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How To Root ICS on Epic 4G Touch FI03!


Here’s how to root your Epic 4G Touch on ICS FI03.  This will also get your system up to the latest ICS FI03 update with root if coming from an older stock GB/ICS ROM.

The latest FI03 seems much more stable and have better battery life so if you are still on holder FF18, try updating to the latest one shown here.

Download: Download Samsung USB drivers

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How to Avoid EMMC Brick By Installing Safe Kernel/Recovery on Rooted Epic 4G Touch!


In recent months, there’s been a ton of users bricking their Epic 4G Touch due to faulty ICS kernels on leaked ICS ROMs. This caused a havoc among the Epic 4G Touch users including myself. I bricked my phone and it was not fun feeling as my Epic 4G Touch is the only phone I’ve ever bricked out of many 30 or so Android devices I have.

Well, there’s a way to avoid this EMMC bug brick, simply by flashing a safe kernel/recovery on your Epic 4G Touch before installing or restore ROMs when you are on an ICS ROM.

Simply, before you flash any ROM, just get

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How To Root ICS on Epic 4G Touch FF18! [Easiest Method]


For those of you who want to root ICS on your Epic 4G Touch FF18, here’s the easiest method for doing so. This will also get you updated straight from any custom ROM to the official FF18 with root.

UPDATE: Please see updated FI03 ICS root method!!!

If you are still on Gingerbread and you want to upgrade to ICS, you can use this root method to get ICS and root at same time and no need to

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How To Update/Unroot Epic 4G Touch to Official ICS! [FF18]


For those of you having trouble updating your Epic 4G Touch to the latest official ICS (FF18), here’s how to do it. I just got back my phone back from Sprint and it would not update to ICS but you can use this method to update it to the latest ICS if you are coming from a custom ROM or even stock rooted ROM.

*Note – This update/unroot method WILL ERASE ALL YOUR APPS/SETTINGS, so please make a backup of everything beforehand!

This method also will not increase your binary counter (as it’s an official ROM) so you can also use this method to unroot your

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How to Get Faster 3G/4G on Epic 4G Touch Using MSL and Bypassing Sprint Proxy!


Want to get faster 3G/4G download/upload speeds on your Epic 4G Touch (or any Sprint Android smartphone)?  There’s a hack you can bypass Sprint proxy to get 20-30% faster speeds (when you have good signal).

Step 1. Download the free app Android Terminal Emulator from the Play Store and run it.

Step 2. Type:


Then type:

getprop ril.MSL

This will give you a 6 digit number, that’s your MSL code, write it down somewhere.

Step 3. Next press “##3282” on your phone dialer.  This will bring up the h

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How to Install ClockworkMod Recovery Touch For Epic 4G Touch!


For those of you who are tired of manually pressing the Volume Up and Down buttons while installing new ROMs, you can use ClockworkMod Recovery Touch instead.

*Note – The ClockworkMod Recovery Touch is only for Gingerbread ROMs ONLY!!!


Step 1. Hold down Volume Down and Power button together for about 10 seconds until you see the following warning screen.

Step 2. Press Volume Up button to put your Epic 4G Touch into Download mode.

Step 3. Download Odin3_v1.85.zip and unzip. You will find two files.

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How to Root Galaxy S2 Epic 4G Touch! [NEW][SPH-D710]


For those of you who want to root your Galaxy S2 Epic 4G Touch smartphone from Sprint, here’s an easy, step-by-step guide that literally anyone including your wife and kids, can use to root your phone.

UPDATE: This root method is old, please use latest root method HERE!!!

*WARNING – This root method will erase all your personal data/settings, we highly advise you to root your phone the day you get it so you don’t have to re-install everything!


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How to Unroot your Rooted Epic 4G Touch Back to EL29 Stock ROM!


If for some reason you don’t like your custom ROMs or you want to return your rooted Epic 4G Touch back to Sprint for warranty, here’s how to completely unroot your Epic 4G Touch.

Step 1. Put your Epic 4G Touch into download mode by holding down Volume Down and Power button together for about 5 seconds.  When you see the Warning screen below, hit the Volume up button.

Step 2. When you see the download mode like below, don’t connect your USB cable yet.

Step 3. Download Epic4GTouchUnrootEL29.zip and unzip, you will find a file ca

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How to Make a USB Jig for Epic 4G Touch!


Well, since I bought a new Radio Shack digital soldering station couple weeks back, I figured I would start doing some soldering.  So I made the USB Jig for Epic 4G Touch and Galaxy S2 smartphones, which took me about 15 minutes to make, definitely worth it as you can reset your ODIN download counter, get into download mode on hard brick, and also erase the i9100 boot splash on rooted phones.

This is definitely a cool jig.

I wrote full

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How to Unroot Epic 4G Touch!


For those of you who need to unroot your Epic 4G Touch back to “completely” stock with no root whatsoever, here’s a step-by-step guide.

UPDATE: This is deprecated, please see update unroot method here!!!

Step 1. First, put your Epic 4G Touch into download mode by holding down both Power button and Volume Up button together.  Then connect a USB cable from your phone to your computer.

Step 2. Open up ODIN.  You should h

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