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This site is run by Max Lee, who is an Android addict and owns 10+ Android smartphones.

I am also development member of ACS Android development group.

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  1. Ronn says:

    Now I want one!

  2. Guirae says:

    Hey Zedomax. Have you been experiencing wake up lag? I push the on button and it takes around 2 seconds to wake up. I’ve heard many different theories as to why this does this but what is your personal take on this? I noticed that when i take out the SD card, there is no problem. Only when I have SoftLocker running there is no problem..

  3. dkbvmip says:

    Zedomax, I am trying to unroot using instructions through terminal via mac. When it reboots, nothing happens, SU still present. Not sure what I am doing wrong. Help greatly appreciated!

  4. Fat Tubo says:

    Hey Zedomax, for some reason since i rooted my phone it will randomly lose service and won’t find it again until i reboot it, do you have any idea what’s causing this?

  5. Jluis says:

    Hy Max I have a galaxy epic touch 4g from sprint I try to use a diferent rom but it didnt work i think something happen wen i downloaded becouse the zip is not working bat please I yest want to put my phone yest the way he came from sprint can u helpme to find the rom the firmware and everithing I would need to repair my phone , or if u now something the is going to work for sure , letme know. thanks I,m your fun number 1 here in the sunchine city of miami.let me know by email and if some one read this and have any good advice i will be happy to take any .thanks

  6. John Saiyo says:

    Is there a way to email me “acs-eg30-stock-kernel-pulled.tar”? The link seems to be down. 🙁

  7. Costi FG says:

    Thank you for the easy walk through with the YouTube video. Thank you for giving us the change to root our phones. I got to the point of “install ClockworkMod Recovery and reboot your Epic 4G Touch” but the file that I downloaded “install-el29-cwm-rogue.bat” will not open (the black screen that you have to press enter to install CMR ). I right clicked , moved it to main pc, antivirus off, firewall off, I moved that file to 3 different computers and I am not able to open it. Am I doing something wrong ?
    Thank you

  8. Tuan Vu says:

    Hey Max ive had my Epic 4G Touch rooted for a while but now it wont turn on it just gets to the boot logo and just turns off anything i can do to fix this?

  9. seth says:

    Sick buddy, just plain sick… Thats what my phone is now, just plain sick. Not sure why everyone else above has had so many problems. Following you instructions i rooted to EL29, installed Chauklins latest rom, installed rouge backup, and hacked the proxy. Sprints wifi hotspot is working like a charm, i am using it now to post this.

    Awesome work man, or should i say EPIC !!!

  10. edward says:

    I NEED HELP!! i have clockwork mod and a calculkin rom and accidentley deleted my stock restore point and cant get odin to find my phone to try and restore to stock rom..what do i do????

  11. Armen says:

    Have anyone seen the tweak that will remove the limit of characters in the International + dialing field in Samsung Galaxy S ll, Epic 4G Touch for Sprint?

  12. josh says:

    any chance you have an unbricking tutorial mine will turn on when plugged to charger the battery screen will show but freeze and become fully unresponsive idk if you ever check this site anymore but if you e-mailed me back with some kind of input i would be more than happy to donate thanx bro… your sites are sweet by the way

  13. rasheed says:

    when are you guys going to do some new vids now that e4gt has 4.0.4

  14. Charles says:

    Hello, could you please review/recommend a couple of FH13 Rooted Roms that have Wifi Tether. Thanks! I have been using the Caulkins Gingerbread Rom for the longest. I just updated the OS to the Rooted 4.0 you had, but the Wifi Teather is gone?!? THANKS! Keep up the great work!

  15. josh says:

    hey is it possible if i root my tmobile epic 4g and use it on sprint network???

  16. Aaron says:

    Ok ive posted this earlier and now i am again i have emailed zedomax also and got no response yet i tried rooted my epic touch with the Odin3 and when it rebooted i just get to the samsung galaxy SII logo screen with a yellow triangle at the bottom and then does nothing does anyone know anything i could to do fix this plz i am in search of an answer as soon as possible.

  17. Steve Worley says:

    Max, I am not getting Epic newsletter, just GalaxyS2 mail,,, need both.
    GF phone, SPH-D700, Fi-27, is rooted with AGAT kernel with Stk ICS. She complains about battery life and fact that she cannot any longer install her STK Rom upgrades. Is there a better kernel for her and is there a way for her to actually keep getting her updates and installing them normally while rooted. I realized early on that her phone is one of the sensitive ones so please be specific about steps to take her phone. What is forever root?

    I own an ATT GS@ i777 and followed your instruction. I’m running ShoStock3 with Jeboo Kernel. AWESOME!!!! TY


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