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WidgetLocker App Review – Best Lockscreen for Epic 4G Touch!

Yup, I’ve been guilty of using WidgetLocker to speed up my app start-up process faster than anyone else in the world. ¬†WidgetLocker Lockscreen app is a paid app that lets you customize your lockscreen and add your favorite apps so they can be accessed with just one-swipe from the lockscreen.

Check out the video tutorial of how to set it up on your Epic 4G Touch:

Works great on my Epic 4G Touch, let me know how it works for you!

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Leaked Google Music 4.0.1 and Market 3.2.0 from Nexus Prime!

Want to enjoy the latest and best apps on your Epic 4G Touch?

You might want to check out these leaked apps off the Nexus Prime, Google Music 4.0.1 and Market 3.2.0.

Demo of leaked Google Music 4.0.1:

Demo of leaked Market 3.2.0:

See here for installation instructions and details on Google Music 4.0.1.

See her

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