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How to Get Faster 3G/4G on Epic 4G Touch Using MSL and Bypassing Sprint Proxy!

Want to get faster 3G/4G download/upload speeds on your Epic 4G Touch (or any Sprint Android smartphone)?  There’s a hack you can bypass Sprint proxy to get 20-30% faster speeds (when you have good signal).

Step 1. Download the free app Android Terminal Emulator from the Play Store and run it.

Step 2. Type:


Then type:

getprop ril.MSL

This will give you a 6 digit number, that’s your MSL code, write it down somewhere.

Step 3. Next press “##3282” on your phone dialer.  This will bring up the h

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How to Install ClockworkMod Recovery Touch For Epic 4G Touch!

For those of you who are tired of manually pressing the Volume Up and Down buttons while installing new ROMs, you can use ClockworkMod Recovery Touch instead.

*Note – The ClockworkMod Recovery Touch is only for Gingerbread ROMs ONLY!!!


Step 1. Hold down Volume Down and Power button together for about 10 seconds until you see the following warning screen.

Step 2. Press Volume Up button to put your Epic 4G Touch into Download mode.

Step 3. Download and unzip. You will find two files.

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How to Make a USB Jig for Epic 4G Touch!

Well, since I bought a new Radio Shack digital soldering station couple weeks back, I figured I would start doing some soldering.  So I made the USB Jig for Epic 4G Touch and Galaxy S2 smartphones, which took me about 15 minutes to make, definitely worth it as you can reset your ODIN download counter, get into download mode on hard brick, and also erase the i9100 boot splash on rooted phones.

This is definitely a cool jig.

I wrote full

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How to Change Boot Animation Splash Screen on Rooted Epic 4G Touch!

For those of you who want to get custom boot animations, you can change them easily using Zedomax Epic Touch Kernel (v3 or later) and copying over the file over to system directory /system/media.

You need to  have Zedomax Epic Touch Kernel installed or any other kernel that supports it.

If you know how to use ADB, you can simply enable your Android filesystem as read/write and copy the file over OR i

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