you rooted Epic 4G Touch. EL29 OTA update is rolling out as of today, please do not try to update your Epic 4G Touch with the new OTA update on your phone.

Better yet, just wait a couple days until a rooted ROM of the OTA update is available, which I will post as soon as it’s up.


You will most likely lose root with the OTA update plus it can cause havoc on rooted Epic 4G Touch so my advice is just to wait a couple days for a rooted version so you don’t lose root.

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Senzation ROM for Rooted Epic 4G Touch! [FAST]

Want a stock-like ROM that’s super fast without overclocking and gives you longer battery life?

Check out Senzation ROM for your rooted Epic 4G Touch, it’s super-fast without any sacrifice in battery life.  I happened to just stumble onto this ROM but I think I will stick with it until ICS ROMs are available (which should be soon).

Download ROM: Download Senzation ROM

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Blazer ROM for Rooted Epic 4G Touch!

Blazer ROM is here, this ROM comes loaded with features like 3G/4G hotspot hacked, RAM/SD Card/Ext4 filesystem tweaks, some ICS parts, and a whole lot more.

It also comes with a stock kernel but you can use free Tegrak overclock app off the market to overclock it safely near 1.452Ghz and also overclock the GPU.

Try it out and let me know what you think of this ROM.

Download ROM here: Download Blazer ROM

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Midnight ROM for Epic 4G Touch!

Another great ROM for the Epic 4G Touch is the Midnight ROM, which comes with CIQ (Carrier IQ) removed, 1.6Ghz OC kernel, and more cool stuff.

This is very similar to the Starburst ROM, you are going to get a very stock-like experience yet faster speeds and no more focusing speeds with focus on camera.

I will probably review this ROM again later when it’s more developed (as will all ROMs, we are still in infant stages for Epic 4G Touch ROM development) but for now, give it a go and let me know what you think of this Midnight ROM.

For now, I will be

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Starburst ROM for Epic 4G Touch!

I’ve been testing out a bunch of ROMs lately and wanted something a bit faster/better than stock.  Well, I’ve been using Starburst ROM on my Tab 10.1 for months and have to say this is also a great ROM on the Epic 4G Touch, which is what I am using.

Over stock, the Starburst ROM is a bit faster/zippier and I’ve loaded ZedomaxEpicTouchKernel v3, getting pretty good speeds on Quadrant and seems pretty stable so far.

Anyways, you can try out this setup too, download ROM here:

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